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As the page Books on Child Abuse 1 [1] was getting rather long, I have started a new page. These are mainly descriptions of the books, not reviews and also depends on the type of book. I try to point out bits of relevance to child abuse campaigners so that they can search further. Also check out Cathy Fox Category Books on Child Abuse [2]

[44] Murder of Childhood by Ray Wyre and Tim Tate 1995 Penguin [1] 

This is the first book I have come across that tries to understand the mind of a paedophile. Why is this important? If we retrain a paedophile we help reduce the damage they may do to children.

The rate of reoffending is very high 99% for a convicted fixated paedophile. Nearly every paedophile is released, without supervision, so it makes sense to attempt to modify their thinking to address their aberrant sexual behaviour rather than letting them out of prison untreated, with their anger and abilities enhanced and with a greater network of paedophile friends than previously.  For those paedophiles offending but not caught yet, and those paedophiles not offending it helps if we understand what the different types of paedophile are, how they think and offend, so we can prevent them offending.

murder of childhood

The authors have 4 categories of paedophiles

1. Fixated paedophiles who have a steady level of illegal fantasising;

2. Binge offenders who binge fantasise and include many rapists and those driven by anger;

3. Sadistic offenders – whose sexual element was less important than the violence;

4. Those who insist they have no fantasies but in reality most were denying their fantasies for a reduction of punishment.

Many people would say what is the point just lock them away or kill them. Do not spend any money on them, spend it on the victims. However the point is that to understand them is to have the ability to work out their method of operation.

The book is about Robert Black, and a series of interviews the authors have with one of the worst serial killers who sexually assaulted his victims. It also exposes the failures of the police in not catching him far earlier, partly due to lack of computers, lack of joined up thinking, lack of understanding how paedophiles work, lack of manpower and will to deal with child abusers.

robert black

Robert Black

If we do not try to understand paedophiles the book uses the analogy that we are all supposed to be very busy jumping in a river to rescue drowning children, yet no one is to do anything about the man just upstream who was pushing them in.

This book may make many people revisit their thinking on what we should do with paedophiles.

In that regard it is similar to The Paedophile Next Door shown on 26 Nov 2014 on Channel 4 and available to watch for 30 days [2]. As Ian McFadyen, a survivor of abuse states – the present sytem is not working, so it is time for a change. In the programme he meets a non offending paedophile, one who is attracted to children but sees it is wrong and wants a support network, not for a cure but for help to ensure he does not offend.

Both the book [1]  and the programme [2]  are well worth a look, as is the following video [3] on Robert Black

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.

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[43] Bent Twigs by Wally Harbert

Wally Harbert recently came to my attention with his excellent whistleblowing post about  Avon County Council [1]

I was therefore keen to read his novel Bent Twigs [2] . The title comes from Alexander Pope quote – ‘Tis education forms the common mind, just as the twig is bent, the tree’s inclined.

The back cover describes it as “local government with the lid off – you will be relieved it is a novel”. However that is misleading, as Wallys experience as Director of Social Services in Hackney and then Avon, has gone into this, and a novel is often the best way of getting the truth across.

It is the only book I have read that gives you the background scenarios and process, by which for instance the whistleblower is sacked and the perpetrator of abuse is not brought to justice, and the abuse continues. Unwieldy council structures, relationships between Councillors and Officers and Unions, political dogma. The book focusses on a girl in care called Paula and has a double twist towards the end, which I will not spoil.

Politicos will recognise the machinations, whilst many will begin to understand how the cover ups continue.

“We see noble motives and intentions brought low by hidden agendas, greed and power games, coupled with buck-passing of a refined order. We get to see how our elected politicians can blithely wipe out government from one committee to another each making amendments until sensible proposals are made unworkable.”

Wally has also written other books, which are worth searching for as well.


