Rusty v Elish and the Gang

Tim Rustige (Rusty) of Prisoners of Conscience, is currently being subjected to a  five-day trial which commenced  in Aberdeen on 24th February 2013.

Criminal Case

.                                                             Court Ref no.                     PF Ref No

32 Timothy JOHN RUSTIGE SCS/2013-033794 AB12003563 Court 3

The basis for this prosecution of an international human rights activist is that he is alleged to have publicly objected to Elish Angiolini’s suitability to be installed as Principal of St Hugh’s College, Oxford. She claims that he has caused her “alarm and distress”. Some background to the case on Paul Malpas blog [1][2]and on UKgovernmentwatch blog [3] and Rusty’s blog [4].

Elish Angiolini has previous form in taking people to court in this regard. She was involved in taking action against Robert Green when she was Lord Advocate which ended up being Scotlands most costly breach of the peace trial which cost the taxpayers £500,000.

It would be fair to say that Elish Angiolini (nee McPhilomy) is a controversial figure quite apart from the Rustige and Green prosecutions. Her refusal to act on the repeated rapes of Hollie Greig [12], for her pay off when she left the Lord Advocates job [10], her report to circumvent the law in the Operation Planet Magic Circle debacle [11], the failure of the Sheriff in the Robert Green case to declare a 10 year relationship with Angiolini [13], her being made a dame [14], her clearing of Alex Salmond in her report [15], her connection to at least one paedophile [2], being just a brief list. photo was on the Eyre International blog [16]

Robert has this to say about her “Of course, Angiolini is saying that I have made all kinds of inaccurate allegations to defame her. It is most outrageous that she now intends to sue me, as I provided her with every opportunity to address these concerns she claims to have by citing her as a witness at my trial. There, she would have been given every chance to defend herself, on oath , during cross-examination. If her sworn testimony held that I had been mistaken in any way, I would have made a public retraction and apology. She failed to allow me that opportunity by refusing to be questioned in a court of law. Why she refused to attend must be a matter for speculation, but it is hard to escape the conclusion that she did not wish to be faced with a situation where she had to choose between the truth and perjury. What kind of person with nothing to hide would avoid the chance to put the record straight in a public court?” [9]

Rusty’s case has taken about 700 days to get to court. The exact charge is still not known, as there appeared to be an original charge of stalking but this appears to be not now the case. 

It does appear though, that whatever the charge, it is to a large extent the Scottish legal system and the legal establishment who are on trial, many of whom appear to have links to various sexual practices, which may explain why there is not more and proper investigations of paedophiles and rapes.  Rusty exposes nasty links such as these, and so does Robert Green, the man who was peacefully handing out leaflets about the Hollie Greig case, details which are in Hollie Greig Justice Blog [6], which led to court action taken against him and imprisonment.

Robert has “coincidentally” recently been imprisoned again, again on charges that are unclear. Is there a pattern here? Robert was meant to appear as witness for Rusty, and it is not certain in his capacity as Prisoner Number 125799 in HMP Perth,  3 Edinburgh Road Perth PH2 8AT  Phone 01738 622293 whether he will be able to attend Rustys trial or was that the intention?

Robert has just written from prison and the following is from a post on the Free Robert Green Blog[21]

“the real reasons, although they don’t mention them, for my dramatic abduction from my home country was first the Violate Club. The arresting officer [DS Stewart] kept asking me what I knew about it, even though it had nothing to do with the official reason for my arrest. I think they thought I was going to publish the names of the 6 judges and the rest, but I truthfully don’t know their identities. Roberts blog [20] post on the fetish Violate Club [19].

The second reason is my public exposure of Alex Salmond’s breaches of the FOI Act, in repeatedly denying the Information Commissioner’s requirements for him to disclose his involvement in Hollie’s case… I would urge you to concentrate on the two articles from The Firm 3rd July [17]and The Firm 11th July [18] , which not only expose Salmond’s mendacity but also show how the Scottish people are denied vital information about their leader by the Scottish media.

Please spread the very information they want to hide. So if you could kindly spread this post, or the articles from the Firm about Alex Salmond and Roberts post on the Violate Club I am sure this will be a fitting tribute to the campaigning of two brave men Rusty and Robert who wish to draw attention to child sexual abuse in Scotland.

The following has been amended since the original post as Belinda Mckenzie has amended her account and added comments at the end.  **The latest from the court by Belinda Mckenzie on the 25th February on the Free Robert Green blog [22].

Belinda was upset by emails read out purportedly sent in support of  Hollie Greig.  Barbara wants the campaign to be conducted civilly and politely in future. As for the court case there is still a way to go.

It appears that Angiolini has not told the truth under oath and there are some  issues very usefully now on public record from Angiolini, which do not accord with what really happened in the Hollie Greig case, ** Case resumes on Thursday and Friday

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    A good summary of a case which is becoming more complex by the day.

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