Proposed Claim for Judicial Review of CSA Inquiry panel and Fiona Woolf

Brave anti Child Abuse Campaigner @IanMcFadyen1966 ‘s reply regarding Judicial Review of Overarching Inquiry


ian mc                                                                Ian McFadyen

Other Links for Ian McFadyen

[1] 2014 Mar 20 Edinburgh Edinburgh Evening News From public schoolboy to begging on the streets

[2] 2013 Dec 20 Daily Mail Paul Bracchi Cover-up that let the head of Nick Clegg’s prep school get away with abusing boys for decades

[3] 2014 Feb 13 LBC radio Clegg’s Old School Friend Gives Heartbreaking Account Of Abuse

[4] 2014 Feb 13 Telegraph (perhaps a registration wall) Nick Clegg hails courage of former classmate who blew whistle on child abuse teacher

[5] 2014 July 20 Guardian Alex Renton The damage boarding schools do

[6] 2014 Dec 19? The Times Andrew Norfolk A life ruined by Caldicott Paedophile

[7] 2006 Jun 19 BBC My Mother failed to recognise me

[8] 2014 Jul 8 Channel 4 News Jon Snow

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2 Responses to Proposed Claim for Judicial Review of CSA Inquiry panel and Fiona Woolf

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