If Only I had Told by Esther W – Orkney

The shocking true story from the girl at the heart of Orkneys Satanic Ring [1]

If only Esther had told everyone that the person who raped her was Adrian Batty, her teacher, and not her brothers as Orkney Social Work Department suspected, then the Orkney Satanic Ring would never have thought to have existed.

But she could not. She had been raped, beaten and threatened to say nothing by her father, Eric Nicholas Black throughout childhood until he was locked up a couple of years earlier. Adrian her abuser, a teacher at the special Oakhill School chosen so that she could catch up on her education, had access to her records. He misused them, invoked her father, abused her and so she just she could not tell anyone who it was, she just couldn’t.


Things gradually got out more and more out of control. Mona Drone, her familys social worker, wanted to implicate Esthers brothers in incestual rape.  Illegally, without any evidence, her brothers and sisters were taken away from her mother and she was sent to the prison like Crouchend Alley near Inverness, where it was about survival not education, and where she was introduced to drugs.

With no evidence the children including Esther were eventually returned to their mother but still under a supervision order, which meant a panel under Judith Hope, employed directly by the Secretary of State, reviews them. The family were congratulated on how far they had come since the abusive father was jailed.  Mona Drone however said the abused become the abuser and vowed to find evidence.

A week after the panel, Judith Hope had been sacked. All the children were then taken away from the mother again, less than a year since the previous time. Another panel is set 2 weeks later, but the whole panel has changed with a Gill Grubb heading it, who appears to be on the side of Orkney Social Work Department and against the family.

Renee Stubbs a woman contracted to take disclosure statements from her 14 brothers and sisters asks ludicrously leading statements, which even then were refuted, except crucially by Esthers psychotically ill sister.

2 and 2 are then added up to be 22 and a satanic ring was suspected. A further 4 families have 9 children taken away. These families get their children back a few weeks later, when a proof panel under Sheriff Kellbie is extremely critical of the Social Work Department. Keith Pratt the head eventually gives in and lets the children back with their families.

However it does not end there and there is eventually an Inquiry led by Lord Clyde, which did not even include Esthers family.

The department does all it can to prevent the reunion of the W family and two children are adopted permanently by another family.

When Esther had a child, she turned against her mother for not protecting her from her father. She sought therapy for post natal depression and it was this, in only a few sessions with her therapist Bea,  that was able to face the abuse and understand who was really to blame. It was not herself or her mother, who was also suffering with her 15 children and abusive husband.

Questions she still continues to search for answers to, are:

1. Why was my sister Bella’s testimony allowed to stand following her psychiatric assessment?

2. Why were no allegations of sibling abuse ever tried in a legal court?

3. Did the Orkney Social Work Department lie about my family, conceal evidence, and when their backs were against the wall, did they steal evidence? If so why?

4. Did the Council and the Social Work Department make life so difficult for Judith Hope after her reinstatement? Why wouldn’t they let her do her job?

5. What did Orkney Social Work Department have to gain, or more importantly to lose, by behving the way they did?

6. Why didn’t the remit of the Inquiry into satanic abuse cover my family?

7. Why weren’t experts who would have been able to advice the Orkney Inquiry on my family’s plight given a voice at the inquiry?

8. Why did the social work system keep my siblings in care for so long.

9. How did Orkney Social Work Department get away with having my two youngest sisters adopted.

10. Why have my family never received an apology for all the needless anguish and suffering we have all been through?

When Esther was pregnant she wished there was a place where she could go for advice so she has set one up on a facebook page [3]

More than this she is an incredibly talented artist and she has a webpage [4] where she now sells her stunning art work. Unfortunately out of my pricebracket but check it out.

After running away from her name and background for most of her life, she is now confident enough to what is presumably her real name and her book was published last year. I thoroughly recommend it [1]

As for the names I have used, they are the names written in the book, of which some may be pseudonyms I do not know.

Although this allegation of ritual satanic abuse turnes out to be false, make no mistake satanic ritual abuse is real and widespread. In addition to Esthers questions I ask:

Was part of the agenda to discredit this case so that ritual satanic abuse was discredited?

Esther Willsher is a tremendous inspiration to others, I urge you to read her book and check her websites

For more child abuse book descriptions see [10] Cathy Fox Books about child abuse category and Cathy Fox Books about child abuse2 [11]


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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email cathyfox@bigfoot.com.

cathyfox the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set you free


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