Manifesto Commitments on Child Sexual Abuse and Child Protection

I have just put together a very quick and brief summary of various Parties commitments re Child protection, child sexual abuse and  forced adoption issues

I have not checked SNP or Plaid Cymru or any small party, and only very quickly checked the main parties, so there could be bits I have missed.

Basically Labour and UKIP promise a bit and Conservatives, Lib Dem and Greens nothing. Labour information is not in the manifesto itself but another document so what status it holds in the party or for a Labour government is unclear.

I will not be doing any more work on this, (except I will add other parties committments if I am sent their info and link) as I am sure or hope that others will work on this issue and do a more comprehensive analysis, but this is a start and hopefully we can put pressure on the various parties by shaming their pathetic or non existent policies on child sexual abuse.

The lack of manifesto commitment really says all we need to know about the lack of will to tackle child sexual abuse and especially “VIP” child sexual abuse in parliament, police. judiciary, secret services and other positions of power.


Manifesto[3b] We will publish a Violence against Women and Girls Bill, appoint a commissioner
to set minimum standards in tackling domestic and sexual violence, and provide
more stable central funding for women’s refuges and Rape Crisis Centres

A Better Plan to Secure Safer Communities [3a]

Across the country, everyone agrees
that children should be protected, that
abuse of our young people is immoral,
that violence against women and girls
must be confronted with robust laws
and offenders properly punished. But
there is still a terrible gap between what
we all believe and the reality of the
protection provided.
1 in 20 children in the UK have been
sexually abused according to the
NSPCC. Last year 18,600 children and
young people contacted Childline to
discuss child sex abuse. The number
of child sexual exploitation offences
reported to the police has increased by
60%, yet the number of offenders being
arrested has fallen over the last four
years. 13 per cent fewer child abuse
cases are reaching the courtroom and
convictions are down by 11 per cent.
We know violence against women
and girls is still far too rife in our
communities. Two women a week
are killed by a current or former male
partner. At least 750,000 children a
year witness domestic violence.
Sexual offences have gone up and too
many girls are still at risk of Female
Genital Mutilation (FGM). Tackling these
heinous crimes will be one of the next
Labour government’s biggest priorities.
Too often victims are not being heard or
listened to.
We will set up a new child protection unit
between the Home Office and
Department for Education to provide
leadership in government and drive the
changes needed. We will bring in tough
new powers enabling the police to
prevent an adult from contacting or
communicating with a child if there is
evidence of abuse, and make it a
criminal offence if they contact them.
We will introduce mandatory reporting
of abuse. We will ensure people
convicted of sex offences are barred
from working with children.
We will continue to support the
Justice Lowell Goddard child abuse
inquiry. We will work with survivors
and Justice Goddard to strengthen it
where necessary, including supporting
the inclusion of allegations related
to Northern Ireland. We will also
strengthen the protection for children
against grooming or exposure to
online pornography.
We will publish the first UK-wide
‘Violence against Women and Girls Bill’,
set up a Commissioner to enforce
national minimum standards in
preventing domestic and sexual
violence and establish a National Refuge
3. T ough new laws to confront child sexual 3
abuse and violence against women
Fund and continue to provide stability of
central funding for Rape Crisis Centres.
We will strengthen the law to prevent
violence against women and girls,
banning the use of community
resolutions as a response to domestic
violence and tightening the gun
licensing regime so that people with a
history of domestic or sexual violence
will not be given an unrestricted licence.
We will make changes to DNA retention,
so that rape suspects have their DNA
recorded and stored. And we will consult
on strengthening the law to prevent
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).
Victims of domestic violence need far
better support. Too often they are
unable to break free from abusive
relationships because this
Government’s changes have deprived
them of support for legal fees they need
for divorce cases. It will be a priority for
the next Labour Government to ensure
victims of domestic violence get the legal
support they need to break free of
violent relationships.
And because we know all our children
– boys and girls – need to understand
the importance of equal and respectful
relationships, we will introduce
compulsory age-appropriate sex and
relationships education in schools.
Labour will:
• Set up a new child protection unit to
provide leadership in government to
drive the changes needed.
• Introduce tough new powers enabling
the police to prevent an adult from
contacting or communicating with
a child if there is evidence of abuse,
and make it a criminal offence if they
contact them.
• Introduce mandatory reporting and
bar sex offenders from working with
• Introduce compulsory
age-appropriate sex and
relationships education in schools
to teach respect in relationships.
• Ban the use of community resolutions
in domestic violence cases
• Make changes to DNA retention,
so that rape suspects have their DNA
recorded and stored

UKIP [1]

