Ralph Underwager and the Cleveland child abuse inquiry

Great article by murun. The Cleveland child abuse scandal was much misunderstood by the public due to the conflicting press coverage at the time. I recommend Beatrix Campbells book Unofficial Secrets. It is tragic that the Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council choose to hide behind an exemption to not publish the Butler-Sloss Report. Unfortunately therefore it is still not easily digitally available to everyone, including victims. Shame on you Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.


Most people’s memory of the Cleveland child abuse scandal in 1987 would be of a nationionwide media storm involving ‘falsely accused’ parents whose children had been taken away by over-zealous social workers who had misdiagnosed child sexual abuse.

But the truth was much darker. The majority of the children had been sexually abused and many were subsequently made to return to the homes they were abused in. The Department of Health “actively withheld and concealed” evidence from an independent panel which showed that 93 of the 121 Cleveland children had been found by the courts to be at risk of abuse. In 1989, the Department of Health destroyed all records relating to the children. Within two years of the original controversy, many of the children had been re-referred to social services.

Frank Cook, Labour MP for Stockton on Tees, said: “I’m astonished and dumbfounded. Had we known what I have…

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