Thoughts on MPs call for Inquiry into Historic Child Sexual Abuse

7 Members of Parliament  have called on Theresa May to set up Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse say Exaro [1]. David Hencke has also release an article that accuses Police of failing to follow evidence in abuse cases [14].

The MPs are Tom Watson @Tom_Watson , Tim Loughton @timlaughton , Zac Goldsmith @ZacGoldsmith ,  Simon Danczuk @SimonDanczuk , Tessa Munt @tessamunt , John Hemming @johnhemmingmp and Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas. This is a cross party grouping of 2 conservatives (Zac Goldsmith and Tim Loughton a former Childrens Minister), 2 Labour (Tome Watson and Simon Danczuk)  , 2 Liberal Democrats (John Hemming and Tessa Munt) and 1 Green (Caroline Lucas).

A Hillsborough Style Inquiry is exactly the right format to get nearest to the truth I believe and one I have been calling for for some time. In Loose Ends in Lambeth [2] in November 2013 I called for

1 Free therapy for ALL victims including now adult victims of child abuse
2 Release publicly, digital copies of all past public inquiries, police operations and local authority reports into child abuse, redacted if needed
3 Set up an overarching Hillsborough style panel into all child abuse in UK

The reason for the release of the Public Inquiries and other information is that authorities use the Section 30 Exemption in the Freedom of Information Act as an excuse to suppress information whilst an Inquiry is going on. This could be malign or simply that they feel that they will be subject to legal action if they do release the information. A Digital Library of all child sexual abuse information should be set up.

The Historical Abuse Inquiry is likely to be quite lengthy, and some people will need the information in Reports, as much time has already passed with multiple cover ups. It is essential that this information is released free, digitally to as wide a public as can read it, not least because the authorities keep failing to learn the lessons of these Reports as is indicated in successive reports. Furthermore these Inquiries and Reports were funded with the publics’ money. What for instance are the positive reasons for not publishing the pivotal Warner Report from 1992? I cannot think of one. Similarly for most Reports. The authorities often suppress reports due to corporate self interest and not the public interest.

The therapy for the adults is essential as many people are very damaged by the the original abuse, further by all the cover ups and lies and delays and broken promises. Meanwhile the victims are living their hellish past sometimes many times a day through triggers. Authorities seem to want the victims help but the help for adult victims of child sexual abuse seems to be no authorities responsibility.

The Hillsborough stye Inquiry would appear to be the best system to get at the truth because it is inquisitorial not accusatorial and has proved its worth for Hillsborough Tragedy. The Hillsborough tragedy and Child Sexual Abuse Scandal and the Daniel Morgan Murders which is currently using this approach, all  have in common that authorities have been complicit in cover-ups, much times has passed and current systems have repeatedly failed.

It is vital to get the remit of the Inquiry to be set to cover all the failures of the past. It is the remit of Child Sexual Abuse Inquiries that is often manipulated by those in power so that important issues are not covered.

Many people believe any Inquiry in England and Wales should also cover child trafficking, child protection issues such as secrecy, gagging, forced adoption in the Family Courts as well as children getting lost from the child care system and mind control in children.

The time span for the Review should be from at least 1960 to 2000. On further thought – 1950 to 2010 would be better. Much can also be learned from the format and lessons of Historical Child Sexual Abuse Reviews and other forms of child abuse review in

Ireland [3],

Northern Ireland [5] ,

a limited one in Scotland of which this is the Action Plan [7] and the Historical Abuse Systemic Review Report 2007 [9] a One Year On Report [8] by Tom Shaw from Nov 2008. Victims in Scotland are calling [4] for a full public inquiry into historical institutional abuse from the 60s to the 80s.

Australia Current Royal Commission into Child Abuse in Australia [13]

New Zealand A current Independent Inquiry into Child Abuse Glenn Inquiry [11]

Canada 2000 Restoring Dignity responding to Child Abuse in Canadas Institutions Exec Summary [10]

Action is urgently needed and the secrecy, delay and arrogant disregard of victims and contributors of the Macur Review [14] is the very opposite of what is needed. Transparency, honesty, integrity and urgency are what is needed for the tortured children.

I do not know the precise agreement but the Hillsborough Panel was agreed to by the victims families, similarly with the Morgan Panel which is on the same lines, and was agreed with Daniel Morgans family. A similar agreement should be made perhaps with the agreement of victims, long standing child sexual abuse professionals, academics and perhaps these MPs.

People who could perhaps serve on an independent panel are; an experienced social worker turned academic in child protection; a person with experience of an organisation giving support and information to the abused; an ex senior prosecution service manager with an interest in Child sexual abuse; a person experienced in other historical child sexual abuse investigations; a victim of abuse and cover up.

Needless to say individuals who are freemasons or officers or agents of secret services or undercover police should be positively barred from being on the panel!

It is of course essential that a Child Sexual Abuse archive be produced concurrently with the investigation, digital and public similar to the 450,000 archived documents in the Hillsborough Archive [16].  The fear is of course that information would be gathered for reasons of concealing it or disposing of it as many times before.

The geographical area involved must be made clear in the remit – and if possible the Channel Islands should be included.

The MPs deserve thanks and support I believe in their endeavour.


Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.

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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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11 Responses to Thoughts on MPs call for Inquiry into Historic Child Sexual Abuse

  1. pippakin says:

    Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    A Hillsborough type inquiry would be excellent news for victims of abuse they would know their calls had at last been heard.

    I can’t think of one good reason why there should not be such an inquiry.


  2. GMB says:

    Posted by GMB on the Needleblog @ June 6, 2014 at 4:34 pm
    ‘The UK better get a move on before they are beaten to the draw by the Dutch Prosecutors Office who are currently considering ‘papers’ passed onto to that office by the TBKK unit of the Dutch Police. Would any foreign investigation stop any UK parliamentary enquiry?’


  3. GMB says:

    Coming soon the audio tape of the customs officer Interview. If people have any doubts about who the Minister is and what he was involved inlisten to the WMA file sent to me. Oh there are multiple Snowden type copies distributed for safe keeping and posting if any thing happens.


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  5. GMB says:

    Well done for IoS (22 June 2014) getting the exclusive from Simon Danczuk re. his pending appearence before the HASC. More to come with the IoS when I and the IoS will submit further allegations and evidence to the Dutch Authorities which can run alongside my previous allegations and evidence of April 2014 to the Dutch.


  6. Pingback: A Fortnight in the Life of the Overarching Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry. Where now? | cathyfox

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