[1] 2014 Nov 9 Cathy Fox. Wally Harbert Child Protection in a Hostile Environment by Wally Harbert

[2] Bent Twigs 2005 by Wally Harbert ISBN 1-904986-15-3

[42] Twenty Two Faces by Judy Byington Inside the extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two Multiple Personalities [7]  ISBN 978 1 62024 032 8

This is the story of how a young girl survives not only being abused by her father, but she is also the victim of ritualistic satanic sexual abuse and mind control by the Greenbaum technique. This technique involves traumatic dissociation of the mind into alters Alpha, beta, delta, gamma, theta and omega, determined by the wavelength inside the brain, when the alter was conceived. [1] [2]


His three Rules of brainwashing were: silent communication is everything, produce unmitigated fear and authority over subject, and create exquisite pain. He also used red lights, drugs often Demerol (probably pethidine in UK), wires on the head to measure brain waves, Latin words and reverse speech, and his theories revolved around a reverse Kabala.

It is systematically torturing and terrorising children until they are forced to disassociate. Programming starts in simple form at age 2 and gets into high gear at aged 6.

DSC01480The research showed that during World War 2 the US Government had  searched for covert ways to take charge of human behaviour. After the war they brought to the US a 17 year old Jewish turncoat called Greenbaum and used his skills to tutor agents connected to Operation Paperclip to cult worshippers across the country.

Jenny had a family of 14 alters to deal with her fathers abuse, another family of one started when she was gang raped and another family of 7 to deal with the ritual abuse. JJ the head alter of her family, who took on the sexual abuse of the father became a sex addict and protected the religeous alter Virginia.

The ritual abusers and her parents were all members of the Latter Day Saints Church. However the Latter Day Saints were not alone.

It was found that there were reports of ritual abuse from California to Massachusetts and Idaho to Texas and everywhere in between, as well as Canada and Mexico. In the 1980s several clinics opened for multiples eg Dr Colin A Ross, who wrote the Forward for this book, had clinics in Texas, Michegan and California. 1980 saw the publication of groundbreaking book Michelle Remembers which publicised the satanic philosophy underlying the ritual abuse of children.

Some prosecutions took place eg 1988 Zion Society Case of Ogden Utah, led by Arvin Shreeve with 150 abusers but some took longer. 24 years later in 2004 Rev Gerald Robinson Roman Catholic from Diocese of Toledo was convicted of ritualised killing of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl.

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests [6] SNAP was formed, and the International Society for Study of Trauma and Dissociation [5] ISSTD held first conference in 1984, and has now expanded to European and global conferences.

Jenny watched the sacrifice of another child, strapped like her 6 year old self, naked and upside down to a cross. The other child, screaming was silenced with two thrusts of the High Priests sword. This child Jenny much later identified as Kathleen Shea, but when it came to her own turn to be sacrificed, there was an ethereal light from the east wall, the High Priest was pinned to the ground by it and she survived.

Jenny describes the sacrifice in this video

Jenny had always been religeous in one alter (Virginia) and she had been promised God to keep a journal, which was done in different writing by the different alters. It was largely from this that the book was put together.


Jenny was kept in a psychiatric hospital as a patient when she went for a job, and it was then she began to realise that she was a multiple and began to heal her spirit.

At the time of the ritual sacrifice, naked and upside down on the cross, Jenny did not even know that her mother and father were on each side of her. Jenny also found that her own mother wore the mark of Cain, which wearers feel absolves them of blame for what they do.

The book is rivetting. We mostly judge other peoples by our own parameters, by comparison with what we would do ourselves. With psychopaths and the type of person that is prepared to torture and sacrifice their own child, the veil must lift, we must suspend our disbelief. This can and does go on and it is often the ruling ill-ite that condones, encourages and participates in it.

Finally, in this book it confirmed what Cathy O’Briens book said, that it is useful for victims of trauma to write their experinces down, which uses the more logical and less emotional side of our brain, so the information can be assimilated with less emotional reaction.

It also interestingly states the alters changed eye colour and it is thought that when explicit thinking patterns were in charge, light waves of particular lengths were thought to stimulate the optical nerve, changing the hue of her eye colour. The Old Man (the Greenbaum operative) had black irises when the malevolent alter was in charge. This gives more meaning now to Christopher Storys accounts of Margaret Thatchers eyes which he said were sometimes black after the Falklands War.

For more child abuse book descriptions see [10] Cathy Fox Books about child abuse category and Cathy Fox Books about child abuse2 [11]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.


