NSPCC Witherwack House Report and list of Documents held by Sunderland

Sunderland City Council have released a redacted NSPCC Report [1] about Witherwack House, originally published on 22 September 1997  in response to a Freedom of Information Request [2].

This  was the first NSPCC Report which was to Sunderland Council followed by a later NSPCC report to Northumbria Police

Any comments or information as to more context to the report is gratefully received.



Sunderland City Council also indicate that the following records are held in relation to Witherwack:



  • Trial notes inc hand written transcript of court hearing 22.10.93 – 1.11.93

  • Solicitors correspondence re trial and claims for compensation

  • Details of disciplinary action taken against staff

  • Press cuttings relating to trial and conditions at Witherwack House

  • Social Services Inspectorate report on home dated May 1988

  • Info on the use of corporal punishment in the homes includes copy of Children & Young Persons The Children’s (Control & Discipline) Regs 1990

  • Internal memo’s – various topics

  • Various committee reports giving details of compensation and staff appeals against dismissal

  • Copy of code of conduct for officers in operation at the time of the allegations

  • Correspondence from NALGO re support for staff subject of disciplinary action

  • Report written by Director of Social Services into residential care for children in Sunderland dated Jan 1992

  • Report on investigation into allegations of child abuse written by Homes Officers

  • Social Services Inspectorate report on residential child care services in the borough of Sunderland dated February 1992

  • Director Social Services Report October 1997 (associated with NSPCC Report Sept 1997)



Links and References

[1] NSPCC Report 1 https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/158582/response/396144/attach/3/NSPCC%20Report%2022.09.97%20S40%20Redacted.pdf

[2] FOI Request https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/nspcc_witherack_house_report#outgoing-278043

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