Calderdale 2 – Timeline of a Child Rapist 1 – Rod Ryall

This  post on Rod Ryall was going to form part of a longer post on the Calderdale Social Services Inquiry on Rod Ryall by Brian Roycroft. However in the interest of brevity and clarity and getting it public more quickly I will post this, which is really a late draft, still to be worked on.

Individuals have experienced the authorities incompetence at the very least in bringing powerful paedophiles to justice. Also the authorities have often been intransigent in refusing to release information, supposedly gathered in the publics name for the public good.

If Police, local authorities, government bodies and political parties were interested in preventing paedophilia, they would release all the reports and inspection reports still unreleased, in searchable format. The release of any information I have found is largely done as no excuse can be found to keep it secret. However there are some exceptions. Calderdale Council released this report on Ryall last year. Downloads Part 1[7]  Part 2 [8] FOI Request [4]

We have therefore no option but to develop our own public paedopaedia – information in accessible form that can be used to check the historic links between  paedophiles that existed – hopefully gradually narrowing down to the current paedophile network in power preying on our children.

This information also can also be used by victims to work out links in their own abuse.

Any information is gladly received to correct any errors or to fill in blanks. No piece of information is too small, it could be vital to someone.

[ ] These brackets contain the source or reference – Unless otherwise mentioned this is the Calderdale Ryall Report.

Part 1 [7]

Part 2 Summary of Conclusions and Appendices [8]

{ } The brackets contain my comments

Ryalls possible links to children and other paedophiles are at the end, with other information sources on Ryall.

Rod Ryall

roderick rod-ryall-18170688

1942 March 8  Rod A Ryall born   [Appendix 4]

1954-1961 Merchant Taylors School Northwood Hertfordshire. 8 O levels 1957 , 3 A Levels 1960 {3 years between ??} [Appendix 4]  Headmaster Hugh Elder [9]

1961-64 Corpus Christi Oxford  BA 2nd Class Hons in Natural Sciences. Later took MA . [Appendix 4 8] He read History [S3.2] {? natural sciences on his application form} [appendix 4], Chairman of University Scout and Guide Club. University interests were athletics, scouting, orienteering and photography. [S3.2]

1961-66 Assistant Scout Leader Hertfordshire [S15.5]

1961 “Soon after Dr Ryall graduated, in 1961, he became a housemaster at the approved school” [14] {?}

1964 Oct – June 1968 Teacher /Headmaster Aycliffe School Darlington. Housemaster approved school in Durham. [S3.2] In charge of house unit of 30 boys in the training school.

*{His time at Aycliffe crosses over with convicted paedophile Derek Brushett 1967- May 74 at Aycliffe [1] . more information on Brushett [2] }

1967-71 Pembroke College Cambridge University Institute of Criminology – Postgraduate  Diploma in Criminology 1968, then PhD. Thesis “Impact of Approved School Training on Delinquent Boys” [S3.2] 1971  Dr. Ryall  a PhD Doctor of Philosophy (not a medical Doctor).

Criminology (from Latin crīmen, “accusation”; and Greek -λογία, -logia) is the scientific study of the nature, extent, management, control, consequences, and prevention of criminal behavior, both on the individual and social levels. Criminology is an interdisciplinary field in the behavioral sciences, drawing especially upon the research of sociologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social anthropologists, as well as scholars of law. [10]

Oct 1971 -Sept 1972    Deputy Headmaster Tennal Regional Observation and Assessment Centre Birmingham. [App 4]  Approved School in Birmingham [S3.2]

1972 Sept – Mar 1974 Professional Advisor to Wessex Childrens Regional Planning in Southampton.

1973-74 District Scout Leader Hampshire [S15.5]

1973  Local Government reorganisation

1973 Dec Calderdale Council advertised for Assistant Director Social Services. Ryall was applicant. He was 31.

1974 Apr 1 Calderdale Borough council formed by amalgamation of County Borough of Halifax and 8 smaller district councils or parts. Population of 192,000.

