Max Clifford. Read All About It by Max Clifford and Angela Levin

This post is from my descriptions of Books on Child Abuse, some of which highlight parts of some books relevant to a better understanding of various people  in terms of child abuse. Some more are here [1]

[38] Max Clifford Read All About it by Max Clifford and Angela Levin 2005 ISBN 1 85227 237 6 for hardback This book is written partly by Max and partly by cowriter Angela Levin.  Sorry if it is not clear which comments are mine and not hers.

Max can get angry. This is said many times. His own PR is a bit cheesy- “from a young age I would help old ladies across the road”.

Max invented a character who contacts ambitious women who have been in touch with him and then says he does not like Max and asks them to spy on him. “None of the women have realise its me on the other end of the phone”. Apart from the ones who mentioned it in Court Max!

On women “Well rounded boobs often means a well rounded personality”.!

Max also gave alibis to stars – “I could instantly make something up believable to get them off the hook” . ie Max is a practised liar. Max-Clifford On  Kenneth Clarke p123 “a female teacher at a private school came to me with a story about Clarke when he was a senior cabinet minister” . Max didn’t like her so he checked her out and stopped the story when he found skeletons in her cupboard. What was Kenneth Clarkes skeleton?

On Alan Clark’s coven p146.  The mother Valerie had had an affair with Clark for 14 years. He had also seduced her daughters Josephine and Alison. Josephine claimed Clark exposed himself by showing his erect penis to her and Alison when he collected them from school in his car. She also said he rubbed himself up against them throughout their teenage years. The mother said Clark had a one night stand with Josephine (she was 23) when he knew she had drink and drug problems. When she accused him of exposing himself to her daughters and one of their friends Clark denied it but later quietly told her he had to deny it as it was virtually a criminal offence.  I think the word “virtually” is not needed in that last sentence.

Michael Barrymore p149. At the inquest of Stuart Lubbock who died in Michael Barrymores swimming pool, Michael said he couldn’t swim. But in his wife Cheryls book “Catch a Fallen Star” published in 2002 she said he had learnt to swim when they bought a house in Royden. But Barrymore escaped all charges in the end. Cheryl also alleged in her book that Barrymore had drugged her on 3 occasions, went on hideous sexual expeditions with young men and was often violent and once nearly killed her.

On Mandelson “There is an important part for someone like Mandelson in politics. Someone who flits in and out of the shadows and will be all things to all people to find out what is going on. “”There have been comments that there was a sexual frisson between Blair and Mandelson. But I think it was more like a case of two people who are not natural bedfelows using each other and finding how it works for both of them. “ “I don’t know why Tony Blair let him stay in his inner circle for so long and kept bringing him back, firstly after he took out a secret loan to buy a house and then after misconduct over passport applications. I can only assume he has some embarrassing information or a lot of political talent.  But I wouldn’t trust him.”

Gary Glitter p166.  Max is particularly proud of his hard work behind the scenes to expose paedophile Gary Glitter. “I had heard about him abusing young girls for many years but no one could get sufficient proof to pin him down. Then in the late 90s I was approached on behalf of  a young girl who alleged she had been abused by Glitter and who would talk in order to encourage other child abuse victims not to remain silent.”

Max sold the story to News of the World for £10,000. The police did not follow it up. It was only when Glitter took his computer to be mended that 4,000 horrific images were found on his computer of young children as young as 2. His trial was in 1999. The girl told how Glitter then 35 had ingratiated himself with her parents. He then had sex with her from aged 14.

The jury rejected her claims partly because she sold her story but he was jailed for 4 months for the child pornography. Max punched the air in triumph. It meant Glitter was known for the vile sick person he is and that wherever he went parents would watch out for him.

The thing about this story from Max is that his part in the story enriched him and the girl, but meant that the Glitter got off with any charges of paedophilia, and only got done for pornography.  But Max still wants to take the credit.

