Lambeth Part 1- Release of Final Lambeth Report of Operation Middleton

Lambeth Council have released the 4th and Final Report 13th October 2003 of Lambeth Council element of the Middleton operation,[1]  known as CHILE –
CHildren In Lambeth Enquiry,  in response to a Freedom of Information Request, [2].

The following is the the Executive Summary

“The Operation has run successfully since November 1998 and following a full risk
assessment a joint decision [between Lambeth and the Met Police ] was taken to begin
to cease the operation from 31.3.03. The Operation was finally ended on 31st July 2003.
The operation has been a good example of joint working between Lambeth Council and
the Met Police. There have been a number of successful trials and prosecutions and a
large number of victims of child abuse have been supported through difficult times by
the operation. Arrangements are now being put in place to ensure any future allegations
of abuse can be dealt with effectively.”

Elsewhere in the report it states..

“Operation Middleton investigated over 120 allegations of sexual abuse / assault and
was successful in bringing a number of perpetrators to justice. 3 perpetrators were
imprisoned for periods of between 18 months and 10 years. The Operation also
assisted a number of other Police forces in completing investigations and bringing
charges, including Merseyside Constabulary in the case of David Carroll who was
imprisoned for 10 years in 1999.

It would be unreasonable to judge the success of the Operation solely on the basis
of the number of successful prosecutions . The Operation has provided a range of
additional functions and tasks including the following:
• Long term support and counseling to 49 victims of child abuse – This assisted
these individuals to better come to terms with the abuse they had suffered
and to enhance their life chances
• Creation of database of children / childrens homes and staff to enable victims
and alleged perpetrators to be more easily identified.
• Creation of archive and handover to Social Services as Records Management
• Liaison with Insurers to more effectively manage Lambeth’s insurance
liabilities in relevant cases
• Review and improvement of child protection arrangements
• Investigation and involvement in 14 staff disciplinary investigations and at 5
disciplinary hearings.
• Review and report on foster carers arrangements leading to improvements in
police checks and reduced risk to adopted children”

The Council thought that this left them in a good place with regards to child abuse after the operation was shut down..

“Residual arrangements have been established to ensure that any future allegations can
be swiftly investigated and dealt with and to ensure that the good work of the Operation
is built upon:
• The database of children, children’s homes and staff will be maintained in the
social services archive, which has itself been overhauled as a result of the
• The data on allegations and investigations will he held in a sealed archive
managed by the Executive Director of Environment & Law with a clear protocol
governing access for any future criminal investigation;
• All the data held by the team will be secured or destroyed to minimise risk;
• Claims against the council and liaison with the council’s insurers will continue to
be handled by the specialist advisors retained for this purpose;
• Telephone calls to the CHILE number will be redirected to the Social services
complaints officer and continue to be the subject of direct oversight by the Head
of Children’s Services and the Executive Director;
• The option of calling on the services of experts from the CHILE team to assist
with future work remains available to the Council;
• Further information and lessons learned from the operation will be considered by
the Social Services tri-partite meeting in the coming months.

The following factors hampered further successful prosecutions against alleged
• 16 alleged perpetrators died either before or during the Operations life
[including 1 suicide during trial in March 2003 ]
• 11 cases where the Crown Prosecution Service decided no further action
• 19 cases where the alleged perpetrators could not be identified
• 1 case where the victim died before being able to give evidence”

Lambeth part 2 – Lambeth Loose Ends [10]

cathy fox lambeth links [9]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this report. The Sanctuary for the Abused [5] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [6] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [7] and Havoca [8]

Links and References

[1] Operation Middleton Final Report Lambeth Council

[2] FOI Request

[5] Sanctuary for the Abused


[7] One in Four

[8] Havoca

[9] Cathy Fox Lambeth Links

[10]  Lambeth Part 2- Lambeth Loose Ends

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