What next for the Inquiry into Organised Child Abuse?

The Inquiry that Theresa May wants is designed to keep the paedophilia and child abuse contained and is certainly not the inquiry to find the truth that survivors and campaigners want. This is muruns article on the inquiry


Since Butler-Sloss stepped down, all has gone rather quiet and the media has moved on to other stories.  This can only be a temporarily lull and we can rely on the fact that there will be activity behind the scenes in the search for a replacement chair. It is a positive sign that we have learnt, for instance, that no chair will be appointed without consultation with the 7 MP’s who put the case to Theresa May for an Inquiry into Organised Child Abuse.  Both the person of the chair and the remit of the inquiry are crucial to establishing the truth. Too many Inquiries have focussed on the performance of professionals and child protection arrangements and have avoided questions about whether or not children and adults were abused and whether or not the perpetrators had been brought to justice. It is also essential to include scrutiny of the role…

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