1974 April Dr Ryall first post with Calderdale as Assistant Director [S7]

1974-1982 Summary of Ryalls responsibilites at Calderdale [S4.1]

1975-7 Ryall later accused of offences in this time period. See timeline 2009 Sep 28 [14]

1975-77 Scout Leader in Halifax (Sowerby) District of West Yorkshire [S15.5]

1982 July Camping Trip with homosexual activity told by Inmate of Council run Theophilus Cottage Donald H  [S14.3]

1982 July 7 Mrs Riding rang Ryall and he visited her that evening at Theophilus Cottage.[S14.3] Ryall made his notes and gave them to his manager Mr Jones

1982 Oct “The incident” [S5] Ryall met 2 brothers at the supermarket who made pocket money from helping shoppers with their shopping trolleys. He gave them a large tip. Subsequently he paid for them to go to the swimming baths and bought them snacks. They ended up with Ryall taking photographs of them in shorts and vests with animal masks on simulating fighting. Another brother was in care of Calderdale Council and his social worker, Miss Lamb reported this to the  police and told the Area Director of Social Services Mr. Green. [S5.1] The police found no criminal offence had been committed [S5.2]

1982 November. Council gave Ryall first and final warning re taking photos at his home of young boys [S5.5] Ryall admitted his foolishness and said he was sorry.[S5.5]

1982/3 Ryall developed a relationship with John B [S8.1] [S9.1] which by 1984 had developed into mutual masturbation and oral sex when John B was 13 or 14. [S9.2]

Ryall also started relationship with Thomas D [S11.3]

1984 Ryalls address was Moonrakers,  Scar Bottom Lane, Greetland, Halifax , North Yorkshire [Appendix 4]

1984 Nov 23 Ryall took over management of Department following retirements of Director and Deputy Director. [App4] Mr Taylor and Mr Jones had been blamed after internal inquiry for poor management following the death of child in care by fosterparents. [6.2] {possibly child was Emma Hughes died 1981}

1984 Dec 11 Ryall Appointed Acting Director Social Services

1985 Jan Ryall signed Application form for Director Social Services [App4]

1985 Mar 20 Ryall appointment to Director of Social Services by Social Services Committee in close decision [S7.4]

1986 Nov 17 Memo from Mr Green to Dr Ryall re John B re unprofessional contact [App 6]

1986 Ryalls relationship with Thomas D developed more  [S11.3] and included attempts at buggery of which one succeeded. He paid Thomas D £15 for gardening and washing car, often on Saturdays, during which time sexual relations occurred. The money fed Thomas D gambling addiction. [S11.3]

1988 Jan 19 Halifax Courier article about child abuse with accompanying comments by Ryall. Mr Pearson had been a member of Calderdale Council from 1975-85 and been deputy leader of the Conservative group. He would not speak to the Inquiry Panel, but made a statement to Police [S13.6]

1988 Jan 21 Pearson wrote to Geoffrey Dickens, enclosing Halifax Courier article and expressing concern about Ryall. He received a reply from his own MP Mr Donald Thompson. Mr Thompson wrote to the Home Office and received a reply from Lord Ferrers a minister at that department. The Home Office referred the matter to the police in Halifax about the 1982 incident. Correspondence was also drawn to the attention of Edwina Currie minister at DHSS. [S13.8]

1988 Mar 11 Mr Ellison received a visit from Detective Superintendent ME Saunders and Detective Chief Inspector BE Sidebottom of West Yorkshire Police stationed at Halifax. [S13.10] . He discovered that there had been a previous police investigation but that the files had been destroyed {only 6 years after??} [S13.12] The boys were re interviewed. The matter might have rested here but for one of the social workers interviewed was Mr Green who also knew about Mr Ryalls involvement with later abuse.

1988 Mar 14 Mr Pearson statement to Police [S13.6]

1988 Jun 28 Dr Ryall wrote a letter of resignation after being told by Police they were due to interview Mr Green. This was later found unsigned and unsent after Ryalls arrest

1988 Jun 29 Police interview with Mr Green in which he told of his suspicions re sexual impropriety by Ryall. Interviews with with John B and Thomas D.  Ryall denied charges

1988 Jun 30 Ryall admitted offences

1988 Aug 5 Search of Ryall home in presence of his solicitor. [S13.13] Ryall arrested [S10.25] Ryall rumoured to have been found In Phillips flat, after being on the run for a week [pers comm]

1988 Aug 8 Ryall appeared in court for first time [S13.14] Ryall resignation as Director Social Services [S13.14]

1988 Nov 24 Ryall had pleaded guilty and was convicted at Leeds Crown Court of two charges of indecent assault against a boy aged under 16, two charges of indecent assault, two of gross indecency, and one of buggery against a second boy. At the time of the offences he was Director of Social Services with Calderdale Borough Council. [S1.1]

