A Review of the Residential Child Care Services in Southwark: SSI 1991

Southwark Borough Council have released “A Review of the Residential Child Care Services in London Borough of Southwark March 1991  “[1] authored by the London Region Social Services Inspectorate. It concluded “a very unsatisfactory picture of arrangements for delivery of service to some of the most troubled and troublesome children in Southwark’s care”

The report was released in response to a Freedom of Information Request [5]

The SSI Review was in response to an article in the The Sunday Correspondent [4]  in September 1990 focussing mainly on Grove Park Community Home and referred to drug taking, criminal activity, prostitution, violence to staff, damage to property and suggested staff had little effective control.

The leader of Southwark Council invited the Social Services Inspectorate (SSI) to carry out an Independent Review and the Department of Health asked the SSI to review the way the Council was responding to the problems shown by a sample group of teenagers in residential care.

The report recommended that the Borough of Southwark publish a new childcare policy. It said the policy should be subjected to widespread consultation and developed jointly with other council departments and voluntary services, and applied to all Council services that related to children. [1 s2.1]

Southwark had received bad publicity also in 1985 Social Work Review for its financial irregularities and reports of mistreatment in its residential homes. [2][3]

Operation Greenlight on the Needleblog also has stories and collects stories about child abuse in Southwark [6]

I would be grateful for anyone to do a more detailed summary of the report, to put the report into context, any photos of Grove Farm, copies of the Sunday Correspondent article or stories from the homes involved.

Links and References

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[4]  Lost Children of Grove Park. Sunday Correspondent. sunday-correspondent-11285207 September 30th 1990

[5] FOI Request https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/public_inquiry_report_into_grove

[6] Southwark on Operation Greenlight http://theneedleblog.wordpress.com/operation-greenlight/london/southwark/

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