John Kiriakou on US Prison Paedophiles

John Kiriakou was the CIA whistleblower who exposed the CIA torture regime. He was put in prison for whistleblowing on the CIA torture programme.

john kiriakou

Much to the annoyance of the authorities, when John was in prison he decided to exercise his Constitution first amendment right to free speech, and expose the unfairness of the prison authorities in his “Letters from Loretto” .

The whole series of letters is worth reading and John sent them to Kevin Gosztola who blogged them [1]. Indeed Johns story is worth reading if you do not know it about how he blew the whistle on CIA’s torture programme and how the whistleblower and not the perpetrators, was the only person imprisoned for the torture programme [4a]. This is, of course, because there is a criminal cabal controlling world affairs, war, torture, child and sex trafficking.

Johns new website is here [5]

These two of his letters reprinted here, I blog so that readers may get an insight, another angle on paedophiles – those in prison in the United States.

Letter 1

Hello again from the Federal Correction Institution at Loretto, Pennsylvania. I’m now nearing five months incarceration against a 30-month sentence for blowing the whistle on the CIA’s illegal torture program. With good time, I have around 16 months to go.

When you first come to prison, you almost immediately develop a new sense of “normal.” What is normal on the outside – a rude clerk at 7-11, a telemarketer calling your home at dinner time – is no longer my world. My new normal is that the guy I may sit across from in the cafeteria is here for murdering a policeman. Normal is the guy in the next bunk is the former methamphetamine king of Kentucky, and will likely die here. Normal is that nearly 40% of the now 1,325 prisoners at Loretto are pedophiles and child rapists.

The pedophile population is not unique to Loretto, In fact, every low-security prison in America has a large pedophile population. With the proliferation of child pornography on the internet, it is much easier to catch pedophiles in the act of committing their crimes than it has ever been.

Most of the pedophiles here are white; I’ll let the sociologists and anthropologists figure that one out. They range in age from the early 20s to the middle 80s. Most of them profess to be very religious. Indeed, church services are normally packed to the rafters with pedophiles. Almost all of them shout about their innocence, the injustice of their incarceration, and their own victimization.

The first pedophile I came into contact with was a coworker in the library. He told me in our first conversation that he was doing 24 years for “looking at crime scene photos.” Of course, I asked what he meant by that. His very matter-of-fact response was, “Well, having sex with children is a crime. I was only looking at the photos.” There were thousands of them, as it turned out. Videos, too. Some weeks later, lamenting his failure to successfully appeal his conviction, he told me, “What really did me in was that subfolder.” “Ok,” I said. “I’ll bite. What was in the subfolder?” “I like to look at pictures of naked dead children, from morgues,” he said, adding, “I realize now that was wrong.” Stunned, my only response was, “You’re not the victim.” Did I mention that he married a 16-year-old. He’s in his 50s.

I mentioned in a previous letter that I work now in the chapel. This is a highly sought after and peaceful job. I like the chapel and the staff is terrific. The chapel, like the library, is seen as something of a safe haven for pedophiles. They aren’t hassled there and they can sit and read for long periods. There is one informal rule in the chapel, however. No talking about your case.

One evening a particularly loud pedophile was complaining outside the chapel office that he was in the process of suing his mother, brother and wife, who had completely disowned him after he was caught having sex with his 15-year-old daughter. (“But she wanted to,” he protested. “She enjoyed it.”) I walked over to him and reminded him that he was not allowed to talk about his case in the chapel. His response left me speechless. “But Jesus loved the little children.” I just went back to my seat.

One elderly pedophile in my housing unit was caught on the old NBC television show “To Catch a Predator.” He thought he was going to have sex with a 13-year-old. Instead, the cops grabbed him. In the trunk of his car they found handcuffs, a hammer, a bag of lime and a body bag. You can imagine his intentions.

My own personal philosophy is generally to live and let live. At times, however, this is a challenging credo. About a month ago, a new prisoner arrived. He’s in his mid-40s, a wealthy and successful attorney. My first thought was that he was somebody I could hang out with. We had a friendly conversation and I asked him what he was in for. He said it was “complicated” (a red flag), but that he had misused a client’s money from an escrow account. I made a mental note to ask around about his circumstances.

A few days later, my wife and three of my five children (my 8-year-old son, 6-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son) came to visit. We sat in the very first row of chairs, next to the newly-arrived attorney. About 20 minutes into the visit, when my wife and kids had gone to use the vending machines, a corrections officer (CO) motioned for me to get up. He whispered that he was moving my family and the large family of another prisoner to the opposite end of the room. I told him that we had plenty of room, so if he was trying to give us more space, it wasn’t necessary. Well, he said, “I need for you to move. I there’s a problem.” He nodded at the newly-arrived attorney, who was visiting with his parents. We moved.