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[3] Video of some of Jennys testimony

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[7] Twenty Two Faces by Judy Byington Inside the extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two Multiple Personalities ISBN 978 1 62024 032 8

[10] Cathy Fox Books about child abuse category

[11] Cathy Fox Books about child abuse2

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

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[41] 2013 If only I had told by Esther W. The shocking true story from the girl at the heart of Orkneys Satanic Ring ISBN 978 0091 950 156 [1]

If only Esther had told everyone that the person who raped her was Adrian Batty, her teacher, and not her brothers as Orkney Social Work Department suspected, then the Orkney Satanic Ring would never have thought to have existed.

But she could not. She had been raped, beaten and threatened to say nothing by her father, Eric Nicholas Black throughout childhood until he was locked up a couple of years earlier. Adrian her abuser, a teacher at the special Oakhill School chosen so that she could catch up on her education, had access to her records. He misused them, invoked her father, abused her and so she just she could not tell anyone who it was, she just couldn’t.


Things gradually got out more and more out of control. Mona Drone, her familys social worker, wanted to implicate Esthers brothers in incestual rape.  Illegally, without any evidence, her brothers and sisters were taken away from her mother and she was sent to the prison like Crouchend Alley near Inverness, where it was about survival not education, and where she was introduced to drugs.

With no evidence the children including Esther were eventually returned to their mother but still under a supervision order, which meant a panel under Judith Hope, employed directly by the Secretary of State, reviews them. The family were congratulated on how far they had come since the abusive father was jailed.  Mona Drone however said the abused become the abuser and vowed to find evidence.

A week after the panel, Judith Hope had been sacked. All the children were then taken away fron the mother again, less than a year since the previous time. Another panel is set 2 weeks later, but the whole panel has changed with a Gill Grubb heading it, who appears to be on the side of Orkney Social Work Department and against the family.

Renee Stubbs a woman contracted to take disclosure statements from her 14 brothers and sisters asks ludicrously leading statements, which even then were refuted, except crucially by Esthers psychotically ill sister.

2 and 2 are then added up to be 22 and a satanic ring was suspected. A further 4 families have 9 children taken away. These families get their children back a few weeks later, when a proof panel under Sherriff Kellbie is extemely critical of the Social Work Department. Keith Pratt the head eventually gives in and lets the children back with their families.

However it does not end there and there is eventually an Inquiry led by Lord Clyde, which did not even include Esthers family.

The department does all it can to prevent the reunion of the W family and two children are adopted permanently by another family.

When Esther had a child, she turned against her mother for not protecting her from her father. She sought therapy for post natal depression and it was this, in only a few sessions with her therapist Bea,  and was able to face the abuse and understand who was really to blame and not herself or her mother, who was also suffering with her 15 children and abusive husband.

Questions she still continues to search for answers to, are:

1. Why was my sister Bella’s testimony allowed to stand following her psychiatric assessment?

2. Why were no allegations of sibling abuse ever tried in a legal court?

3. Did the Orkney Social Work Department lie about my family, conceal evidence, and when their backs were against the wall, did they steal evidence? If so why?

4. Did the Council and the Social Work Department make life so difficult for Judith Hope after her reinstatement? Why wouldn’t they let her do her job?

5. What did Orkney Social Work Department have to gain, or more importantly to lose, by behving the way they did?

6. Why didn’t the remit of the Inquiry into satanic abuse cover my family?

7. Why weren’t experts who would have been able to advice the Orkney Inquiry on my family’s plight given a voice at the inquiry?

8. Why did the social work system keep my siblings in care for so long.

9. How did Orkney Social Work Department get away with having my two youngest sisters adopted.

10. Why have my family never received an apology for all the needless anguish and suffering we have all been through?

When Esther was pregnant she wished there was a place where she could go for advice so she has set one up. [2] and a facebook page [3]

More than this she is an incredibly talented artist and she has a webpage [4] where she now sells her stunning art work. Unfortunately out of my pricebracket but check it out.

After running away from her name and background for most of her life, she is now confident enough to what is presumably her real name and her book was published last year. I thoroughly recommend it [1]

As for the names I have used, they are the names written in the book, of which some may be pseudonyms I do not know.

