The significance of the Gates Family Inquiry and published media and other records by Colin Smart

Introduction by cathyfox blog

The cathyfox blog started asking for the Report  into the death of Lucy Gates by the Freedom of Information Act in July 2013 [2] . I did this because I believed, and my belief has been strengthened since, that all Reports about child abuse paid for with public money should be made available digitally available free to anyone and everyone. I believe that it is only with the truth that healing can properly begin for the people involved, and also that we as a society can learn the lessons of past child abuse so that it does not keep on happening. Lessons will not be learned with Reports hidden in Council and Police archives or destroyed.

Little did I know then the significance of this report. I did not know that the report was actually two reports, one written by the chair, the other written by the author of this next piece, due to disagreements in the inquiry. I did not know that there was a cover up, I did not know that the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher discussed the Reports with Patrick Jenkin [3] , that the Reports contained allegations of negligence on the part of Bexley Council and I did not know that something even more significant was covered up in the public interest.

This article by Colin Smart who was on the panel of the Inquiry and wrote the Second Report of the Inquiry leads to questioning the role of the social workers and Bexley Council Officials,  the behaviour of Metropolitan Police and their treatment of Chief Inspector Dowswell and the integrity of Brian Roycroft Director of Social Services of Newcastle. Clarification is needed on what William Bill Utting, Lord Jenkin and Lord Fowler and Margaret Thatcher actually knew, the latter may be available from her official biographer. It makes for fascinating reading as to the machinations behind the scenes.

It shows the importance of immediately releasing all these Reports not only of Child Protection and Serious Case Reviews [4] but all Reports from various sources of child abuse and child sexual abuse.

It also shows a small portion of the type of information which may be available to the Overarching child sexual abuse review [7] .

Responsibility for adding the links is mine.

Colin Smart was Director of Social Services of Sunderland. For what happened there read Nick Davies article, The Silencing of A Scandal Colin Smart [1] .

The significance of the Gates Family Inquiry and published media and other records by Colin Smart
:-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Lord Jenkins, Lord Fowler former Secretaries of
State, Sir Arthur Mildon Inquiry Chairman and the two reports, non disclosure of
information in national and other interest, role of Metropolitan Police together with
matters directly related to the Coalition Government’s Independent Panel Inquiry into the
failure of institutions to care and protection since 1970.

The decision to write and publish these notes and information has been very difficult,
especially having not spoken apart from one interview with the BBC over 30 years ago, or
written about my experience or my appreciation of the experience which others went though. National developments especially over the past four months have led me to conclude that I possessed information of relevance and of value.

The Gates Family Inquiry 1980-1982 was a judicial led independent panel, (His Honour Sir Arthur Mildon QC of Middle Temple), commissioned by the Bexley Council and the
Greenwich and Bexley Health Authority at the request of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her Social Services Minister Patrick Jenkin.

I remain concerned over the recent media published allegation that the Prime Minister knew of the criminal paedophile behaviour of a close political colleague having been advised by her personal security officer [13]  [14]  [15]  [16]  [17]  [10] , the implication is that she was part of the cover up by Conservative Party led governments, which was then continued by the Labour Administrations after 1997, given some authenticity by the public comments of Frank Dobson the first Labour Minister of Health and Social Services and the more guarded comments of Lord Tebbit on the Andrew Marr show more recently [8] . Despite my hostility to many aspect of the political actions of Mrs Thatcher the idea that she approved or condoned crimes committed against children is nonsense. I hope that published correspondence between Patrick Jenkin and Mrs Thatcher will help to confirm my belief that actions taken by politicians and officials were primarily based on a belief in what was in the national interest and which as Lord Tebbit declared on the Andrew Marr show, a belief with disastrous consequence. The official biographer of Margaret Thatcher, given the availability of all her papers to him should be in a position to provide valuable factual information on her knowledge and the allegations of cover up.

I am not saying that all covering up was in the national interest and ongoing police
inquiries and other investigations will hopefully discriminate. The Gates Family Inquiry
provides an example where non disclosure of significant information was the right thing in
terms of public and other interests, and remains the position to this day.

A separate issue raised with me is the justification for republishing the two reports of
the panel appointed to the independent inquiry following a Freedom of Information request from Cathy Fox via This is a decision for others to take but one intention is to provide the information that this was a high profile matter and that both reports were published but on a pay a fee basis for those not directly involved such as
social service departments.

