“Grappling with Smoke” Paedophile Webs; Bernard Gallagher

Daily Express 30.09.98

Daily Express 30.09.98 [1]

The Daily Express printed an article [1] in 1998, and Spotlight on Abuse blog [2] which archives historic child abuse articles  has recently  uploaded an image of it. The article was about a Report authored by Bernard Gallagher, commissioned by the NSPCC and published in 1998 called Grappling with Smoke  [4].

The full report citation is Gallagher, Bernard (1998) Grappling with Smoke: Investigating and managing organised child sexual abuse: a good practice guide. Policy Practice Research Series. NSPCC, London, UK. ISBN 9780902498839.  This Report copy [9] is available from Huddersfield Repository.

The article stated the report estimated  that 240 paedophile rings were being investigated every year. It revealed the alarming organisation amongst paedophiles, even behind bars. It went on to show how they intimidated witnesses and even took children in to prisons, which were later targeted for abuse.

The prison service said it was taking action to stop this [5] [7] [8]. One paedophile web targeted scout groups and also had links abroad. [6]

This blog is somewhat limited as I  cannot read the report due to technical difficulties with some pdfs.  However I trust others can and I just wanted to bring together the report with a few newspaper articles on it.  My thanks to Murun at Spotlight on Abuse for his tireless dedication to the child abuse archive.

Links and References

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[9] University of Huddersfield Repository Report copy http://eprints.hud.ac.uk/5487

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