Alan Clark Diaries In Power 1983-1992

This post is one of the many books I describe, parts of which may be useful for others to follow up. Other books are in Books on Child Abuse Part 2. [2]

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[39] Alan Clark Diaries In Power 1983-1992 ISBN 1 85799 142 7

Clark married his wife Jane when she was 16 he was 31.[1] He has also been accused by Valerie, mother of the ‘coven’ , covered in Max Cliffords book of  “exposing himself to her daughters and one their friends.”  Clark denied it but later quietly told her he had to deny it as it was virtually a criminal offence’. [38]

14th June 1983

When Alan Clark was made a junior minister Sir Robert Armstrong Head of Civil Service wanted to see him.

‘There are certain matters that the Prime Minister has asked me to raise with you”

….”There are also certain matters of personal conduct…”

I glared at him. We were on the orange file now.  ..”which could possibly leave you open to blackmail”


No no. Perfectly all right. They’ve all married into grand Scottish families by now.


10 Jan 1984

At dinner the other night Peter [Morrison], who is a workaholic (not so difficult if you’re an unhappy bachelor living on whisky) showed Ian [Gow] and me with great pride, his diary card for the day following.

Ian Gow was a good friend of Alans and there is much about him in the diaries. This entry is in for Clarks opinion on [paedophile] Peter Morrison.


Friday 24 Jan 1986.

On Wednesday the pressure mounted all day long for the Prime Minister to make a statement on the Purloined Letter accompanied by -source?- tales that Leon Brittan ‘wouldn’t go quietly’

The story became current that she [Thatcher] was tied until, in her statement, she could announce that she had accepted Leon Brittan’s resignation. The unhappy fall guy.

(Purloined letter was a letter from the Attorney General to Michael Heseltine rebuking him for breaking the ministerial convention, which had been leaked to the press (as it subsequently turned out) by the Press Office at the Dept of Trade and Industry, where Leon Brittan had been Trade and Industry Secretary since 1985)

This was over Westland Helicopters for which 2 conflicting recommendations by Michael Heseltine in MOD, and Leon Brittan in Dept of Trade and Industry were given.

The scapegoat was duly tarred and Leon Brittan resigned.

This is obviously not the same story often touted that Leon Brittan had to go to Europe due to his paedophilia. I dont know enough about this episode, can anyone enlighten me? Was this tarring by MI5? What was the information that Paul Foot got to change his mind on Brittan. Where did that information come from? Was it around this time? Was it a double bluff? I know no more details on the purloined letter.

Sat 27 Sept

I cant even urinate if someone else comes in the gents, which I seem to remember is such a bad sign that, if admitted, it could get you a discharge from the army as being a moral danger to your brothers in arms.

Perhaps its something to do with Eton?

But I don’t in the least mind letting girls see my penis. I suppose it is because I fear – for quire extraneous physical reasons- becoming lightly or indeed heavily tumescent and attracting the attention of older men, either whose curiosity or disapproval being equally unwelcome.

Issues with homosexuality

Wed 27 April 1988

Interestingly, David [Young] said that Norman [Tebbit] was behind all the stories and leaks about Peter Morrison- ‘whose career is now at an end’.

17 October 1988

Re Count Boroneos at Elba in 1966. I succumbed to a sentimental fantasy of carnal desire for their young daughter.


11 Jun 1990

At Ian Gilmours  party ” We brought Ian and Caroline a tiny present. Their parties are so congenial -pretty girls, children in party clothes excitedly running hither and thither, bishops, Whig heavies, clever journalists, Refuses- and I never write a bread and butter letter.”

May be totally innocent

13 Sept 1990

I recommended against having a FCO presence. Waldegrave wants to sit on the platform. “At least make sure he doesn’t bring a child”. Smirks only. Officials aren’t meant to laugh.

Hopefully this is an innocent joke about Waldegraves own children perhaps?

6 Jan 1991

David Davis also impressed. The concept of having clever tough, congenial people in the whips office is relatively new. In former times they were just fieldsports enthusiasts whose last and only fulfilment period had been bullying (and in some cases buggering) lower boys at Eton.

I think Clark was at Eton 1942-1946.


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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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