UKIP wants fathers to be more involved in their children’s lives.
To help prevent thousands of fathers losing contact with their children
each year when couples break up, UKIP will legislate for an initial
presumption of 50-50 shared parenting in child residency matters.
Grandparents will also be given visiting rights, unless it can be shown to the
satisfaction of the Family Court that there is a good reason to withhold such rights.
We will also review the Family Court system, with the intention of
implementing independent lay oversight of Family Courts, to ensure that necessary
confidentiality does not prevent proper scrutiny in this and all areas
of Family Law.
A misplaced sensitivity to issues of race and religion, combined with fear, has been
shown to have stopped many investigations into the abuse of children. There is also
concern among the public at rising levels of ‘forced’ adoptions. Some of those charged
with protecting children in care are letting serious cases of abuse and maltreatment slip
through the net. Our children’s wellbeing lags behind many of our European neighbours
and we are seeing alarming rates of self-harm and poor mental health.
UKIP is committed to bringing forward a full, open review of all
childcare and child protection services in Britain, with a view to
initiating wholesale reform of a system that is clearly failing.
Our children deserve better and UKIP will investigate failings
without fear or favour to deliver a safer, brighter, fairer
future for our children

Lib Dem [2]

4.5 Improving care for looked after children
Liberal Democrats have long championed early intervention to
prevent problems before they arise, but we also need to make sure
we equip social workers with the skills to address these complex
issues and ensure children’s safety. Where children do have to be
taken into care we must make sure they find a loving home with
as little disruption and instability as possible. We have done much
in Government to be proud of in helping children in care and to
improve social work, but we can still go further.
We will:
ww Continue to invest in early intervention, further expanding the
Troubled Families Programme and building on the work of the
Early Intervention Foundation to spread evidence of what works.
ww Expect Local Authorities to set out a clear purpose for the care
system: to promote emotional wellbeing and resilience, provide
a secure base on which children can be supported in their
development and provide individually tailored help with recovery.

Raise the quality and profile of children’s social work, continuing
and expanding the Frontline programme – which is fast-tracking
the brightest and best into the profession – to at least 300
graduate recruits each year.
Tackle delay and instability in foster care, with better support and
training for foster carers, including on mental health issues.
Continue to make it easier for children in care to find a loving
home, through the national Adoption Register and the new
national gateway for adoption, a first point of contact for potential
Prevent looked after children and young people being drawn into
the criminal justice system unnecessarily by promoting restorative

Green Party [5] 

Ensure that the Uks child protection systems are effective at tackling child neglect and absue early on, including changing the law so that emotional abuse is treated on a par with physical abuse and giving police and child protection professionals clear guidance to help them work effectively.

Conservatives [4] 

We will protect children

Every child deserves a warm, loving home, and to feel safe
online and at school. We have made improving support
for children and young people with special educational
needs and disabilities a priority. We have created 2,200
more special schools places through our free schools
programme, introduced a coordinated assessment process
to determine a child or young person’s needs, and funded
degree-level specialist training for teachers and support
staff. And to make sure it’s working, Ofsted now formally
inspects local areas for their effectiveness in fulfilling their
new duties. We have made progress in reforming our
adoption system, but there is more to do. We will introduce
regional adoption agencies, working across local authority
boundaries to match children with the best parents for
them. We will continue to raise the quality of children’s
social work, by expanding training programmes, such as
Frontline, and creating new opportunities to develop the
next generation of leaders in the field. We will continue to
tackle all forms of bullying in our schools. And we will stop
children’s exposure to harmful sexualised content online, by
requiring age verification for access to all sites containing
pornographic material and age-rating for all music videos


[1] UKIP

[2] Lib Dem

[3a] Labour Better Plan to secure safer Communities

[3b] Labour Manifesto

[4] Conservatives

[5] Green Party

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2 Responses to Manifesto Commitments on Child Sexual Abuse and Child Protection

  1. artmanjosephgrech says:

    Great minds they say as I had planned to do the same tomorrow after finishing my information on the era of Children’s departments

    Yvette Cooper is report to have said Labour will ask the Goddard inquiry to include Kincora although I had doubt about the power to amend the terms of reference

    The other point to stress is that with a coalition most likely the civil servants will be draw up schedules what each party is saying on every issue so that if talks comments between two or more parties they will have ready those matters where there is already agreement, those where they are significant part and those where compromise will be possible.

    The parties will themselves also be drawing up similar schedules

    The most likely options are
    Conservatives, Liberals, UKIP and UDP northern Ireland

    Labour Lib Dems and SDP The SNP Plaid and Greens will not be considered re any Coalition agreement but will be involved if Labour attempt a minority government if they gaim the largest number of seats.

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