By the end of the week, I had gotten the full story. The attorney worked at a law firm in Moscow. A connoisseur of the ballet, he was a regular at performances of the Bolshoi. He went on to become a patron of the Moscow Academy of Ballet, which trained child ballet prodigies for the Bolshoi. At one point, a school administrator asked if he would consider paying the tuition and expenses for a 12-year-old boy who was a true prodigy. The boy came from a poor family outside Moscow and simply could not afford to go to the school. The attorney went to the school to videotape the boy, dancing in his underwear, as Russian ballet students typically do, so that he could get a better idea of the boy’s technique. He offered to pay all the boy’s expenses, provided the boy live with him in his one-bedroom apartment, ostensibly sleeping on the couch. The reluctant parents agreed.

According to court records, the attorney began anally and orally violating the boy within weeks, as often as four times a week. He told the boy that relationships with girls were “disgusting” and that he would love the boy for “a trillion years.” This went on for years, during which the now moody and depressed boy was sworn to secrecy. At the age of 15, the boy was invited to study at a ballet camp in Philadelphia. He and the attorney traveled there, then on to Boston to another camp, before returning to Moscow.

The boy finally developed a relationship with an American girl whom he said he wanted to marry. He confessed his secret to her and she urged him to hire a lawyer. The boy soon filed a civil suit against his abuser. As soon as the case was filed, the court reported its contents to the FBI, and the abuser was arrested. He was eventually convicted of two felonies. Traveling in foreign commerce with the intent to engage in sex with a minor between the ages of 12 and 16, and transporting a person in foreign commerce with the intent that such person engage in criminal sexual conduct (the Mann Act).

I won’t bore you with stories of how photos of my cellmates’ 5-year-old grand child were stolen from his locker or how some pedophiles subscribe to teen magazines so they can cut out pictures of Selena Gomez and hang them in their lockers.

The purpose of these horrible accounts is not to disgust. Instead, it’s to point out several problems, only one of which is unique to Loretto. First, if pedophiles are not permitted within 1000 feet of a school, why are they permitted within 5 feet of my children? Why isn’t there a section of the visiting room where pedophiles can have their visits but that is separated by a partition? It couldn’t possibly be expensive and it would serve to protect our children. (Of course, if I had been sent to a camp, as was recommended by both the judge and the prosecutor in my case, it would be a different story. Pedophiles are not permitted in camps. Remember, though, that a Bureau of Prisons bureaucrat deemed me a “threat to the public safety.”)

Second, despite what you may have read over the years, there is no such thing as “treatment” or “rehabilitation” in prison. It just doesn’t exist. There’s no counseling or medication for pedophiles. Once their sentences have been served, they’re free to leave and to live in society again. Sure, they’ll have years and years of probation, but that won’t do anything to curb their urges. It’s a proven fact that many of them will re-offend.

Finally, since I got here, I’ve come to realize how little the federal government does to protect our children from predators. Perhaps, it’s time to consider the issue of civil confinement. That is where the government moves a pedophile to a secure location on the prison grounds after he has completed his sentence. He is not necessarily subject to “counts” or “10-minute moves” like everybody else in prison, but he is not free to reenter society and to re-offend. This system works in Virginia and in other states, and it helps greatly to protect our children.

Thank you for the hundreds of letters of support and encouragement since my last letter. They’ve really kept my spirits up. To learn more about my case, please visit [4]

All the best,


The above letter is available on the following link [2] with bloggers comment

Letter 2

Hi again from the Federal Correctional Institution at Loretto, PA. The term “Federal Correctional Institution” implies that the government is in some way “correcting” the behavior of prisoners here. In truth, that’s just a bad joke. Nothing is “corrected” at Loretto. There is no therapy to help anybody with problems (except if you’re a drug addict nearing the end of your sentence. More on that in a minute.) Pedophiles get no psychological therapy whatsoever. And the only classes offered by staff are GED prep courses and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for the 400 or so illegal aliens serving drug sentences. (After completion of their sentences, then deportaiton, knowing English will make it easier for them to reenter the US to restart their criminal enterprises.) If you already have a high school diploma, tough luck.

Here’s how things work. We all get good conduct time, a maximum of 47 days off our sentences for every year of incarceration. (Congress mandated 52 days a year, but the Bureau of Prisons told Congress to go screw itself.) The only incentive to behave properly is a negative one: so you don’t lose your good time. You get no tangible benefit from taking any classes taught by prisoners: Creative Writing, Introduction to SPanish, and Movie Westerns, to name a few. The only way to actually collect your good time is to either get your GED, or be working on it, and to not get into trouble.

Everybody with a drug case wants to get into the drug program. If you’re accepted, and you had no violence or firearms in your case, you’re sent to the nearest prison that hosts the program, and you must complete 500 hours of classroom work. IF you complete the coursework, you can get up to one year off your sentence. The pre-course drug class is supposed to be 40 hours. It’s actually about 10 hours and is comprised only of watching episodes of the A&E show “Intervention.” If you’re a drug addict and you come to prison, you have to get off drugs cold turkey, then wait until you near the end of your sentence to finally get into the drug program. That means you could wait 5, 10, even as long as 30 years before you get any drug counseling at all.