The Gates Family Inquiry is also of current interest because of the role played by the
Metropolitan Police and the agreement, including on my part, not to disclose aspects of
their role which affected public and media perception of the case. It is not presently
clear if the Prime Minister and the two Secretaries of State concerned, now Lord Jenkin
and Lord Fowler, were made aware of this aspect although Chief Social Services Officer
William Bill Utting would have been together with the appointed liaison Social Services
0fficer, and I believe Barristers and their legal teams who were granted right of
attendance and to question throughout the whole of the 11 weeks of the inquiry held over a
13 week period during the spring and summer of 1981.

In addition to this aspect there was another reason why the role of the Metropolitan
Police was a significant aspect of how a judicial type inquiry into the tragedy was
called for.

Chief Inspector Dowswell was one of some 50 recipients of the George Medal, one of three
officers given the bravery award for their actions when under fire during the Balcombe
Street siege. He was appointed to the branch of the Metropolitan Police covering Bexley
with a view to taking over control but was incensed by the proposal of social workers to
return the surviving children to the care of the mother convicted of neglect and
abandonment which let to the horrific death of her youngest daughter Lucie Gates, that he
spoke out and was also believed to have been responsible for a photograph of the dying
child becoming available to the media. He was criticised for his actions, was not
promoted and died unrecognised for his courage and determination as a whistleblower- hero to villain in the minds of some vested interests within months. In this respect there is a parallel between a Detective Chief Inspector Northumbria Police (Dave Wilson) in relation to “historic” matters and Sunderland Council which will be the subject of a separate statement in the future.

The Gates Family Inquiry also attracted attention and criticism at the time because of its
procedural approach and this has some significance in relation to the Home Office
financially sponsored independent historic panel Inquiry into the institutional failure to
care and protect children. Although non statutory The Gates Inquiry was set up as a
legally led and structured inquiry in which parties represented by barristers or
solicitors were granted right of attendance throughout hearings and an agreed order of
being able to question other witnesses in addition to those they represented.

This meant that the inquiry was originally to be conducted according to the British
approach of adversarial justice (our party politics is also adversarial) rather than
inquisitorial which tends to be the approach of Social Service and Health practitioners.
This led to an early confrontation involving two members of the Panel and the appointed
Counsel and which with my help which he requested, the panel chairman was able to achieve a compromise which all the parties found acceptable and where panel members opened the questioning according to their area of expertise, then lawyers representing individual clients, other lawyers and finally Counsel appointed for the panel.

A key aspect of the difference between the adversarial and inquisitorial approach arose
towards the end of the inquiry when a barrister appeared to be to be arguing that the
preventive duties of the 1963 Children’s and Young Persons Act took precedence over the
duty to care and protect. When challenged the barrister explained that she was making the
best case on behalf of her client accepting that it was for the panel come to findings.

The different approach adversarial v Inquisitorial became significant the more I
considered the interpretation of the evidence of witnesses against the documentation that
had been provided and reached the decision, albeit belatedly that I could not sign the
report, communicating my decisions to the chairman. I was willing to provide a brief
letter explaining my difference in relation to the findings.

The two other panel colleagues, a consultant paediatrician and a health authority chief
nursing officer asked me to explain concerns and then to prepare a detailed statement of
the differences in the interpretation. This process took several months because the work
had to be conducted in addition to my ongoing role as a hands on Director of Social
Services and the need to go through the voluminous documentation without a relationship
database (I used typed cards) discovering more and more events meriting attention.

One example is worth mentioning. An issue became the oral testimony that a health visitor
had made a second visit to the family during one day. A study of the record card showed
that indeed a second visit had been made by a health visitor but not the one giving
the testimony. This I am sure was an unintentional mistake not spotted at the time by
anyone during the inquiry or by the author of the report published in the name of the

That two reports were eventually published attracted considerable attention at the time
and I regret deciding not to confer with the Chairman for us to explain why the two
reports had been created. Hopefully Sir Arthur will remember that he consulted me by phone on how we should approach the new situation. It was my initiative to suggest that in
effect he continued to produce the main report with its chronicle of events, findings
based on the adversarial legal process, the conclusions already agreed by panel members
and the appendix of information. At that time I did not know what was to be the strength
of the alternative view or if there would be legal or other challenge.

Following completion of my drafting it was circulated and then considered by the two panel members involved and significantly improved by them including the excellent idea of making a list of the 108 events which led to us interpreting the evidence differently.
This list influenced the media and was shown on TV news programmes.

I then sent the agreed, and in effect majority report to the commissioning authorities
asking for it to be circulated to the legal representatives of various parties for any
corrections of matters of fact. None were received.

