Peter Mandelson accused of covering up Sir Peter Morrison child rape allegations

The sordid deals between the political parties, police and the press when paedophile politicians are caught is exposed here in this letter to a senior labour figure from whistleblowing child protection professional Peter McKelvie.

Peter Morrison, Margaret Thatchers Parliamentary Private Secretary, was caught in Crewe toilets with a 15 year old boy. He was allowed to get away with child abuse if he stood down at the next election.

Outrageous to most normal people. But we need to realise that many politicians are only in “power” in our pseudo democracy BECAUSE they can be blackmailed into doing what is wanted by the real people in power.

As ever we need to name and shame all the individuals involved in the police, parliamentary parties and press and bring them to account. Many questions need to be asked to the parliamentary parties and the police about why they continually cover up child abuse, and why MI5 are either running child abuse networks or are amazingly incompetent at vetting procedures.

The senior labour figure was none other than Peter Mandelson according to the article in the Needleblog


Peter McKelvie has given me permission to publish a letter he sent to a senior Labour politician on 3rd August. No reply has been received as of today (8th August). The politician’s name has been redacted for the time being.

Dear (name redacted)

I am a retired Child Protection professional and the person who contacted Tom Watson, MP, in September 2012, as a result of which he asked a PMQ on 24th October 2012 regarding a paedophile ring with links to No.10, a question which led to the Metropolitan Police setting up Operation Fairbank/Fernbridge, which I ‘m sure you will be aware is both ongoing and rapidly expanding following significant witnesses at long last coming forward to tell the truth about the alleged appalling collusion of senior politicians of all the main political parties in the alleged abuse carried out by their colleagues.

I was sickened to the stomache when…

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  1. Paulholly says:

    well done keep the good work going many thanks

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