Important Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) Child Abuse records due for destruction soon

Important records on Child Sexual Abuse are apparently due for destruction “soon” according to the Department of Health. The records are now held by much recently criticised Care Quality Commission and the reply [2] stated

“The Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) was created in the mid 1990s, and operated until 2004 when its functions were transferred to the Commission for Social Care Inspection.  The Care Quality Commission (CQC) retains some paper records from this time, mainly inspection reports.  They are all in hard copy and are retained off-site.  In line with CQC’s  retention schedule, these are due for destruction shortly.” [2]

However confusion reigns within the different departments as to exactly where the records from the Social Services Inspectorate actually are. According to this reply [3] from Care Quality Commission, the  records from SSI  are held by OFSTED.

“We have consulted with our colleagues in our Knowledge and Information
Management team who have confirmed that CQC does not hold any records
relating to this matter. All children’s records held by CSCI were transferred to Ofsted. This is confirmed in the CSCI report titled “Children’s services CSCI findings 2004-07””

According to the reply [4] from OFSTED however the SSI records are held by the House of Commons Library.

“While we do hold some information from the Social Services Inspectorate, which was
transferred to Ofsted from the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) in 2007,
we have made all reasonable searches of our records and cannot find anything that
matches the description of the information you have requested.
We understand that reports written by the Social Services Inspectorate were lodged
in the House of Commons Library. It is possible they will be able to assist you.  ”

The merry go round continues..

The House of Commons library have been very helpful and published a list of the SSI documents they hold. However as far as I know the public cannot access the documents  nor are subject to FOI ( but I am checking both statements) and anyhow why does a fully publicly accountable department not hold these important documents that are only 20 years old and paid for by the public, especially due to important nature of the information and relevant to many current investigations into historic child sexual abuse.

Another aspect of this is the deletion policy of different departments – what are the policies and why?

Some more foi requests on these issues are pending and more will follow.

Ofsted [5]

Ofsted [6]

Dept Health [7]

Care Quality Commission [8]

The House of Commons list of Reports held will follow in later post {Update 13Jan2014 this has not yet been done}

Links and References

[1] FOI Request

[2] Dept of Health Reply





[7] Department of Health

[8] Care Quality Commission

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