Peter McKelvie’s Second Open Letter to David Cameron

Peter Mckelvies second letter to Cameron


Follow up Open Letter to David Cameron with copies to Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband (to be read in conjunction with my original Open Letter of September 16th 2013)

Dear Mr. Cameron,

I write further following my original Open Letter to you of 16th September 2013, to which your office responded on 22nd October 2013 stating that the “Home Office was best placed to respond to the matters you raise”.

I and Dr.Liz Davies, an acknowledged expert on Child Protection, met with Mr. Norman Baker, Minister of State for Crime Prevention at the Home Office on 13th May 2014 to address the “matters” I raised with you, thus we were able to assess for ourselves whether the Home Office was indeed “best placed to respond”.

The meeting with Mr. Baker was an insult to both my and Dr. Davies’s integrity and intelligence but of far greater concern is that…

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1 Response to Peter McKelvie’s Second Open Letter to David Cameron

  1. A National Independent Inquiry into decades of organised abuse is long overdue. Why does the PM say not now? Horrific sexual crimes against defenceless children. Can the PM please explain to the whole country the delay, as kids are having their childhoods stolen as I speak. Don’t they and every CSA survivor deserve justice and an inquiry? I think so, why doesn’t our PM? I want an answer from him and I won’t shut up until I get one.


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