Korris Report – Jersey, Child Abuse and the Church. HG’s Story

jersey 253586_106896812738672_100002550620932_61795_6672043_nmmThe Church felt it necessary to get an independent review of what is called a “safeguarding complaint” on Jersey , the jurisdiction of the Report for which appears to come under the Diocese of Winchester.

The Korris Report [1] was the result published in March 2013. [updated 22 June 2014 – For some reason that previous link is not available, I am not sure if the Korris report has deliberately been taken down but luckily the archive has the Korris Report  [14]. In case anything else has been inadvertently taken off the C of E Winchester website there is a link here[15][16] to their archived website and Web Archive site [17]

The abuse survivor, as she calls herself, however is not happy with the Report which she says was very unkind to her. This is her What Happened in the Church blog [2], and an exerpt from it.

“I am HG, the abuse survivor from the Korris report.
Sadly the Korris report, by the Diocese of Winchester into Safeguarding in Jersey, was very inaccurate and harmful to me, and allowed the Deanery of Jersey to run a smear campaign against me, so I started writing to tell my story.

Be warned, this blog is no easy read, and it may help to also look at the other Jersey blogs to see how difficult life in Jersey is, notably Bob Hill’s ‘Jersey’s Dean’ series of blogs [one from 26 May 2014 ], and VoiceForChildren [6], Rico Sorda [8] and Stuart Syvret’s blogs on Jersey [eg Free Speech Offshore [9]] . The Korris report may or may not be available online now, but it is the cause of this blog being launched.

I have suffered years of harm at the hands of the Diocese of Winchester, the ‘Diocese without Safeguarding’ and especially as they relaunched their onslaught into my life in March last year, despite the fact I changed my name and went on the run to escape them, and they have, since March last year, continued to harm me unchecked.

I started this blog as my voice, although as yet, I have shared very little as I am too traumatized and have been so rubbished by the Church of England. I am still not being listened to by them but am being relentlessly driven as they continue to harm me by forcing into my life and carrying out reports that omit my side of things and my experiences.
This blog was originally called ‘What happened to me in the Church’ and renamed due to Peter Ould’s incessant jeering, including his comments about my blogging being ‘about anything and everything’, which is funny.
Reverend Peter Ould, blogs about sex and publicly judges people like me when he has neither met me nor has any understanding of the circumstances I have been in, is not really in a position to judge, but he is part of the church of england, who’s employees and wealthy volunteers do judge and belittle the poor and the vulnerable. He acts as a voice for the Deanery of Jersey and directs people to this blog to deride me.
I blog about anything and everything, as long as it is to do with the Church of England and it’s misdemeanours and my experiences related to the Church of England.
The Church of England is such a terrible paradox, with it’s claims to Christianity, while it’s policies and actions are so far from that claim.
I am female, I have high-functioning Autism and severe PTSD, I also have learning difficulties and physical difficulties and am psychologically harmed and abnormal due to growing up in a dangerous, unsettled travelling cult environment and not knowing ‘normality’ until I left my family aged 17.
I have been sexually abused twice in the diocese of Winchester including the episode in the Deanery of Jersey, as well as suffering because of malign attitudes and misconducts in the Diocese.
The Diocese of Winchester have branded and maligned me, forced on me, villified me, tried to have me put away as insane, given me a criminal record and left me with poor quality of life and little hope, especially as they continue to produce reports that omit my side of things.
I spent just over three years homeless as a result of the Diocese’s actions, and kept a blogs during this time, I am now housed but in fear of losing my home because of the Diocese again, here is a link to my other blog, the merged blog of homelessness and life since being housed http://lifeafterthediocese.blogspot.co.uk/ [3]”

I merely bring the two together as I do not know further details, and have only skimmed the report and the blog. What I do know is that Jersey is a hotbed of child abuse as is the church.

[Updated 28 May 2014  Various links and the following]

HG has also a blog on wordpress I am the real HG[12], which I think is a mirror of the blogpost blog.

Dame Heather Steel was commissioned by the Bishop of Winchester (Tim Dakin) to investigate the Jersey Dean’s handling of an abuse complaint made against a Church Warden by a lady known as HG. It would appear that despite promises this is not going to be given to contributors or published [5]. It appears that the Terms of Reference were too narrow and she did not even interview HG amongst other deficiencies.

Bob Hill states on a blogpostThose who have read the Jan Korris Report which was published 15 months ago will have noted her concerns and of the confusion arising from the Church of England’s Safeguarding Policy and the Jersey Canon Law. The Bishop now lets on that Dame Heather Steel has also come up with that conclusion yet it is only made known 6 months after he announced that no disciplinary action was being taken against the Dean. 

What is now evident is that when it comes to priorities the welfare of people like HG, the vulnerable and the general public are not as important as looking after the clergy particularly those responsible for ensuring that policies are not only implemented but complied with.”

Other Jersey Child Abuse

The Voice For Jersey Blog [7] also appears to have valuable information about Jersey and child sexual abuse. Bill Maloneys Sun Sea and Satan [10] is essential watching on Jersey Child Sexual Abuse. Jersey is of course the island on which the infamous Haut de la Garenne Childrens Home where there has been one investigation [11] subject to interference by dark powers


Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.

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updated 2014 Jun 1

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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email cathyfox@bigfoot.com.

cathyfox the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set you free


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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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  1. pippakin says:

    Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Timely post. Not enough is said or investigated about outstanding allegations of child abuse in Jersey.

  2. iamtherealhg says:

    A lot of hard work goes into covering up in Jersey by the same States-Church-Judiciary-Masonic clique. HG

  3. Ron says:

    We really need to make people aware of such problem and also need to take steps for it.

  4. iamtherealhg says:

    I agree, easier said than done though.

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