Although this allegation of ritual satanic abuse turnes out to be false, make no mistake satanic ritual abuse is real and widespread. In addition to Esthers questions I ask:

Was part of the agenda to discredit this case so that ritual satanic abuse was discredited?

Esther Willsher is a tremendous inspiration to others, I urge you to read her book and check her websites


[1] 2013 If only I had told by Esther W. The shocking true story from the girl at the heart of Orkneys Satanic Ring ISBN 978 0091 950 156

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[3] Survivor Mum facbook page

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[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

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[40] Empty Cradles Margaret Humphreys 1994 Doubleday ISBN 978 0552165327

This is possibly the most moving book of all I have read. It is certainly the one at which I cried the most – about 20 times during reading the book.

It is the story of how Margaret, a social worker for Nottinghamshire County Council  gradually discovers the unpalatable truth that the British Government and childrens charities trafficked children as young as 4 to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Rhodesia.

It was part of a deliberate policy to rid Britain of the problem of full childrens homes,  paying for their upbringing as well as having the “benefit” of populating the Empire with young white blood. These children were transported as orphans, often with names and dates of birth altered so that their parents, who had often not agreed or even known about the theft of their children, would not be able to contact them and vice versa.

If you think that is stark, then add to the mix some emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Then top it off with lies and cover up by institutions and government. Many aspects will be familiar to those who know about Britain’s child sexual abuse and forced adopted and secret courts of today.

empty cradle

Margaret and her small team at the Child Migrants Trust battle against time and overwhelming odds to reunite these children with their families. Many children felt there were nobody and belonged to nobody. They did not know they even had any family. Each man and woman has their story of the little girl and boy betrayed. How would we have coped?

An inspiring book despite the sadness- bravery and courage and determination of migrants and the self effacing Margaret Humphreys. How could it be allowed to happen? Read it and weep.


[1] Child Migrants Trust website

[2] Empty Cradles Book Empty Cradles Margaret Humphreys 1994 Doubleday ISBN 978 0552165327. Reissued 2011 as Oranges and Sunshine 17 March 2011 Corgi 978-0552163354


[39] Alan Clark Diaries In Power 1983-1992 ISBN 1 85799 142 7

Italics are not used for emphasis they are used to distinguish my comments.

This post is also available as a separate post [2]

Clark married his wife Jane when she was 16 he was 31.[1] He has also been accused by Valerie, mother of the ‘coven’ , covered in Max Cliffords book of  “exposing himself to her daughters and one their friends.”  Clark denied it but later quietly told her he had to deny it as it was virtually a criminal offence’. [38]

14th June 1983

When Alan Clark was made a junior minister Sir Robert Armstrong Head of Civil Service wanted to see him.

‘There are certain matters that the Prime Minister has asked me to raise with you”

….”There are also certain matters of personal conduct…”

I glared at him. We were on the orange file now.  ..”which could possibly leave you open to blackmail”


No no. Perfectly all right. They’ve all married into grand Scottish families by now.


10 Jan 1984

At dinner the other night Peter [Morrison], who is a workaholic (not so difficult if you’re an unhappy bachelor living on whisky) showed Ian [Gow] and me with great pride, his diary card for the day following.

Ian Gow was a good friend of Alans and there is much about him in the diaries. This entry is in for Clarks opinion on [paedophile] Peter Morrison.


Friday 24 Jan 1986.

On Wednesday the pressure mounted all day long for the Prime Minister to make a statement on the Purloined Letter accompanied by -source?- tales that Leon Brittan ‘wouldn’t go quietly’

The story became current that she [Thatcher] was tied until, in her statement, she could announce that she had accepted Leon Brittan’s resignation. The unhappy fall guy.

(Purloined letter was a letter from the Attorney General to Michael Heseltine rebuking him for breaking the ministerial convention, which had been leaked to the press (as it subsequently turned out) by the Press Office at the Dept of Trade and Industry, where Leon Brittan had been Trade and Industry Secretary since 1985)

This was over Westland Helicopters for which 2 conflicting recommendations by Michael Heseltine in MOD, and Leon Brittan in Dept of Trade and Industry were given.