1989 Feb Appointment of Panel of Inquiry into Dr Ryalls Appointment []

1989 Feb 8 [S1.3] Panel sat for 12 days in Halifax [S1.4]

1989 Aug 9 Calderdale Social Services Committee accepted the Report

1989 Aug 10 Community Care,  Linda Chamberlain says tougher vetting for posts

2009 Sep 28 charged with a number of offences dating back to his time at Aycliffe. A spokesman for Durham Police said: “A 67-year-old man from Mirfield, in West Yorkshire, was charged with 13 sexual offences, some dating from more than 40 years ago. “Between 1967 and 1970, he is accused of a total of six cases of indecent assault and four of gross indecency. His alleged victims were two 15-year-old boys at the former approved school in County Durham. “He is charged with a further two counts of indecent assault and one of gross indecency alleged on a 13-year-old boy in West Yorkshire between 1975 and 1977. At that time the man was said to have been a Scout leader.” Soon after Dr Ryall graduated, in 1961, he became a housemaster at the approved school, before working at a similar facility in the Midlands. [14]

2010 Oct 15 Due to appear Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court [14]

2010 Sept 2010 The case against a former housemaster at an approved school accused of child abuse has been thrown out by a judge. accused Durham Police of carrying out “a witch hunt” Judge George Moorhouse threw out the case, agreeing with Ms Griffiths’  lengthy submissions. [18]

Set 2014 Ryall aged 72 living in West Yorks

Ryall had possible access to children at

1961-64 Oxford University Scout and Guide Club [S3.2],

1961-66 Assistant Scout Leader Hertfordshire [S15.5],

1964 Oct – June 1968 as Teacher /Headmaster Aycliffe School Darlington,

Oct 1971 -Sept 1972 Deputy Headmaster Tennal Regional Observation and Assessment Centre Birmingham.

1972 Sept – Mar 1974 Professional Advisor to Wessex Childrens Regional Planning in Southampton.

1973-74 District Scout Leader Hampshire [S15.5]

1974 – 1988 Childrens Homes or children in care at any of  a number of Calderdales homes which included 192/193 Huddersfield Rd Halifax, Theophilus Cottage [S14.1] Alloe Field View [S10.3], Dobroyd Castle (approved school). Skircoat Lodge Assessment Centre, Cousin Lane, Moor End, Westgarth, Close Lea, Mixenden.   — Time out?  Old Hall?   {I am looking for all the childrens homes in Calderdale at this time and since if anyone can help me}

His addresses

1984 -? Moonrakers,  Scar Bottom Lane, Greetland, Halifax , North Yorkshire [Appendix 4]

< 2010-  Wheatley Drive Mirfield West Yorks [16]

Links to Rod Ryall Information

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Ryalls Links to other Paedophiles

1964 Oct – June 1968  Teacher /Headmaster Aycliffe School Darlington. His time at Aycliffe crosses over with convicted paedophile Derek Brushett 1967- May 74 at Aycliffe [1] . More information on Brushett [2]

Malcolm Osric Phillips 1976- 1994 Skircoat Lodge.  Phillips, of Lincolnshire, denied 29 charges of indecent assault, indecency with a child, rape and buggery against 10 complainants – all female.He was jailed for seven years after being found guilty of 16 offences of indecent assault and two offences of committing an act of indecency with a child. Now lives in Birmingham

Andrew James Shalders 1976-1988 Skircoat Lodge. Shalders, of Featherstall Road, Littleborough, Rochdale, denied over 30 charges of buggery, indecent assault and indecency with a child. All the offences were against males. He was jailed for 15 years after he was found guilty of 22 of the offences and acquitted of a further 14. Died in prison [pers comm]

Terrence Thomas O’Hagan died before conviction


Rumour that Ryall had been asked to leave Scout Troup in Sowerby Bridge [13.2] In 1988 Police thought that it happened too long ago (13 years) to warrant investigation. [S15.2] Mr Michinenski, Chair of Halifax north district Executive (scouts or council?) and no one really knew about it [S15.3] A Mr Graham Backhouse had been involved in Sowerby Scouts, took over from Ryall as scout leader . He was unequivocal that he would have heard about it. There was an incident in the 1970s but that the man had left and that man was not Dr Ryall!! [S15.4]

Concerning Ryall and improper behaviour at Dobroyd Castle [S16.5]

Allegations from a female Jane B that he tried to molest her on several occasions.[S12.1]


Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.

Links and Hyperlinks

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[2] Derek Brushett

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[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

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[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

The truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free. cathy fox

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