14 Responses to My Story Clare Wakeman Part 2

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  4. holliegreigjustice says:

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  5. Owen says:

    Very brave – it must have taken massive courage for Clare to dig to the bottom of her soul so as to tell what it is like surviving everything she has had to go through. Her insight and her determination to come out the other end of impossible circumstances are immensely encouraging.

    • cathyfox says:

      She is a brave lady.
      Your message reminded me to add the last part of her story which I have added at the bottom of part 2 , so a bit more for you to read!
      Thanks for your kind comments to Clare

      • Owen says:

        I’ve seen both sides of a situation like Clare describes and my ignorance of her situation prevents me from saying anything about the legal rights and wrongs of what’s happened. What I can say is that Clare’s personal courage and her devotion to her children shine out through every word she writes. Thanks for posting her messages.

  6. cathyfox says:

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