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These are all part of the hazards of taking on the paedophiles and their networks.

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  1. Ren Rustige says:

    Thanks for your excellent blog post on my husband’s (Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige) trial, Cathy.
    He’s back in Aberdeen on the 27th March for sentencing – with even his own solicitor and advocate of the opinion he will get slapped with the maximum sentence of 12 months for his alleged transgression of upsetting their iconic Dame Angelo Dundee Cake – or whatever her sodding name is (chip off an Italian iceberg).
    Then Tim will be joining with our close friend Robert Green in prison and both can become ‘Prisoners of Conscience and thorns in the side of the Salmond SNP Party government as they radicalise the inmates on the Hollie Greig scandal as martyrs to the Hollie Demands Justice campaign.


  2. freedomtalkradio20132014 says:

    I Went to see peter hofschroer on Saturday 27th December his prison id on all letters and emails please A332 4DJ

    peter is a fine gentleman he is in hmp prison hull Hedon Road, Hull, North Humberside HU9 5LS

    Peter thanks each and every one of his supporters and grandma b abuse story

    Peter wants us all to write to him whether he knows you or not offering your support and comments about this case as often public support can change the legal process.

    Peter thanks all of your messages to him so far he thanks you all.

    You can also email a prisoner in the uk…

    Peter isn’t allowed to use a telephone he understands and he hasn’t been given correct medication he saw the doctor after 8 days in prison he will get medication today the phone calls are baffling me.

    Peter is in good spirits and happy with his treatment at hmp hull apart from they still refuse to give him proper medication and making him where prison clothes as he is on remand this breeches his prison rights.

    peter is in discussions with legal advisers at this present time he needs a expert dealing with pc and image crimes any ideas andy


  3. Brenda AKA MUMSY mcnamara says:

    thank you for today ,you really must make this often I hope to se you all again respect brenda


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  5. meggiemom says:

    the abuse me and my sister and my brother suffered at the hands of my aunty
    January 29, 2015Uncategorized Edit
    as time went again my feelings in my mind was getting out of control all i wanted was to have some body put there arms around me and say clare look it is going to be ok but i was lost and not knowing how far and how deep my feelings were i just isolated in a body that i didnt know or want to know

    but my mom and dad decided to go back to work and got my aunty g to look after me my sister and my brother but i could not stand her there was something about her i could not put my finger on but i could feel her cruelty and i didnt like what i felt and god was i right that she was cruel

    and again my aunty g did not like me or my brother and my sister was the favourite but even thoe she was the favourite she went through what we did and i just could not understand why we deserved to be hurt and humilliated in the way we was made to be

    right my aunty g only exepted to look after me and my siblings because she thought she would get a chance to sleep with my dad so because of this reason we suffered /i remember my aunty g used to make us eat

    red sauce and brown sauce sandwiches and if he didnt eat it she would make us sit on a chair untill our back sides was sore i remember vomiting on several occassions

    when the hot summer nights came we all was made to go to bed at 5 oclock in the afternoons and we was warned that if we made a noice we would have it but as young children we got bored and fed up easily so we used to talk to each other and giggle

    and god i wish we did not cus aunty g would come up stairs and grab us by the hair and tell us to shut the fxxx up or else

    and we still didnt shut up so she came up the one day and got us out of bed and made us pull our own under wear down lie over the bed and belt us and then she would go in my brothers room and drag him of the top bunk bed by is hair and all i heard was screaming and crying and i used to put my fingers in my ears i hated my siblings been hurt i did in no way care about me i just did nt want my siblings suffer

    and she used to make us stand in seperate corners f the house with our hands on our heads till we acked and i used to think what am i going to do to stop this

    so the one day my mom and dad came home and i tried so hard to tell my mom and dad whats the evil aunty g was doing but i was not believed and then in that moment i thought ok then

    so the abused went on for a bit longer and a bit longer and one day my dad came home from work early and caught aunty g abusing us and he grabbed her and threw her out of the door and all i can remember was me grabbing my my dads leg and at an early age saying dad i wished you believed me from the begining from the start cus no matter how felt about my siblings there was no way in my mind i wanted to see them hurt

    but all this that had happened to me and my siblings made me more stronger and hard headed

    and all i have to say to any child out there is that if you know something is not right the way you are treated please go straight away to somebody and tell them straight away cus no child deserves to be abused in anyway and please dont let your abuse keep carrying on please

    thank you

    clare wakeman


    • Dene Woods says:

