More Jillings Links from website and Report gone from Wrexham and Denbighshire Council websites

I came across some Jillings related links that I had not seen before on the website and I was just going to publish these. These are labelled 1,2,3 below.

These following links were published 16 Jan 2013 on website , they say in a response  to a FOI question (25017) for the Jillings report and related information

1 Home Office Contribution to Response to the Jillings Report [1]

2 Annex A [2]

3 Continuation of Annex A ?  [3]

For completeness I was going to put the Jillings report alongside. However it has gone from the website- vanished not only from Wrexham Council but also Denbighshire. I searched for it with the search engines on both their sites but it was not there.

I checked on the needleblog to see their links [4] and sure enough their links to the site are broken.

I am sure there is simple explanation but it is amazing how child sexual abuse information is so often lost. The Wrexham Council Press Office has been informed so I hope it will be back up shortly.
They replied at 10.00 am Friday offering to send a copy, but as the point is it should be available to all, and it was made available partly as a result of Freedom of Information requests it should be on their website and part of their publications.

A copy of sorts is available here, the links being at the foot of the page [5]

Press Statement [6] by the 6 relevant Welsh Councils about Jillings 8th July 2013, which should have a link to the report

(update 13 January 2014 the authorities are not being forthcoming but say they were only ever going to publish it for 2 months!! I have found a new copy and will publish the link when I can)


Links and References








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4 Responses to More Jillings Links from website and Report gone from Wrexham and Denbighshire Council websites

  1. zoompad says:

    The NEEDLE BLOG has tried to gag me over a letter Teresa Cooper was sent by a Senior Police Officer, saying that Jersey and Staffordshire Pindown had been discredited, and she told me that she’d been told to have nothing to do with victims from those enquiries as we were just a bunch of compensation hunters – I’m paraphrasing what she said, but thats basically what they told her – the media company that did that television program with her and Frank Bruno.

    Teresa has refused to say who the Senior Police Officer who has basically libelled me and the other Stafford Pindown victims, but I think I have a pretty good idea who he is!

  2. zoompad says:

    The NEEDLE BLOG also allowed other posters to bully me, as did AANGIRFANS BLOG, and denied me the chance to defend myself.

  3. zoompad says:

    I’m not saying don’t read those blogs – please DO read them – but be aware that they are not what they seem – not if they’re allowing victims of child abuse to be bullied on there and gagging them from saying important stuff.

    I’m being treated funny on John Wards blog as well, because when I post really important stuff on there I’ve noticed that its like no-one is even reading it, like its invisible. I’m talking about really important stuff, ie Government Pindown reports that are being made unavailable to victims of abuse and taken out of libraries – this one for example:

  4. zoompad says:

    I like to read all the blogs, and especially the ones where I have been gagged and bullied, as the old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

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