Calling Survivors in Devon and Cornwall

I have received this email from Bernie after my rather rushed article on their interview about Forde Park on the radio [2]. He says that they are available to be contacted by survivors in Devon and Cornwall – their email address is

Message also from Colette who says “Please visit and like our new Devon and Cornwall Survivors of Abuse Facebook page [3]   “Thanks Colette :)

To reveal the truth about the nature of child sexual abuse across Britain we need to build grass root movements of connected people across localities and regions. These will help give the support necessary for survivors and help piece together what happened in wider areas. So I am very pleased that Survivors of Forde Park are leading and reaching out to people in their area.

Bernies email

Many thanks for your kind comments about our radio show.
I am contacting you to ask whether you could post a message, on your blog, to any
survivors of abuse in Devon and Cornwall. We are “Survivors of Forde Park” and would be
only too pleased to offer them any help, or advice, that we can. We are not able to give
counselling of any kind, but we may be able to point them in the direction of
organisations who can. We can keep them advised about the continuing state of the CSA
Inquiry and give support in other ways. All correspondence will be confidential and will
receive replies as soon as possible. Our Co-Ordinator is Andy Kershaw and, as you are
probably aware, he is very determined to see this through; we all are. If there is any
help we can give, we are happy to do so.      We are in a unique situation in that we have
taken the authorities and perpetrators to Court and won our cases. We would like to help
others to do the same, even if it is just giving them an email address that they may not
have found otherwise.
We have been active for some time and we believe that NOW is the time to get
together and put an end to these crimes. It is not enough to sit back and wish, people
need to take action and give their support if we are to succeed.      We do not follow
radical groups or agitators, we want this done through the correct legal channels. This
way, the results will be more meaningful.      As for the radio show with Soundart Fm [2] and Matthew; Tony, Paul and I did it because we want to put out a message to anyone affected by these crimes. They are not alone and they DO NOT HAVE TO BE VICTIMS, they can be SURVIVORS! We do not believe that anyone who has been a victim of these crimes, has to remain a victim. We do not believe that anyone who has been a victim is a “little” person. If anything we talked about meant anything, to anyone, and they want to do something about it, we would gladly help empower them. We are SURVIVORS, we have the scars, we have the memories and we suffered the damage. But; we are still here; damaged but unbroken. This is what we want for all those who suffered.      It is not just about justice. It’s also about people taking back their “self”.      We have an email address:     I am new to Twitter and not great on a pc so I have no idea how to post an email address on there, or if it’s at all possible? I would be grateful if you could let me know if it is and, if so, how to do it.      Thank you for posting links to the radio show, we have seen positive comments about it and that it has struck chord’s with some people. That was the aim of it, to get the message out there.      Once again, I thank you for your comments.
Yours Sincerely,

Colette says “Please visit and like our new Devon and Cornwall Survivors of Abuse Facebook page [3]   ” Thanks Colette :)



[1]  Email address for Survivors in Devon and Cornwall

[2] 2015 Feb 13 CathyFox  Survivors from Forde Park School Devon speak out

[3] 2015 Feb 23 new Devon and Cornwall Survivors of Abuse Facebook page

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    Please visit and like our new Facebook page
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