‘A MASS-MURDERER’ By Stuart Syvret

I cannot blog myself at the moment due to technical difficulties at local internet service provider who unreasonably censor various blogs including my dashboard pages. Hopefully in the meantime I can at least reblog.
Save Stuart Syvret


Stuart Syvret

In my view it is absolutely essential for the judicial authorities on Jersey to understand that jailing Stuart Syvret is not only futile but also counter-productive.

With that in mind I’m reposting, in full, this article from March 2009 that has, in part, resulted in Mr Syvret losing his liberty.

I invite other independent bloggers to do the same, so that it can be clearly demonstrated that far from silencing Mr Syvret by locking him up, his writings will be disseminated even further afield.


A Death-Delivering Maniac?

Jersey’s Then Attorney General

Michael Birt

Pulls the Plug

On The Police Investigation.


The content of this blog-posting has been edited to comply with the Jersey government reporting restrictions.

The actual name of the psychotic rapist and serial-killer nurse has been removed – and replaced with the phrase “Nurse M”.

The author of this blog has recently been imprisoned by…

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