There was then a growing delay before publication understandable because of our well
founded accusation of negligence by officers of the local authority. I emphasise
officers because there has been too much attention focused on politicians and not on the
officers who advise and who often in effect wield the power. In this instance the main
family file disappeared the day officer most directly responsible left the department to
assist in the setting up of a course to train social workers and refused to give evidence
at the inquiry because it was non statutory.

A more significant act of negligence was the failure of local authority officers to
recreate the file from information held by the other agencies in contact with the family
and their own other records. This negligence continued during the period of the Inquest
for the dead child, and trial of a parent. and before and during the Inquiry, until I
asked a senior manager if officers had checked the boarding out register which the
department was required to keep to ensure that all the foster parents involved had been
given the opportunity to give evidence. Two more were then discovered with crucial
evidence and expressed amazement that they had not been invited to contribute before.
Their testimony was not just crucial to the Inquiry but would have been relevant to the
Inquest and to the criminal proceedings.

I would therefore make the general point about files which disappear, cannot be found or
have been destroyed: what action is then taken to recreate them from information held by
all those involved in their creation or had access to their contents?

It was and remains understandable that the local authority under pressure from various
interests delayed publication until Parliamentary pressure to do so, but the intervention
of Brian Roycroft behind the scenes was unacceptable. The former Director of Social
Services subsequently lied to his local authority, the media and the people of Newcastle
why 69 children in their care were sent to the notorious Bryn Alyn Homes. I was present
at a meeting of Directors of Social Services in the North East when he talked of the
hospitality he had received on his Presidential visit to the principality and commended
the sending of children to Bryn Alyn Homes.

The following list of media and some other references includes those considered relevant
to the general points made and to the issue of the publication of the reports which I
have agreed to assist Bexley Council. Copies of the media reports have been made available
to Bexley Council and the site Cathy Fox. Where appropriate I am identifying aspects of
the content of the published media.

There was also London and national TV and Radio reporting covering the death, inquest,
trial and inquiry as well as here in the North East because of my involvement. I appeared
on the London Evening news programme interviewed by Sue Lawley on behalf of the other two panel members but otherwise resisted making comment which I believed would only make the highly charged atmosphere worse.

I should also disclose that a member of the Independent Panel of the Historical inquiry
set up by the Secretary of State was a Bexley Council officer who published three
articles on the experience of involvement during the Gates Family inquiry including the
impact on colleagues.

Because of the issue of republication I begin with an undated report from the Times which
explains that despite the leak of the report’s main recommendations to newspapers the
council did not intend to release the full findings until November 12th 1982. The article
refers to the report of Mr Arthur Mildon QC which was sent participants in the Inquiry but
Council members would not receive copies of the report until October 29th. The report
reminds that Mr, now Sir Arthur Mildon QC had acted as Counsel for the Panel in the Maria Colwell Inquiry*

* The Maria Colwell Inquiry in which Barbara Kahan had played such a major part, the
former Children’s Officer Oxfordshire, Deputy Chief Children’s Services Inspector at the
Home Office and subsequently Deputy Chief Inspector of Social Services at the Department of Health and Social Services.

Mrs Kahan played a leading role in the work of the National Children’s Bureau and the
report on the introduction of the behavioural control measures in establishments managed
by the new Social Services department in 1971 following her leading role in the creation
of Community Homes with Education on the premises, the abolition of the Approved School Order and the creation of the Children Regional Planning system.

The Inquiry chaired by Sir Alan Levy QC and where Mrs Kahan was said to have drafted the report remains known as the Pindown Report. Mrs Kahan advised in relation to my
experience working for Sunderland Council.

Labour controlled Sunderland Council has recently made available without redactions copies of official reports to the Council by its first two Directors of Social Services and two
internal communications to named senior officers of the Council regarding the request of
Government to check on the use of Pindown in its establishment, documents which were
marked private and confidential and crucial to understanding already published historical
material and to understanding the article by Nick Davies in the Guardian Newspaper about aspects of what happened in Sunderland from the mid 1980‘s until 1997 as part of his inquiries into crimes against children in “ care” homes by staff in the UK. All the
documents which have been published by Sunderland Council over the past year to date are available on Cathy Fox via

The list of circulated documents in relation to the Gates Family Inquiry includes a letter
sent to the Ministers and the Chief Social Services Advisor in January 1983 plus I
disclose that the Chief Social Services Advisor made a two day private visit to South
Tyneside Social Services department following the publication of the two Gates Family
Inquiry reports.