Loretto’s “Education” Department scheduled a prisoner-led class last fall called “Quantum Physics.” Nobody bothered to check whether the prisoner-teacher was qualified to teach a course on quantum physics, nor did anyone request a lesson plan. As it turned out, the gay prisoner-teacher’s only degree was from the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College. The course had nothing to do with quantum physics. It was a self-help pity party for pedophiles, and it sought to help them expand their rationale of denial, with the theme from “Rocky” playing in the background all the while. The teacher began the course by chanting, “We’re homos and we’re chomos! We’re homos and we’re chomos!” (“Chomo” is short for “child molester.”) One African-American prisoner, who expected to learn something about quantum physics, got up, shouted, “This is fucked up!” and walked out. Otherwise, it was a very popular class among a certain demographic. I’m not kidding.

Even more worrisome is the situation with pedophiles in general. Despite a recent Congressional Research Service report to the contrary, there is no treatment whatsoever for pedophiles and child molesters. Nothing. Indeed, these perverts find a welcoming community of like-minded offenders in prison, like we saw in the quantum physics class. They also trade pictures of children that they cut out of the Toys R Us catalogue or Parenting Magazine, photos of young-looking 18-year-olds in G-strings that they buy from mail-order houses that cater to sex offenders in prison and even pictures of other inmates’ children, stolen, of course.

Pedophiles move in packs in prison. They sit together in the cafeteria, they take prisoner-led classes together, they watch movies together, and they congregate in large groups in the library and the chapel, all protesting their innocence and complaining that they’re misunderstood.

My friend, cellmate and former colleague, “Dave,” and I took a prisoner-led Introductory Spanish course a few months ago. We quit after three sessions because the class was nothing more than a coffee klatch for pedophiles. After one asked, “How do you say in Spanish, ‘Do you want some candy?’” We walked out and never went back.

The Bureau of Prisons doesn’t do anything to dissuade pedophiles. Indeed, in an event right out of the Twilight Zone, the warden sent a memo to all inmates, “Please join FCI Loretto and the Bureau of Prisons as we celebrate the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day.” The memo, announcing, “Happy Children’s Day!” said, “Our Children’s Day celebration will be held on the weekend of November 20-December 1, 2013. Materials will be available for each family with visiting children ages three to ten. I attach a copy of the Children’s Day flyer in case you can’t believe something like this could actually happen.

So we have a facility where pedophiles and pederasts are warehoused, where they get no therapy or medication for their perversion, where they spend all their time together exchanging tricks of the trade, and where the warden gives them advance warning of a children’s event so they can schedule their own visits and be in the presence of young children from 8:30 am to 2:15 pm over two days. You may recall from my third Letter from Loretto that a prison guard had to move my entire family during a visit because a pederast attorney from Philadelphia was leering at my 9-year-old son. I’ll say it again: If pedophiles must stay more than 1000 feet from a school on the outside, why are they allowed within three feet of my children in the visitors room?

Even though I haven’t been able to take (or at least complete) any classes since I got to prison, I have learned a lot. Among the things one can learn are how to cook methamphetamine; how to smuggle drugs across international borders without getting caught; how to steal food from the cafeteria and then cook an entire meal using only a live electrical wire and a garbage can full of water; how to make contraband cigarettes using chewing tobacco spat out by prison guards, dried and rolled with toilet paper (they’re called “spitarettes” and they’re $10 each); how to self-medicate using home remedies and over-the-counter concoctions in lieu of real medical care; how to set up a Ponzi scheme; and how to defraud mortgage companies and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (another prisoner-led class).

So at the end of the day, I guess I have been educated in prison. Maybe I have been corrected. I’m confident now that I’m ready to re-enter civilized society.

Seriously, though, this lack of counseling, rehabilitation and educational and training opportunities for prisoners is a long-term problem for society. The country already is home to an increasingly large population of uneducated, untrained, unreformed, pissed-off ex-felons who are not going to just sit around hoping to win the lottery. Lacking prospects for employment, they’ll do what they do best—commit crimes. For the pedophiles, they will leave prison emboldened by the fact that they spent their entire sentence among like-minded sickos without once being challenged about their perversions. The BOP needs to get on the ball.

To learn more about my case, please go to [4] . Until next time.


The above letter can be found with comment at the following link [3]

Johns old website [4] and new website  [5]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading or listening to this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.


[1] Kevin Gosztola’s blog with John Kiriakou’s Letters from Loretto

[2] John Kiriakous

[3] John Kiriakous nothing corrected letter

[4] Defend John website

[4a] His story

[5] Johns Kiriakou’s new website

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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