The Leeways Inquiry Report into Sexual Abuse

Updated 2014 Sept 18 Leeways Report FULL COPY [2a]

Also available here The full Leeways Inquiry Report

I have been sent a new report as the old one was missing several pages.

If you check the request [1] they have answered a couple more bits, but another request for the Social Services Committee Minutes of July 1985, has not been answered yet.
Lewisham Borough Council had released a PART COPY  The Leeways Inquiry Report  [2] by Lawson, E. (1985) London: London Borough of Lewisham in response to a Freedom of Information request [1], which was missing several pages. The report was about the sexual abuse of residents by the officer in charge of Leeways Childrens Home.

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this report. The Sanctuary for the Abused [4] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [5] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [6] and Havoca [7]

The Warner Report “Choosing with Care” (as yet unavailable on the net) says this about the Leeways Report.

The Leeways report related to an officer in charge of a childrens home who was convicted of various offences involving indecent photography of young children. The principal conclusions of the report showed that for 6 years or so the officer in charge’s “immediate superiors were aware of unacceptable behaviour in a head of home which had sexual implications” but failed to tackle the officer about the concerns.

They found that “at almost every point at which collectively or individually the people involved had to choose between making the welfare of the child the first consideration and some conflicting loyalty or priority, they chose the latter”. The reports recommendations strike many chords with our own thinking. It wanted people in management positions to be held to account for how they carried out their responsibilities.

All employees should be given clear job descriptions. “The progress and performance of staff should be  regularly monitored and assessed and they should be confronted with any criticisms”. “Management should accept that it has a duty to provide proper opportunities for staff training and development”. “Those interviewing for jobs in child care should be permitted to ask questions directed towards a candidate’s suitability for such employment” . We come back to many of these issues in our own analysis and recommendations.

Further information on Leeways on the Needleblog [3]

Any comments, further information, context, a summary, interpretation etc welcomed.

Links and References

[1] FOI Request

[2] Leeways report  PART COPY

[2a] Leeways report FULL COPY

[2b] Leeways report FULL COPY

[3] Leeways on Needleblog

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[6] One in Four

[7] Havoca

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  1. Not even finished reading it yet, but had to post to say how disgusted I am at the sympathetic tone towards cooper in the report. He obviously still had friends in high places…


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