The press media reports :-

04.11.1980 The Times. Bexley to hold Inquiry after mother admitted unlawful killing of
her child Lucie.(not circulated)

04.11.1980 Daily Express Why they didnt listen (not circulated)
04.11.1980 Daily Mirror Squalid death of Little Angel Lucy (not circulated)

04.11 1980 Baby Burned alive while mother at the pub.
(not circulated)

04.11.1980 The Guardian Baby’s terrible death in squalor (not circulated)

04.11.1980 Daily Telegraph Lazy mother in pub as fire killed baby (on same sheet
Headmaster of a junior school took obscene photos of one of his girl pupils)

06.11.1980 Bexley and Welling Observer MP James Wellbeloved called on Council to undertake full public inquiry. (not circulated)

11.11.1980 Kentish messenger The Director of Housing and Social Services defends staff.
He criticises the comments made outside the court by Detective Chief Inspector

11.11.1980 The Star headline The Guilty ones go free
Letter praising Chief Inspector Dowswell

12.11.1980 Daily Telegraph Police and Social Workers developing closer ties.(not

13.11.1980 Kentish Independent Labour to ask for statement by council because of public
interest (not circulated)

24.11 1980 Daily Telegraph When Life depends on the Social Worker how much use is a
college education?

28.11 1980 Letter to Margaret Thatcher from Patrick now Lord Jenkin, following request
from her private secretary with notes submitted by the Chief Social Work Services advisor
(10 pages already Published Cathy Fox site).

02.12.1980 Daily Mail Lord Jenkins makes the point that he would have ordered a
government inquiry if Bexley had not arranged an independent inquiry

02.12.1980 Daily Star Judge called for probe, (not circulated0

02.12.1980 Daily Telegraph Judge sends papers to Minister personally (not circulated)

02.12 1980 The Guardian Judge calls for Inquiry into case Bexley agreed to independent
inquiry in principle but hearings in private. (not circulated)

02.12.1980 The Times Suspended sentence on mother of dead child

02.12 1980 Daily Mirror The Tragic Blunders (not circulated)

03.12.1980 Daily Mail Report being sent to Minister Jenkin by end of the week following
comments by the Judge after the suspended sentence on mother following her conviction.

(The Judge in an undated press report stated “Did society through its social services
having taken on the burden of responsibility for little children and a strikingly
incompetent mother fail to implement its purpose or not?)

04 12.1980 Kentish Messenger reports request from MP for a statutory inquiry following
conviction of parent and Judges statements that papers were being sent to minister Jenkin
for a statutory Inquiry.

The Director of Housing and Social Services is quoted saying that the inquiry would be
independent (non statutory) with details confirmed on December 15th. The Labour
Opposition spokesman said the records of the first six years of contact with the family
were missing and the Council leader said there was nothing sinister about this.

15.12.1980 The Guardian article on Social Workers Afraid to test fears on child abuse in

16.12.1980 Daily Telegraph Independent Inquiry confirmed and report to be published.

18.12.1980 Kentish Independent: Independent Panel has four point probe and makes
reference to the personal interest of Prime Minister

23.12 1980 Kentish James Wellbeloved Labour MP upset because Minister refuses to set up independent public inquiry

31.12.1980 Daily Mail The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir David McNee cancels the
promotion of senior Scotland Yard (George Medal hero) Henry Dowswell

31 12.1980 Daily Telegraph Scotland Yard denied yesterday there was anything sinister
behind the transfer of a police officer who blamed social workers for the death of a two
year old child.

08 01 1981 Kentish Independent Lucy Storm Police Chief Misses Out and Anguish of foster
mother who took in toddler’s brother and sister

23.04 1981 Community Care Gates Inquiry to open on April 28th. (not circulated)

I do not have copies of the media arising from the session of opening statements to which
the media were invited. Originally Panorama was undertake a “ fly on the wall”
documentary with the Panel.