The scapegoat was duly tarred and Leon Brittan resigned.

This is obviously not the same story often touted that Leon Brittan had to go to Europe due to his paedophilia. I dont know enough about this episode, can anyone enlighten me? Was this tarring by MI5? What was the information that Paul Foot got to change his mind on Brittan. Where did that information come from? Was it around this time? Was it a double bluff? I know no more details on the purloined letter.

Sat 27 Sept

I cant even urinate if someone else comes in the gents, which I seem to remember is such a bad sign that, if admitted, it could get you a discharge from the army as being a moral danger to your brothers in arms.

Perhaps its something to do with Eton?

But I don’t in the least mind letting girls see my penis. I suppose it is because I fear – for quire extraneous physical reasons- becoming lightly or indeed heavily tumescent and attracting the attention of older men, either whose curiosity or disapproval being equally unwelcome.

Issues with homosexuality

Wed 27 April 1988

Interestingly, David [Young] said that Norman [Tebbit] was behind all the stories and leaks about Peter Morrison- ‘whose career is now at an end’.

17 October 1988

Re Count Boroneos at Elba in 1966. I succumbed to a sentimental fantasy of carnal desire for their young daughter.


11 Jun 1990

At Ian Gilmours  party ” We brought Ian and Caroline a tiny present. Their parties are so congenial -pretty girls, children in party clothes excitedly running hither and thither, bishops, Whig heavies, clever journalists, Refuses- and I never write a bread and butter letter.”

May be totally innocent

13 Sept 1990

I recommended against having a FCO presence. Waldegrave wants to sit on the platform. “At least make sure he doesn’t bring a child”. Smirks only. Officials aren’t meant to laugh.

Hopefully this is an innocent joke about Waldegraves own children perhaps?

6 Jan 1991

David Davis also impressed. The concept of having clever tough, congenial people in the whips office is relatively new. In former times they were just fieldsports enthusiasts whose last and only fulfilment period had been bullying (and in some cases buggering) lower boys at Eton.

I think Clark was at Eton 1942-1946.


[1] Wikipedia

[2] Cathy Fox Alan  Clark Diaries In Power 1983-1992  [38] Separate Post

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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[38] Max Clifford Read All About it. Max Clifford and Angela Levin ISBN 1 85227 237 6 for hardback

This book is written partly by Max and partly by cowriter Angela Levin.  Sorry if not clear which comments are mine and not hers.

Max can get angry. This is said many times. His own PR is a bit cheesy- “from a young age I would help old ladies across the road”.

Max invented a character who contacts ambitious women who have been in touch with him and then says he does not like Max and asks them to spy on him. “None of the women have realise its me on the other end of the phone”. Apart from the ones who mentioned it in Court Max!

On women “Well rounded boobs often means a well rounded personality”.!

Max also gave Gave alibis to stars – “I could instantly make something up believable to get them off the hook” . ie Max is a practised liar.


On  Kenneth Clarke p123 “a female teacher at a private school came to me with a story about Clarke when he was a senior cabinet minister” . Max didn’t like her so he checked her out and stopped the story when he found skeletons in her cupboard. What was Kenneth Clarkes skeleton?

Alan Clark’s coven p146.  The mother Valerie had had an affair with Clark for 14 years. He had also seduced her daughters Josephine and Alison. Josephine claimed Clark exposed himself by showing his erect penis to her and Alison when he collected them from school in his car. She also said he rubbed himself up against them throughout their teenage years.

The mother said Clark had a one night stand with Josephine (she was 23) when he knew she had drink and drug problems. When she accused him of exposing himself to her daughters and one of their friends Clark denied it but later quietly told her he had to deny it as it was virtually a criminal offence.  I think the word “virtually” is not needed in that last sentence.

Michael Barrymore p149. At the inquest of Stuart Lubbock who died in Michael Barrymores swimming pool, Michael said he couldn’t swim. But in his wife Cheryls book “Catch a Fallen Star” published in 2002 she said he had learnt to swim when they bought a house in Royden. But Barrymore escaped all charges in the end. Cheryl also alleged in her book that Barrymore had drugged her on 3 occasions, went on hideous sexual expeditions with young men and was often violent and once nearly killed her.

