Ding Dong Lord McAlpine’s dead

Alistair Mcalpine, known as Lord Mcalpine is dead. He was known to Scallywag as a paedophile [7][8][9][10][11]

It is now time for the National Crime Agency [6] which also includes the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre Command [12]to redouble their efforts to bring to justice rapidly the high profile members of the political paedophile web mentioned in Scallywag. This paedophile web is associated with Parliament and Conservative Party Central Office, as well as the  North Wales Children Homes Child Sexual Abuse Scandal (child torture), and in December retired Police Superintendent Anglesea was arrested [5] as part of Operation Pallial. Well worth checking out is Andrea Davisons statement to the Macur Review. [13]

Any other outcome will mean that the suspicions will intensify that there is a police and spook cover up under the false guise of “national security”.

[7] Scallywag No.22 Page 6

ScallyWag Issue 22 Slide 5


ScallyWag Issue 22 Slide 6


ScallyWag Issue 22 Slide 7


ScallyWag Issue 22 Slide 8

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8 Responses to Ding Dong Lord McAlpine’s dead

  1. omtatjuan says:

    I truly hate those animals… If there is a hell I hope he has a special room waiting for him….

  2. Dave Knight says:

    Oi you, stop plagiarising my posts!:)

  3. womenkameraden says:

    thanxxx Cathy. it’s quite clear that your post went up before Dave Knights! up the sisterhood!:)

  4. joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on Floating-voter.

  5. Pingback: cathys foxs site on child abuse its worth a read believe me | meggiemom342

  6. Tony carter says:

    Dave knight are you ex Bryn alyn if so look me up on Facebook if you want,there’s many you will remember.

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