Paul Foot on Kincora Boys’ Home, and Recent Kincora Articles

Kincora is one of the keys to unlocking the child abuse scandal. It involves both MI5 and MI6 and political figures in Northern Ireland and Britain. Ian Pace has painstakingly collated much useful information available in his article.

To these I add my own links mostly from Freedom of Information Requests some of which I have not yet had the time to blog

This was my original article trying to understand what went on – mainly from lobster

The Terry Report was then released

from foi request

The interesting thing was the Terry report was in fact 3 reports.

They have now clammed up and refused the Flenley report

and the Harrison Report

Desiring Progress

Many voices have been raised in the midst of the plans for an abuse inquiry rightly insisting that the many unanswered questions about the dreadful abuse scandal at the Kincora Boys’ Home in Belfast should also be addressed.

At a later date, I will collate in chronological order a wide range of newspaper articles past and present on Kincora; for now, one should look at the extensive collection at the Spotlight blog, and an equally important collection of pieces at the Needle blog, not least in terms of much material relating to former London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s comments on the affair. On recent calls, I would strongly recommend the below articles, not least for the highly principled words on video (in the Belfast Telegraph article from July 15th) of Ulster Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt.

Leo McKinstry, ‘Fear of child abuse cover up secret dossier at the heart of…

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