Geoffrey Dickens Dossier to Leon Brittan FOI Request progress

Unfortunately the Home Office keeps stalling the original request on 19th April to release the Geoffrey Dickens Dossier containing information about paedophiles in power which they should have answered by 17th May. It is now 30th July.

Home office is out of order. Enough is enough. We do not want paedophiles in power.

The request is here.

Some more information is below these links

For background to this please read these reports

Copy of latest correspondence on FOI request:

Dear L Ingram, FOI Responses,

You stated in your reply of 27 June that I would receive a reply
within 4 weeks, I have not.

I remind you that your reply of 27th June was a holding reply to an
Internal Review request of 11June which should have been answered
by 2nd July.
The Internal review request was because I had received no
substantive response to my original request on 19th April despite
holding replies on 19th April stating I would get a response by
10th May, a reminder from me on 5th June stimulated an immediate
response that I would get a reply by 3rd July.

[Of course i did not. I got a holding reply on 27th June stating that I would get a reply by 25th July. I did not get a reply]

Furthermore on 27th June I asked you these questions to which I
have received no reply.

Dear L Ingram,
Thank you for your reply.
I note that although you apologise for the delay , you have not
given a reason for the lack of response.
Please could you reply as to why the Home Office contravened the
law and failed to respond within the required time.
Please could you detail when the independent internal investigation
was commissioned and who commissioned it.
Please could you state who is carrying out this investigation.
Please could you explain what you mean by an “independent”
Please could state when this investigation is expected to report
and to whom.

A reasonable individual may draw the conclusion that the Home
Office is not fit for purpose, lies and is covering up child sexual
abuse? Unless I receive a full reply to all my questions many will
assume this is the case. They may also speculate from a variety of
evidence around that the political parties are also involved in
this cover up of child sexual abuse and hence the lack of action by

I await your full response to my questions, my internal review and
my reasonable individual conclusions.

I personally find the Home Offices actions outrageous and
despicable and by its actions it condones child sexual abuse.

However the Home Office is made up of individuals, and as such you
(L Ingram) must take your share of responsibility for your non
replies, as must L.Galarza who was due to carry out the Internal
Review. As well all the other unnamed people involved, including
the Home Secretary Rt Honourable Theresa May,and the Prime Minister
David Cameron must take their share of responsibility for this
despicable state of affairs that undermines any semblance of truly
democratic government.
Shame on you all. Is it not reasonable to assume that you are just
puppets of the paedophiles who are really in control and no one has
the courage to stand up to them?

A copy of my original freedom of information request is as follows:

“Please could you provide the dossiers on child sexual abuse that
Geoffrey Dickens handed to Leon Brittan.

November 1983 Dossier apparently contained information about
Paedophile Information Exchange and Buckingham Palace Staff.

The January 1984 dossier apparently contained information about
sexual assaults at a children’s home and named prominent
paedophiles including a television executive.

These are very serious and concerning matters and the dossiers
obviously of high importance. They should have been kept secure for
the future by Mr Leon Brittan.

A redacted copy of each will suffice.”

Yours sincerely,

Cathy Fox

[1] FOI Request

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