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Posted for its information on paedophilia- Peter Eyre has a large archive of anti- paedophile posts. This is an excerpt from the following post of his called London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing – Part 3 .

“It was some time ago I was told about one such event in a Canadian Night Club where many international politicians and dignitaries were assembled and the club was full of prostitutes, gays (male and female) and paedophiles etc . As you would expect at such an event sordid activities prevailed all of which was intentionally filmed. Apparently towards the end of the event there was some sort of sacrifice made on stage which was also fully filmed along with all those in the night club at the time…….this is what is referred too as a “Snuff Film” in the following article. I was appalled at such a story and have no way of authenticating it but now in later life I fully understand that such satanic events do take place including the sacrifice of babies and children. These well planned “Snuff Films” are then used in extortion activities, blackmailing, false flag events showing people being taken and also used to distort the truth, especially when they blame alleged government armies such as in Libya and now Syria, 9/11, 7/7 etc etc……..they also have the ability to raise vast sums of money etc.

I can recall receiving another brief which explained how a gay or should I say a bisexual soldier (commando type)had served his country at the highest level and during his travels had become infected with HIV/Aids and who then intentionally had infected many women in society in Africa and the UK etc……….this same person also briefed me on paedophile activity within the UK and graphically explained how little children were brutalised. The attachment was so graphic I have that to this day been unable to look at it……..such is the sick state of paedophilia that is so rife throughout the world. Can you even imagine a leader, very senior politician or some other sick minded high profile gentleman (if you can call them that) going away for the weekend, hiring a child from a home. brutally raping that child and then either sacrificing that child or disposing of the evidence……this also extends into the feminine circles of society!!

For some years now I have been fighting paedophilia and exposing those responsible which also involved world leaders and senior members of parliament etc…………This has been at Prime Minister level and even the ex head of NATO Lord Robertson who was also implicated in the Dunblane Massacre when many young children were shot by a paedophile………it also became apparent after reading the story below that another high profile Scot was involved in this skullduggery and who also so happened to be involved in the Hollie Grieg story that I covered extensively. Hollie (down syndrome girl) was only 6 years old when she was raped by her father and later handed over to a peodphile ring in the City of Aberdeen, Scotland…..that high profile person was none other than Dame Elish Frances Angiolini – In the offices of the Lord Advocate, the Solicitor General and the Procurator Fiscal (Public Prosector) of Scotland……….that women is named in this article

Once “Snuff Films” or any indecent film or photographs fall into the hands of the New World Order they are then used to manipulate world Leaders and their Governments…….this tactic have long been used by all intelligence agencies around the world such as the CIA, FBI, MI5/6 and Mossad etc and to this day remains a major tool in blackmailing their victims into submission or in manipulating a countries policy etc.”

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London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing – Part 3

Was there some hidden agenda by the British Government to take away your privacy?


Theresa May (the bitch from hell) knows the answer as she is a mistress of the New World Order who is one of many trained females to carry out “Man in the middle attacks” using various extortion, blackmail, sex and peodophilia tactics  on senior politicians, VIP’s and senior commercial executives 

The four witches who have an incredible influence on British politics and the New World Order.

Some of the other alleged Mistresses of the New World Order


They say that behind every good man is a good women

Unbelievable Evil and Satanic Manipulation of World Politicians, VIP’s and Senior Executives of many companies


Elements of The New World Order as you have never seen them before


Maybe whilst you were all being brainwashed on events during and after the alleged Woolwich terrorist attack you did…

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