On Mandelson “There is an important part for someone like Mandelson in politics. Someone who flits in and out of the shadows and will be all things to all people to find out what is going on. “”There have been comments that there was a sexual frisson between Blair and Mandelson. But I think it was more like a case of two people who are not natural bedfelows using each other and finding how it works for both of them. ”

“I don’t know why Tony Blair let him stay in his inner circle for so long and kept bringing him back, firstly after he took out a secret loan to buy a house and then after misconduct over passport applications. I can only assume he has some embarrassing information or a lot of political talent.  But I wouldn’t trust him.”

Gary Glitter p166.  Max is particularly proud of his hard work behind the scenes to expose paedophile Gary Glitter. “I had heard about him abusing young girls for many years but no one could get sufficient proof to pin him down. Then in the late 90s I was approached on behalf of  a young girl who alleged she had been abused by Glitter and who would talk in order to encourage other child abuse victims not to remain silent.”

Max sold the story to News of the World for £10,000. The police did not follow it up. It was only when Glitter took his computer to be mended that 4,000 horrific images were found on his computer of young children as young as 2. His trial was in 1999. The girl told how Glitter then 35 had ingratiated himself with her parents. He then had sex with her from aged 14.

The jury rejected her claims partly because she sold her story but he was jailed for 4 months for the child pornography. Max punched the air in triumph. It meant Glitter was known for the vile sick person he is and that wherever he went parents would watch out for him.

The thing about this story from Max is that his part in the story enriched him and the girl, but meant that the Glitter got off with any charges of paedophilia, and only got done for pornography.  But Max still wants to take the credit.

Jonathan King. p167. It was only after Glitter that one of Kings victims, Kirk McIntrye, found courage to go to the police. “As in the Glitter case Max knew that Jonathan King was a paedophile long before he was arrested.” “Two of his victims came to me several years before he was caught. They could confide in me but they couldn’t face talking publicly. I passed their names to the police. Nothing happened. It was only much later after the court case that I brought the stories out in the press”.

The above makes me wonder if Max supressed the story until after it was inevitable and then cashed in. How many others did Max know were paedophiles and he remained quiet.

A victim came forward to the police about one of Kings friends and the investigation implicated King. King protested his innocence on TV and 22 more people came forward.

He was convicted of 6 offences of indecently assaulting boys aged between 14 and 16 during the 1980s and sentenced to 7 years, put on the sex offenders register and banned from working with children. King was released end of March 2005 and blamed Max for his trial by media.

The next Max quote is classic, and describes not only them but Max knows about this, because he himself is of the same character..

“King and Glitter are typical paedophiles, manipulative and arrogant. Their arrogance is necessary for them to squash their guilty  conscience. And they need to be manipulative to undermine their victims. The only difference between them and other paedophiles is that they like the spotlight whereas most prefer to stay hidden away.”

Max also helped paedophile victim Shy Keenan who had been sexually abused throughout her childhood by her stepfather. Max thought up a media plan. BBC Newsnight made a documentary called “A Family Affair” broadcast in Nov 2000. As a result he and other paedophiles were given hefty jail sentences.

Max says “despite the tightening of the law relating to paedophiles it remains very difficult to get victims to testify.  Many paedophiles are rich and powerful which sometimes wrongly helps them get away with it” . Very interesting Max, tell us more. The police should be interviewing him about that allegation.

In Feb 2001 a young man who worked for Sophie, Countess of Wessex and her company RJH told Max that her business partner, Murray Harkin, was involved in cocaine and rent boys. Max put him in touch with News of the World and Mazher Mahmood did a fake sheik sting on her.

However despite Max saying “I hated the fact that Harkin was offering clients young boys and sex tours to Asia” this aspect of the story seems to have been lost, and was not apparent from the Fake Sheiks book, description below.

Piers Morgan says ” I left things out of the paper all the time for him. We would have a B grade scandal and Max would have something else up his sleeve, so if he wanted to suppress a story and publish the other..there was no problem”. “He understood as I did that the whole thing was a game. I didn’t have any moral problems about saving one neck to hang another.”