The media was invited to attend the concluding statements and again I do not have copies
of any media arising from this session. I had counted 50 legal people and staff
attending the opening session and 35 on the last day. A year later-

09.07.1982 Community Care Panel produces conflicting reports

18.10.1982 Daily Star How they let Lucie Die ; Editorial and Tragic Errors that cost
Lucie her life 3 pages

19.10.1982 Daily Star James Wellbeloved SDP MP Slams Council Secrecy .

20.10.1982 Daily Telegraph article on cover up allegations and Social Team accused over
death (Kenneth Clark)

21.10.1982 Community Care Professionals failed to spot warning signs Missing Lucie Files
Social Worker blamed pages 2

24.10 1982 Observer. Report on dead baby hits police

26.10.1982 Social Work Today Clash of Reports and Advice for future cases Editorial
Lucie the Case for Change 3 pages

28.10.1982 Community Care Lucie The last Inquiry of its Kind? Community Care Where do
we go from here? Editorial 2 pages

02.11.1982 Social Wok Today Lucie Report Controversy

04.11.1992 Community Care 2 letters

06.11.1992 Community Care Editorial on a national newspaper hounding a social worker who is named (not circulated)

12.11.1982 Evening Standard Special Report 3 pages

13.11.1982 Daily Express 108 reasons why she could be alive today and Why Lucie the Little angel need not have died 2 pages

13.11.1982 Daily Mirror Why Lucie Little Angel need not have died 2 Page

13.11.1982 Guardian David Hencke reports on reports 2 pages

13.11.1982 Daily Mail Doomed child failed by welfare workers and Editorial Social Workers
Dismal record 2 pages

13.11.1982 Daily Telegraph Did society fail Lucie gates? Affirmative 2 pages

13.11.1982 The Times Social workers blamed over girl who died

13.11.1982 Sunderland Echo Lucie Gates report pinpoints failure

13.11.1982 The Journal Lucie Tragedy was avoidable

13.11 1982 Daily Star Lucie Rap for Probe Bungle the important aspect of this report “
The mother lives in fear of physical attack. She has been attacked three or four times
and burning paper pushed through her letter box

15 11. 1982 Lucie How the Inquiry was split

16.11.1982 The Evening Standard Lucie Gates MP attacks secrecy

16.11 1982 Daily Telegraph No action against Lucie Gates Social Workers.

16.11.1982 Social Work Today Lucie fiasco a critical view of the cost and consequences of
the inquiry, the failure of the panel to agree on one view of findings and the delay in the
publication of the reports.

18.11.1982 Community Care Lucie Inquiries Clash over services roles three items on 1

18.11.1982 Community Care article by social worker number 2 2 pages

18.11.1982 Health and Social Services Journal (Health) Authority tighten ups after Gates

18.11.1982 The Standard -Lucie: How the Inquiry was split

20 11.1982 Spectator Aubron Waugh on Gates Inquiry only recently provided via Twitter

21.11 1982 Social Work Today Lucie The Fatal Flaw

25.11.1982 Community Care lessons Learned and unlearned.. Care Social Worker defends her actions 2 pages

27.11.1982 The Lancet a report on Health service issues 2 pages.

02 12 1982 Community Care Social Worker 2 on how the inquiry was run Kept in the Dark
2 pages

09.12 1982 Community Care What it must have been like to be Lucie Gates 2 pages

15.12.1982 Guardian Social workers afraid to test fears on child abuse in court.

21.12.1982 Social Work Today Round Up of year makes reference

06.01.1983 Community Care a review of cases and procedures including the Gates Family
also Letter Limits of the Individual

13.01 1983 Community Care Published article by social worker 2 on being Savaged by the

28 01 1983 Community Care Background Uncovered hidden child abuse

01.02.1983 Social Work Today Letter re Lucie Gates case

22,02.1983 Social Work Today headed Time Please

21.07 1983 Community Care DHSS group attacks Lucie Gates Inquiry


Undated. Woman in Gates case criticised Social Work 1 is named ( not circulated)

Undated Problem to define abuse a report identified surviving children by Christian names
(not circulated)

Undated Must it happen again? Paediatrician Dr Max Friedman writes about the Maria
Colwell., Gates and other cases

Undated balanced reviews of both reports.

Undated The other Victim piece about Chief Inspector Dowswell (not circulated)

Undated Community Care Inquiry follows baby manslaughter charge ( following court case)
Social Worker 3 named

Undated The Sun says Little Victims
Council slammed over Lucie (not circulated)

Undated Rap for Lucie case workers

Undated Times Editorial Council denies cover up

Undated Community Cuts can kill say Angry Social Workers brief reference to Gates (not

Undated Daily Star They Tried to keep Secret two full pages.

Other documents circulated :-

Front sheet of Non Accidental Injury to Children local guidance headed Dare We Wait,

Letter to Minister, to Chief Social Services Officer and to Liaison social services
officer to Inquiry 24 01 1983(after phone conversation)

Letter to Director of Social Services England 10.01.1983

Report to South Tyneside Social Services Committee re Inquiry and its recommendations.


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[16] 2014 Jul 13Huffington Post

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[18] Yahoo Not found

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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