Macur Review Refuses to give Report Publishing Date

macur-logo[Updated 2014 Oct 7 ]

The Macur Review refuses to say when the Report will be published.

In an email reply on 16 May 2014, they wrote

“Thank you for your email requesting confirmation of the proposed date for publication of the Macur Review report. Lady Justice Macur is of course conducting her review in a timely fashion, but has never given a timescale/end date, as she wants to conduct a thorough review. We have no imminent plans to submit our report.

You might like to have a look at our website at: [1], where you can find further information about the Macur Review, including any updates on our work.”

This reply was identical to one issued to someone on 23 April 2014 in the comments [3]. The last update on the Macur link given in the email was June 21 2013, some 10 months ago.

I wrote back to on May 18 2014 stating that I did not feel that it was satisfactory answer to the many people who risked a great deal to give evidence to the enquiry and have heard nothing, and that it was an insult to them. I also stated I felt that it was not satisfactory to taxpayers or people of democracy who feel that public servants should be transparent and open and asking for an  indication of when the report is due to publish. I have received no further response. (see later for update)

Others have tried to get an answer with no success by phone 020 7071 5770 [3] and Freedom of Information Requests [7] and [8] to the Ministry of Justice.

The Macur Review was established by the Government “to review the scope of the Waterhouse inquiry, and whether any specific allegations of child abuse falling within the terms of reference were not investigated by the Inquiry, and to make recommendations to the Secretary of State for Justice and the Secretary of State for Wales” [1].

The Review  was established on 8 November 2012 [1]. It is chaired by Dame Julia Wendy Macur [4]. An issues paper [9] was published on January 8 2013 inviting submissions from people with an interest in the issues it outlined. Two submissions were Andrea Davison [6] [13] and BrynAlynVictims [5] .

The history of the failure to properly investigate and prosecute child sexual abuse in institutions in North Wales and surrounds can probably best be viewed on these sites Wikipedia [17]  Paedos Exposed [18] Bryn Alyn Victims Blogspot [14] Needleblog [15] Spotlight on Abuse [16] and Rebecca TV [23]. There are also other links in the links section.

Many people, victims and others are suspicious that this is just yet more delay and cover up of child abuse in North Wales by the police and paedophiles in power. There have been  suspicions for some time that the concurrent Police Operation into the so called historical Child Abuse in North Wales, Operation Pallial, has been bureaucratically perverse in choosing their geographical boundaries to investigate [12].

Current reviews and Police investigations are used to delay releasing previously unpublished reports which otherwise would be released under Freedom of Information legislation. This only adds to suspicions of cover up by Police, politicians, secret services and Freemasons – a pattern which is seen elsewhere in the country with child abuse cases.

Update 30 May. The Macur Review have replied nearly 2 weeks later.

“I have seen your response to Marie’s email and can only reiterate that our work continues, taking account of the evidence we have received, and at this stage we have no agreed date to submit a report to Government.” 

I believe that it is unacceptable that over a year after victims submissions the Macur Review will not give any indication as to when the Inquiry will publish the review. Is it 2014, 2015, 2020 or are they trying to drag it out and not publish it at all? It is impossible that they do not have any idea over a year after submissions, when the Review is likely to be ready. The abused are abused yet again.

I therefore wrote back on 29 May

“Thank you for your email.
Victims have suffered the original abuse, and then have suffered through cover up after cover up. This has left many severely damaged. Many have submitted evidence to the Macur Inquiry and yet again, they are suffering as the Macur Inquiry will not give then any idea as to when they can get on with the next stage in their lives.

For the Macur Review to blithely state, a year after some of the victims gave evidence that “at this stage we have no agreed date to submit a report to Government.” is not acceptable.
Is the intended date of sending  to government 2014, 2015, 2020 or later than that? You are keeping vulnerable victims dangling. Has this ever been considered?
Whose decision is it whether is published to the public? Will a copy be sent to the contributors?
How much has been spent so far on the review? What is the delay? How many contributors were there? What are the factors that determine when it will be given to government and/or published?”

Macur Review  replied on 30 May without answering the questions stating

we absolutely understand the points you make which is precisely why we are determined to conduct a thorough review in the hope that there will be no need for further reviews in the future. We will provide further updates on our webpage and of course you can contact us directly via this email address.”

I replied the same day “The Macur Review certainly do not appear to understand the points I make or I believe it would act differently.
The questions I put have not been answered nor has any attempt been made to answer them. The Macur Review have chosen not to put victims and contributors out of their misery and say if it will be published this year or later than 2020.
You have not provided an update on your website since June 2013, so people are hardly likely to keep checking into that site, nor have any confidence that the public are being properly kept informed and updated. I believe you should have an email list of all those interested and email them. says the Macur Review soon will be incorporated into – hardly a recommendation that Macur Review is not yet incorporated after 18 months after being commissioned.
I am disgusted by the Macur Review’s public servants apparent disregard for the victims of child sexual abuse, the contributors to the review, the public and the taxpayers. ”

Shame on the Dame – Julia Wendy Macur.


On 17th Sept 2104 , approx 4 months after the last email and not having heard anything I have written another email to the Macur Review

Can you please tell me if you have sent the report to the government, or when you intend
to do so?
Do you realise that the behaviour of the Macur Review in so far refusing to give a date,
and appearing contemptuous of the victims that turned their lives upside down to give
evidence to the Review will mean that in future there is less likelihood that an enquiry
will be trusted and receive survivors evidence? Is this what is intended?
Do you realise that their life is on hold until the report comes out?
What is the reason for the delay and the lack of transparency?

Macur Timeline

1996 Jun 17 Terms of Reference of Waterhouse Report Issued [9]

2012 Nov 6 Home Secretary Theresa May Announced New Police Inquiry (Pallial) by National Crime Agency into North Wales Child Abuse [10]

2o12 Nov 8  Macur Review Established by Government

2013 Jan 8 Macur Review Issues Paper Published [9]

2013 March 29 Deadline for Macur Submissions to Issues Paper [1]

2013 Apr 17 Thanks issued for Submissions [1]

2013 Jun 18 Wrexham. 2 public meetings and private meetings with anyone who requested [1]

2013 Jun 21 Thanks issued for attending meetings [1]

2013 Oct 10 Freedom of Information Request to Ministry of Justice not yet answered [8]

2014 Apr 23 Email from Macur Review refusing answer to publishing date [3]

2014 Apr 24 Different Freedom of Information request not yet answered [7]

2014 May 16 Email from Macur Review to Cathy Fox refusing to state publishing date

2014 May 18 Further Cathy Fox email to Macur Review. No answer to date

2o14 Sept 17  Further Cathy Fox email to Macur Review No answer to date

2014 Oct 7 Further Cathy Fox email to Macur review asking why I have not had a reply

2014 Oct 7 Cathy Fox FOI to Home Office [28]





It would appear that she is a lame Dame, who does not give the survivors who contributed the respect they deserve.

It is quite clear that this governments public servants have contempt for survivors who they treat with disdain. The Macur Review is equally guilty. It appears the people in power do not want the truth to come out and they will stop at no dirty trick to delay and obfuscate.

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.

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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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