Jonathan King. p167. It was only after Glitter that one of Kings victims, Kirk McIntrye, found courage to go to the police. “As in the Glitter case Max knew that Jonathan King was a paedophile long before he was arrested.” “Two of his victims came to me several years before he was caught. They could confide in me but they couldn’t face talking publicly.I passed their names to the police. Nothing happened. It was only much later after the court case that I brought the stories out in the press”.

The above makes me wonder if Max supressed the story until after it was inevitable and then cashed in. How many others did Max know were paedophiles and he remained quiet.

A victim came forward to the police about one of Kings friends and the investigation implicated King. King protested his innocence on TV and 22 more people came forward. He was convicted of 6 offences of indecently assaulting boys aged between 14 and 16 during the 1980s and sentenced to 7 years, put on the sex offenders register and banned from working with children. King was released end of March 2005 and blamed Max for his trial by media.

The next Max quote is classic, and describes not only them but Max knows about this, because he himself is of the same character.. “King and Glitter are typical paedophiles, manipulative and arrogant. Their arrogance is necessary for them to squash their guilty  conscience. And they need to be manipulative to undermine their victims.The only difference between them and other paedophiles is that they like the spotlight whereas most prefer to stay hidden away.”

Max also helped paedophile victim Shy Keenan who had been sexually abused throughout her childhood by her stepfather. Max thought up a media plan. BBC Newsnight made a documentary called “A Family Affair” broadcast in Nov 2000. As a result he and other paedophiles were given hefty jail sentences. Max says “despite the tightening of the law relating to paedophiles it remains very difficult to get victims to testify.

Many paedophiles are rich and powerful which sometimes wrongly helps them get away with it”. Very interesting Max, tell us more. The police should be interviewing him about that allegation.

In Feb 2001 a young man who worked for Sophie, Countess of Wessex and her company RJH told Max that her business partner, Murray Harkin, was involved in cocaine and rent boys. Max put him in touch with News of the World and Mazher Mahmood did a fake sheik sting on her. However despite Max saying “I hated the fact that Harkin was offering clients young boys and sex tours to Asia” this aspect of the story seems to have been lost, and was not apparent from the Fake Sheiks book, description below.

Piers Morgan says ” I left things out of the paper all the time for him. We would have a B grade scandal and Max would have something else up his sleeve, so if he wanted to suppress a story and publish the other..there was no problem”. “He understood as I did that the whole thing was a game. I didn’t have any moral problems about saving one neck to hang another.”

“It has meant that Max has brilliantly bought a lifetimes “Get out of jail free” card. Newspapers won’t turn him over because why would they bite the hand that feeds them. Why kill your golden goose. Max is an honourable rogue. ” Not quite right Pinocchio Peers, but then again you never admitted to phone hacking but your paper just has, so you might be joining Max inside.

Simon Cowell. “Before going on Pop Idol to be a judge, I went to Max. I’d seen what happens to people particularly like me if you have lived a raunchy life in your 20s and 30s that could spark off a lot of kiss and tell stories. I had gone to this fancy dress party and put my arms round my brother as for the picture. My mother gave the journalist the picture. I immediately saw the insinuation, particularly as there had been several untrue stories about  me being gay.”

Sharon Osborne launched a prolonged 4 week attack on Simon. She said that he was after young girls, a secret transvestite, a pervert. Max said ignore it. He was right.

Liz, his wife got cancer. Max felt incredibly angry but forced myself not to complain or say Why me?  Max it wasn’t you it was your wife.

Simon, you doth protest too much. I don’t give a damn but I think you are gay. You could not crack America due to homophobia, so you go to great lengths to deny your gayness. Did you have a child because you knew Max, your practised liar, may be otherwise engaged? Anyhow that is beside the point.  You can make up your own mind if you watch the video when Max meets Louis Theroux where Simon Cowell features strongly.

Max was also involved in Phoenix survivors – a web based support group set up by and for victims of sexual abuse. Also he was Governor of Rydens School for a bit and involved with the Royal Marsden Hospital.

When Louis met Max Clifford video [38]

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