      Thank you Clare, I too suffered abuse but in silence and carried it into adulthood which nearly destroyed me. I have finally been able to sit down and write my memoirs on this period of my life. I thank God I had friends who helped me to get through it all. Your last paragraph is so important as I did not tell anybody till now (I’m 62 years old) but now wish I had. I can find no other way to express my feelings than writing them down and reading your story has given me strength to carry on and publish. There is no doubt that together we are stronger. I wish you and others who have suffered best wishes. Dene

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  6. Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney says:

    Excellent blog and thoroughly researched. Good luck to your research and raising public awareness of this. It is fact and going on and I believe the reports you put. It is a sorry state of affairs what has transgressed over the many years and innocent people and children being targeted and used. It is an abomination and constitutes criminality. As this is officially connected to a global secret service network of corrupt mutuality and masonic and other institutional construct that enable it, it is very much a politically driven with emphasis to profiteering. Children are used as pawns for entrapment, whether such entrapment is coerced or in some cases willing as an entrapment to demonstration allegiance to the masonic and strike deals with these methods s they do in the circles. It is the most deplorable thing I have ever come to learn about and broke my heart to find out their use of children. It is utterly sick. As this is in origin and implemented by official sources itself to the very infrastructures of a global network to governments and secret services signed to the political agenda that drives it there are records on every person and child that were ever targeted compiled into archives buried by them. People should be standing up and demanding the records, because by any democratic laws or international any secret service or government for being party to this as they have been have broken ALL law and those records every person has right to and MUST fight and get them. Those records will not be destroyed either. Those who have compiled them are the hold of blackmail of global high ranking officials and keep the political game in place they all status quo. People MUST get their records if they have been targeted. Those files contain evidence and full records of what was done to them. If people want this exposed and stopped then go and get the records and do not believe in the lies of when those who hold them say are lost or destroyed. They are not, as the records are an integral part to the political corruption and to uphold the global game. Anyway, good luck with your work and stay safe. Wishing you well.


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  20. Scott Simons says:

    Cathy; I just read your blog on Billy Graham; wow you did a great job putting that together: most my Christians relations just freak when I tell them about Billy Graham, I sure they are not going to like hear or seeing this; but thank God you are spreading the truth, hope to be a supporter.

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  27. rose says:

    CATHY See the below link, when you scroll right down and it says ‘Fortean Times decoy boy goes missing’ the link only takes you to subscribe to Fortean Times, doesnt give the article.


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  29. Hi Cathy, I was so relieved when I read you’re 2013 September article on Ho.oponopono. I felt strongly that there was something missing from some of the teachings. I bought that certain course on Zero Limits Hooponopono and felt something was left out and off. Thanks so much for all the updates on the article and links. I found Moornah’s 14 step Hooponopono info, and some original videos of her. All, I want is the truth or as much of it as I can get. Especially when it comes to healing… Thanks for all you do for others with your strength.


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  32. rachel says:

    I have just stumbled across the blog about Mark Trotter (Trowbridge House, Hackney). I lived in Trowbridge house for a while AFTER it had been closed down as a childrens home. Mark still lived there and worked as a social worker while I was there. I have some memories of his activities during this time . Although I am sure the case is now long closed and done with I am able to be contacted via my email IF there would be anything extra that I could add (if needed)…



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  38. Nick Baker says:

    Have you any information or articles about the abuse and cover up at Celtic Boys Club?


  39. hi cathy, please checkout alfred lambermont webre’s interview with richard dunn… enlightening, original my interesting point of view… connecting the dots?

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  40. jewel, autograph, without prejudice says:

    link was left off. here again.. and his book


  41. Hi there.I have been harassed,gang stalked and blacklisted for 15 years due to me wanting to know who threatened to hurt my 4 year old son if he talked to be.I didn’t know it at the time but it involved ritual abuse Here is a film I wrote directed and acted in.
    It deals with ritual abuse to a degree and programming.Here is an in dept review


  42. flyingcuttlefish says:

    of interest –
    topic of toys with x-rated themes coming out now (US) –
    On contacting the Toy Association (toy manufacturers’ group) about pedo’s in the toy industry


  43. Gareth says:

    Be aware there are videos on social media replacing originals embedded with subliminal imagery and monarch slave activation coding. These videos are targeted at Australian political opposition groups, and being propagated unaware by individuals on personal social media accounts. Those who have eyes let them see.