“It has meant that Max has brilliantly bought a lifetimes “Get out of jail free” card. Newspapers won’t turn him over because why would they bite the hand that feeds them. Why kill your golden goose. Max is an honourable rogue. ” Not quite right Pinocchio Peers, but then again you never admitted to phone hacking but your paper just has, so you might be joining Max inside.

Simon Cowell. Before going on Pop Idol to be a judge, I went to Max. I’d seen what happens to people particularly like me if you have lived a raunchy life in your 20s and 30s that could spark off a lot of kiss and tell stories. I had gone to this fancy dress party and put my arms round my brother as for the picture. My mother gave the journalist the picture. I immediately saw the insinuation, particularly as there had been several untrue stories about  me being gay.

Sharon Osborne launched a prolonged 4 week attack on Simon. She said that he was after young girls, a secret transvestite, a pervert. Max said ignore it. He was right.

Liz, his wife got cancer. Max felt incredibly angry but forced myself not to complain or say Why me?  Max it wasn’t you it was your wife.

Simon, you doth protest too much. I don’t give a damn but I think you are gay. You could not crack America due to homophobia, so you go to great lengths to deny your gayness. Did you have a child because you knew Max, your practised liar, may be otherwise engaged? Anyhow that is beside the point.  You can make up your own mind if you watch the video when Max meets Louis Theroux where Simon Callow features strongly.

Max was also involved in Phoenix survivors – a web based support group set up by and for victims of sexual abuse. Also he was Governor of Rydens School for a bit.

When Louis met Max Clifford [38]

[38] When Louis met Max Clifford

[37] Confessions of a Fake Sheik 2008 Mazher Mahmood Harper Collins 2008 ISBN 13 978 0 00 728809 0 Hardback

Mazher Mahmood is currently under suspension from the Sun after a Judge suggested he has perjured himself. So any information in his book may be suspect.

I thought there would be more of his actions against child abuse, as he trumpets them widely. Despite boasting about years of infilitrating paedophile groups all over the world, there is nothing written about them. However most of the book is celebrity related, stories about small quantities of drugs, sex or just gossip.

There is one chapter, chapter 9 on child abuse.

A couple of Bulgarians mothers selling their children for £8000 when their wage is about £360 euros a year – Mazher often goes for the soft target.

Rosemary and Valvona Iredale [p109] in 1993 owned a 27 bed hostel in Huddersfield and had vulnerable children in their care, and sexually abused those children and filmed themselves doing so.  They were convicted on 4 July 1993.

Clifford Davies lived in Little Horton, West Yorkshire. He sold his own daughter and her friend for sex. John John Cockroft jailed him for a year for taking indecent photographs. Mazher rescued the children.

Tom O’Carroll on naturist camp beach in Barjac  South of France. Also there was former teacher Simon St Clair Terry, paedophile from Canterbury. O’Carroll was arrested

2004 Clair Kent, glamour model from Essex, selling her 13 year old daughters virginity. Arrested by Scotland yards Child Abuse Investigations Command. Kent pleaded guilty at Snaresbrook Court to “arranging or facilitating a child sex offence”.

I have not checked out these claims yet.

[36] Access Denied. For reasons of national security. Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips. ISBN 9 780966 016536

Another mindblowing book from Cathy O’Brien about mind control [see description below of previous book Trance Formation of America]. This time book is written for the reader instead of adapted from material for the authorities. Cathy had been used by the CIA as part of their mind control programme on multigenerational child abuse victims. They used her as a sex slave to George Bush Senior, Reagan and Cheney as well as messenger for secret messages in  deals such as the arms to Iraq scandal.

Dissociative Identity Disorder can be caused by horrific experiences, especially when young and victims may have no idea they are dissociating. I certainly learnt a great deal from this book. I would recommend it. However the most important lesson from the book, if true is the following.

When talking to a group of therapists Mark (who deprogrammed Cathy and helped her heal from the most extreme abuse imaginable) was asked “We know mind control is the primary weapon system for ushering in the New World Order. How can we treat the survivors filling our offices?”

