Cameron and Clegg: Speaking with one voice to cover up child abuse

Paedophilia – matter for the home office? They have covered up child abuse for 40 years. The Paedophile Information Exchange used to be run from there. The politicians are corrupted, as are the police, the secret services and the mainstream press..reaad on from the excellent Spotlight on Abuse blog


Dear Mr.Cameron and Mr.Clegg,

Thank you for your virtually identical replies to my Open Letter to Mr. Cameron and as you obviously speak with one voice I will reply to both of you.

I beg to differ with you both that the issues I raise are a matter for the Home Office.
They are issues for Government and Parliament.

I did anticipate that the response I would receive would be dismissive and derisory.

Perhaps I expected more than a 5 line response to a letter of several thousand words but I knew that it was naive of me to think that politicians would stick to their promises and honour their soundbites.

On what basis is the Home Office best placed to respond to the issues I raise.

Are you both saying that the Home Office will set up the same investigative process that was immediately set up by Parliament to…

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