The Staffordshire “Pindown” Report Published online

Staffordshire County Council has finally released the “Pindown” Report of the Staffordshire Child Care Inquiry 1990 onto the net after FOI Requests [1][2].

The Report of the Staffordshire Child Care Inquiry 1990 by Allan Levy QC and Barbara Kahan “The Pindown Experience and the Protection of Children” [3a], Published originally by Staffordshire County Council in 1991 has been released onto the Internet via Staffordshire County Council Publication Scheme [4] on Nov 15 2013. However as of  2015 May 13 I cannot seem to find it searching from the publication page but it still should be available on link [3a]  above ,and just in case you can now download it from my wordpress rather than the unreliable council – Report The-Pindown-Experience-and-the-Protection-of-Children [3b]

The Council had previously refused to give a copy of the report even to victims and even bizarrely claimed even to not have a copy of their own Report, published by the Council themselves originally in 1991. The Council  told people to get the Report via book websites even though it was unavailable . They have eventually faced up to reality, under some pressure, and released it.

The “Pindown” Inquiry was commissioned on 29th June 1990 four days after the Granada TV “World in Action ” Programme entitled “Pindown” shown nationally on 25 June 1990.

If anyone can source a copy please get in touch via or via comments.

Presscuttings on Pindown are available on Spotlights blog [6]. Blog on Pindown [7] Pindown Webpage [8] Summary of Pindown Report [9]

Congratulations to Zoompad on a result for her campaigning over decades.

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this report. The Sanctuary for the Abused [10] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [11] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [12] and Havoca [13]

If any victims of the Pindown regime want to get in contact with others feel free to do so on the comments section of this blog. Operation Greenlight may also be suitable.

Links and References

[1] One FOI request

[2] Another FOI request





[6] Press Cuttings

[7] Blog about Pindown

[8] Pindown webpage

[9] Children Webmag – Summary of Pindown report

[10] Sanctuary for the Abused

[11] NAPAC

[12] One in Four

[13] Havoca

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16 Responses to The Staffordshire “Pindown” Report Published online

  1. opgreenlight says:

    Reblogged this on theneedleblog.

  2. They have CRB to disclose history of people why not publicise these perverts in newspapers and TV. Your on my web if your ok with this.

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  4. zoompad says:

    I hope Peter Saunders and NAPAC aren’t going to try taking the credit for this, because the only reason Staffordshire CC have published this is because I published photos of my copy a few weeks ago, after they’d said they didnt even have a copy of it (a big lie) so I had to sit there taking photos of every page of my own copy (which I’d managed to buy second hand online, as they refused to give me a copy even though I am one of the Pindown victims) and publish them on my blog:,d.d2k

  5. zoompad says:

    And Peter Saunders was dead nasty to me when I went to NAPAC for help years ago, trying to tell him how I had been abused in Pindown then reabused by the Secret Family Courts and NHS psychiatric services (deliberatly denied access to help and deliberatly sent to one of the places where I had been abused as a child for councelling and lied to, being told that was the only place I could go to for councelling which wasn’t true, which they knew damned well would trigger off panic attacks)
    People need to know the exact truth, and NAPAC aren’t going to take any credit for this.

  6. zoompad says:

    Oh and by the way, I am ASSERTIVE, not aggressive. ASSERTIVE.

  7. zoompad says:

    The trigger for me isn’t reading a report which Stafford CC tried to stop me reading, it is being made to walk sandwiched between two Gothic Horrors in order to access councelling – St Georges Psychiatric Hospital and Stafford Prison. It was downright cruel what they did to me, why did they do that? Why? Because it seems to me that they were deliberatly trying to goad me into taking my own life!
    Thank God I didn’t. Thank God I am ASSERTIVE (as opposed to being aggressive, as I have been accused of being by Peter Saunders)

  8. joanne shaw says:

    I think the physical abuse that was going on in homes is as emotionally damaging as sexual abuse is. I’m soon going to be putting up a time line about children’s establishments in a small area of Shropshire sexual and physical abuse was rife. Its been ignored for years for one home also had a pindown type ragime. Because of the high up links the pedos in Shropshire had everything is trying to be covered up. Just as in every inquiry intor abuse any authority as ever coducted. If anyone on here as any info as regards to shropshire childrens homes and abuse or ignored complaints please get

  9. cathyfox says:

    Somebody wrote to me on 13Nov 2014 about Pindown, please write again as it went into spam, and saw it just as it was deleting.

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