Mark, who deprogrammed Cathy said. “Its not what is remembered that is important, it’s how it is remembered that counts. Content is irrelevant until after a survivor heals. Then it is up to them to choose what to do with their knowledge. Your job is simple. You don’t have to be an investigator, a lawyer, a judge or a jury. All you need to do is provide them with the tools of healing and help them deal with reality along the way. “

“it can be [horrible] if dealt with emotionally, if it is dealt with logically, then the emotionally incomprehensible becomes comprehensible and healing occurs. Reality becomes easy to deal with. Encourage your clients to write out their memory. The very act of moving the pen requires the logic of the the brain, shifting compartmentalised memory over to logic as it is written out. This way a victim need not suffer abreaction by reliving their experience and re-traumatising themselves. “

If this is indeed true then victims should write their experience down, and not talk about it at first. Then the different side of the brain deals with it and the recovery is made easier and with less emotion attached. [13]

[35] In Plain Sight The Life and Lies of Jimmy Savile 2014 Dan Davies Hardback ISBN 978 1 78206 743 6 , paperback and ebook different isbn

Probably the definitive book about Jimmy Savile at the moment. Dan had the sense of something menacing about Savile since he had excitedly attended the filming of a Jim’ll Fix It in 1980 and left disturbed.  Some years later he accidentally saw Saviles autobiography “As it Happens” which set the spark for Dan to collect odd Savile pronouncements.

Then in 2004 Dan was working for magazine “Jack” in Scarborough and so began the first of his many interviews with Savile until a few months before he died.


The book follows Saviles life of child abuse and also explains the events leading to the BBC documentary being pulled, then ITV doing the programme with Mark Williams -Thomas.

It takes you through the times Savile was nearly exposed, the knighthood which Thatcher had been pressing for for years, Saviles strategy to avoid detection. The book explains his relationship with the royals, the various hospitals, his relationship with the paedophile Jaconelli in Scarborough and it follows him after his death to the cover up Police Forces and with North Yorkshire Police farce claiming that there was no North Yorkshire connection  to Savile and the latest on the exposure of the cover up by Tim Hicks and Nigel Ward of Real Whitby and now North Yorkshire Enquirer.

Savile was worth £7.8 million when he died. £4.3M in bank accounts, £2.5M in property an further £1M in assets. He placed  £600,000 in a trust for 6 people and the rest was to go to the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust. This saga is still ongoing with lawyers and Nat West accused of taking too much money, but that is another story not in the book. [12]

If you want to know about Savile, quite simply this is the best to try and understand him. Thank you Dan Davies.

[34] Heartless Too An Autobiography by Janella 2014 ISBN 978 0 9554533 1 1

[For an update on this post please see [3] ]

Heartless [see a previous review] is now substantially revised and updated to 2014.  I particularly admired Janella for typing, printing and binding the previous ones herself, but this one is much more professional, expanded and reworded. Janella never shows herself feeling sorry for herself, despite the sexual abuse and 34 years of institutions.


She is able to give a rare insight into this hidden aspect of her life in mostly special hospitals, Broadmoor and Rampton. The story is fascinating although at times disturbing but always moves at fast pace and is difficult to put down.

Janella was one of the very first people to bravely write in 1998 about Jimmy Saviles proclivities and ha previously told reporters. However since the bullying paedophile with his network of enablers has died, she is now free to mention her own sexual assault by him directly. Once he brought his mother and even Rolf Harris.

Her story shows how particularly hard it is to survive when immediately released.

First abused by her father the MP, Ralph Bonner Pink 1912-1984, Janella strongly  suspects her adoptive parents, mother Marguerite (Rita) Nora Banner Pink nee Martin and father manipulated her sexual abuse as well as definitely her incarceration in institutions.  Ralph attended Oundle School,  He was Conservative MP for Portsmouth South from the sixties to the eighties.  Janella knows paedophiles Freddie Emery Wallis (convicted), Peter Prosser who was never caught and is suspicious of Sir Joslyn Lucas as well as an unnamed MP who has ben accused of child abuse in 2014 who she knew in 1966.

Jannella has now changed gender, but there is almost nothing in the book on this, as rightly Steven decides that his gender change does not define him. Steven I salute you.


[1] cathy fox Books on child abuse 1

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[3] Heartless and Heartless Too

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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