    Understanding social media, bookface, twit, googletube, etc.
    1. Social media WAS NOT invented by a college kid in a dorm room.
    2. Social media WAS NOT invented so you could share photos, stories with mates on the other side of the country.
    3. World wide intelligence services use the information YOU volunteer for psychological profiling and tracking.
    4. You don’t own the information once posted.
    5. Your posts, videos etc can be altered and reposted without your permission or knowledge.
    6. Social media is not limited – any form of manipulation, subliminal or other is fair game.
    7. Social media is the weapon of the oppressors.
    9. WAKE UP seek alternative communication.
    10. Communicate without their platforms and FEAR NO MAN OR GOVERNMENT.


  44. Anonymous says:

    Hi cathy , its me T Hedge row ,
    I hope this gets to you , i am still fighting i just wanted to tell you Oparation Cascade i did not get my day in court as i was 16 even though he unlocked my cell door and had sex more than i can count ,regards family Some off my siblings went to court secured conviction they got 6 yrs .

    My case has not even been to court as so its been 5 years now . wow i have sent a letter to our
    Mr Boris but . I SOME HOW THINK IT WILL NOT HELP , I will fight to the end and as i said as soon as i have those files i would like you to release them .

    As I told you some time ago I got 2 disc but i was told i could not have the rest till i have been to court , the two disc will blow them out the water but i want everyone to know what the system
    I was told by the person not to show it as it could cause damage .
    We had a saying you can’t beat the system as the system beats you ,
    I will never let it go and i will show it for what it is.
    There time is coming .
    Not sure if you still have my email its not changed
    I love the green book


  45. George Bailey says:

    Don’t you find it interesting to that and are both owned by the same company: Knock Knock WHOIS Not There, LLC and both use the same name servers,


  46. Neil Andrew Hayton says:

    I was alerted to an article about skircoat lodge I was there at the time of the lady in this article I think. I was made to stand in the stress position on a trip to the Lake District, I was made to say like that till I past out. I was defiant. I had another college that protected me Daniel was his name, he was a boxer. In return I protected a you kid called Glynn koncoser( not sure of spelling).

    I don’t know what I want from this the fact mr Phillips is in jail is good but not good enough.

    I was thrown in hot bathtub de loused. I now live in Australia I would like to know others are now ok. I’ve blocked this out for so many years


  47. HannahMariya says:

    Child trafficking in the South of Denmark?

    Recently I met a young mother as I was on a christian outreach in town. This young woman R was desperately trying to get the attention of some TV personalities who happened to be in town because of an annual flower festival. R was telling them her story about how the municipality has stolen her daughters. The oldest one at the age of 4 and the youngest at birth! They stole her baby straight from the hospital with blood, fluids and all. For no apparent reason. She never harmed her children in any way and the oldest daugther and herself lived a happy life together.

    All of a sudden the municipality dragged a man out of jail reduced his sentence from 5 years to 1 year and gave him custody over Rs children.

    I now have reason to believe that those people who are behind this might be tapping both Rs and my own phone and trying to scare us off in different ways (getting access to her home, closing my bank card, turning up unexpectedly in strange places etc.). So I worry that (God forbid) something bad could happen to her, to me or to her two girls.

    For the past 6 months she hasn’t seen her daugthers. She is desperate to get her daughters home now! Like R is always saying: “cats have their kittens, dogs have their cubs evel leaves have each other even coffee cups have each other. Everyone has each other except me and my daughters. Why? We never did anything wrong.

    Please pray and watch over us as we fight to get them back home.

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  48. Crafty says:

    How are you? I’ve missed you on Twitter x


  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hope your good . I know your good at researching so wondered if you could help.
    These Tory bastards are practising Disaster Capitalism & hedging their bets on economic crash . Just like they made money out of pandemic & they are doing it again & again.
    We need to expose the top tories being bought over & using Hedgefunds which we all know.
    Catch up soon

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