#ThePaedophileHunter Shames police and politicians

Stinson Hunter is a product of the care system. By his own admission he was a bad lad when he was younger. He does not want to talk about whether he was sexually abused, but being in “care” he saw things.


He catches paedophiles out with his small team who pretend to be young children of 11 to 13. He arranges to meet them.  Then he names and shames them on video on social media. Everything is given to the police.

He has received criticism, the police have asked him to stop what he does. The programme was on Channel 4 . The link is here [1] You decide.

The public response was amazing. #ThePaedophileHunter trended on twitter. His Kickstarter fundraising [2] was zooming up by the minute. An hour after the programme he had reached exceeded his target of £10, 000 from 880 donors to carry out further projects.

Why? Because he is doing something about paedophiles and is passionate about it.   The  political parties are not doing it. Why? Because the parties are riddled with paedophiles. The police are not doing enough – through incompetence, lack of resources, political interference, corruption, freemasonry and interference of Special Branch and MI5.

Why has little been done about Operation Spade? Even Essex Police Comissioner wants answers from the NCA and Essex Police. No one has any faith in the NCA to investigate themselves and give the public the facts. Why are paedophiles in power not arrested and charged? Why are the National Crime Agency not even remotely accountable to the public or the Freedom of Information? Why was Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) put in NCA?

Jim Gamble, head of CEOP is getting fed up. In the last 24 hours he has tweeted:

Jim Gamble @JimGamble_INEQE. In @NCA_UK child protection is a priority. In @CEOPUK it was THE priority. Balance has shifted 2far. #CEOP has 2few specialists resources

Jim Gamble @JimGamble_INEQE. Will Home Sec be called 2account for her 2010 decisions re @CEOPUK Broken promises 2invest & build on its previous success @CommonsHomeAffs

Jim Gamble @JimGamble_INEQE . Jst spoke 2 @BBCEssex re #Goldberg case blaming @CEOPUK is 2simplistic. They’re overstretched & under resourced. Neglected by @UKHomeOffice

Why do our public servants – the politicians and and police -hide the truth from the public?

Nottingham City and County Councils have announced that they are carrying out an inquiry.[4]  Even the Nottingham Police want one. But these three corporations are exactly the three authorities under whose care the children were abused and have been covering up. They are investigating themselves.

As for the sickening debacle of Theresa May choosing two wildly inappropriate chairs for the overarching child sexual abuse inquiry, which was announced nearly three months ago [5]. At least the first had the good grace to resign. The disgustingly contemptuous Fiona Woolf is sticking like poo to a shoe, and even a month after being appointed refuses even to deign to give a statement on her friend Leon Brittan, who not only is under suspicion of covering up child abuse networks when he was Home Secretary, but also is under accusation of rape from a woman AND accusations of being a serial paedophile, AND has a legal action being taken against him in that sphere.

The centre of this particular paedophilic cover up is of course the Home Office. They funded the Paedophile Information Exchange, which was even partly run from there.  They will feature heavily in any overarching child abuse inquiry, are under an inquiry as to the cover up of several dossiers of a parliamentary paedophilic network, they are under a review of a review of the PIE funding. BUT who chooses the Inquiry chairs and members? The Home Secretary of the Home Office.

Theresa May, please think of what harm you are doing to the victims of child abuse. But you obviously do not care, otherwise you would not act as you have. Your lack of compassion revolts me but no longer surprises me. Your political agenda dominates. Greed for power. I believe that the political agenda is driven by blackmail. Many people are in “democratic” power precisely because they are paedophiles, who are easy to blackmail by the people in real power-  the bankers, the corporations and the even more shady. The time for your ilk in power is coming to an end.

ps. May and Clegg are now spitting their dummies out at each other over child abuse and the failure of the NCA [6].  Oh do grow up and do something on child sexual abuse or resign.


[1] Stinson Hunter The Paedophile Hunter http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-paedophile-hunter/4od#3765848

[2] Stinson Hunters Kickstarter crowdfunding project. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stinsonhunter/project-1

[3] 2104 Oct 1 Police Oracle Ian Weinfass. Police and crime commissioner says questions must be asked of both the NCA and Essex Police.http://www.policeoracle.com/news/Investigation/2014/Oct/01/Child-abuse-deputy-head-More-questions-over-CEOP_85676.html

[4] 2014 Sept 31 Hucknall Dispatch Andy Done-Johnson Council orders child abuse review http://www.hucknalldispatch.co.uk/news/local/council-orders-child-abuse-review-1-6869677

[5] 2014 July 7 Telegraph video http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10951506/Theresa-May-launches-major-new-inquiry-into-child-sex-abuse-allegations.html

[6] 2014 Oct 2 Independent Nick Clegg accuses Theresa May of peddling ‘false and outrageous’ slurs about Lib Dems http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/nick-clegg-accuses-theresa-may-of-peddling-false-and-outrageous-slurs-about-lib-dems-9769565.html

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8 Responses to #ThePaedophileHunter Shames police and politicians

  1. pippakin says:

    Reblogged this on Thinking Out Loud and commented:
    Very well said! I agree with everything except perhaps a question mark over Fiona Woolf. I agree she’s not the best choice but I can’t think of a lawyer who would be. I think it will be almost impossible to find a lawyer who doesn’t know Leon Brittan and that includes Michael Mansfield. The friendship appears to be based on living in the same street and a small (ish) donation to a charity.

    In London its entirely possible to have neighbours and not even know their names. Surely the question of any chairman is can they be independent of all of them? I’m not sure she can either but the Terms of Reference if done properly should give lawyers acting on behalf of victims the right to call and question those accused.

    Again: a great post a rare opinion piece from you.


  2. cathyfox says:

    Thanks Pippakin, the inquiry does not have to have a lawyer as chair. Indeed this may be part of the problem with inquiries. There is also Michael Mansfield.


    • http://www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com The silent witnesses here lies the truth. It is about time that people woke up to what has been happening to our children since time began but the world has always thought British children are safe I am sure via the recent case of Ashya King the little boy with cancer whose parents were sent to prison and now the world knows of the child abuse and that parents in the UK have NO RIGHTS, we have a help line and beleive me I hear what is going on with the British children in care who are a multibillion pound industry creating millions of pounds and Euros with many sold to the Paedophiles please see the research on the web of children screaming to be heard.


    • pippakin says:

      Sorry I’ve only now seen your reply. The chair doesn’t need to be a lawyer but lawyers invariably are chosen I agree this might be part of the problem Michael Mansfield has an excellent record but he is establishment.


      • The only honest Barrister we know and recommend is Michael Bailey from Tanfield Chambers he has been in the legal world for more then 20 years and again he is not a Barrister after money only, I know he has helped so many people and apart from Mr Bailey there is one honest lawyer Claire Rogers amazing women again not for money so yes their are some good ones out there.


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