Paul Kingsley Assault and Death Bradford 1976

Paul Kingsley Assault and Death Bradford 1976

If anyone has more information on this case, please could you contact me in confidence on

bradford 1bradford 2bradford 3


[1] A Study of Human Exploitation Playland Robin Lloyd 1979 ISBN 0 7043 3250 7

changed its title later to Study of Boy Prostitution

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C]  and Havoca [D]. Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog. Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.


[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

[G] Jim Hopper Mindfulness

[H] Jim Hopper Meditation

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free...
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47 Responses to Paul Kingsley Assault and Death Bradford 1976

  1. Jonathan spence says:

    Hi Cathy I’m the half brother of Paul. Would like to communicate with you via phone or email.

  2. Christine Reynolds says:

    My name is Christine Reynolds (spence), I want answers to my step brothers murder of paul adrian kingsley in 1976.
    More people need to forward with info which they have been in back of their minds.

  3. Christine Reynolds says:

    Anyone with information please come forward if you have been a victim as Paul was. Can anyone who has info regarding the scout master who also committed suicide at the time was also involved if have suffered by under these people you
    You don’t have to suffer anymore.

  4. Colin Alderman says:

    I remember this murder as I do some walking- local to Yeadon in winter-and know the area well.I seem to remember him being a paper boy, something I remembered as I had delivered papers not long before. Last March when heading for Danefield i saw a bunch of flower taped to one of the trees, with a message on card. It seemed strange so I took a photo of it to look up name on the internet.The note said:
    11th NOV 1976 Murder / Our much loved brother was / placed here on the 11th Nov./ His name was Paul Kingsley / aged 11 years / Miss you Love you lots / XXX any info please contact / Tele argus(?) paper / we still need answers
    It would seem that the case is not closed in some peoples eyes.

    • Christine Reynolds says:

      Dear Colin , I placed the flowers there it was my brother. It is forty years this Nov since it happened and my other brother feels that more people know more of the case and people involved. People shouldn’t feel scared or a shamed to name those even from the past they are guilty of a crime and should be punished..
      Please if you feel that you have any info or need to help please contact telegraph and argus or carole fox .

  5. Jonathan Spence says:

    Where do I start I’ll start by saying Paul was my half brother at Cecil Avenue with sister Christine and mum and dad. The time we lived at Cecil Ave has some bad memories for me.
    I had been personally abused by a local man of Indian decent on several occasions, I was totally unaware of my brothers abuse which was much more serious but after my brothers death our family then went through what is clearly the most horrific nightmare for anyone to go through.
    over the years Id kept what happened to me secret but with the passing of time i began to open up not just that but for some reason i felt my brothers murder had more answers still to be exposed as this was abuse on a massive scale involving may people in varying professions, this was some what clarified some 13 years ago know when i approached a local news paper and an piece was published to highlight my brothers remembrance but to also ask anyone to come forward with anymore information, some time after the newspaper went out i was contacted by a man of whom i believe his name was Michael, I came back up to Yorkshire and we met in a local pub, I took with me a digital recorder, with a brief introduction i asked if i could record our conversation of which he had no problem in our conversation been recorded.
    here is what i remember of the conversation as the digital recorder was handed to Bradford police after the meeting.
    Michael said he had been living with this on his mind for many years and wanted to speak to someone about it, Micheal at the time worked in a factory or distribution center working nights and on the night of Paul’s murder one of his work colleagues an Asian male came in to work late that evening and Michael noted that he looked as though he was in shock and very out of character with a sickly look on his face.
    Shortly after with a day or so his colleague left work and flew back to India, Michael was led to believe his work colleague was a friend of Sinclair and he felt his work colleague was with Sinclair that night and had participated in the murder of my brother, Michael had also heard that my brother and others were been abused by many men in exchange for cash and he also was told some of the abusers where in very high positions of power to which Michael said a very senior Asian councilor was involved with abusing boys.
    I do believe the abuse rape and murder of my brother and possibly others was something on a massive scale which involved Asian males along with white at the time and with this i do believe the police knew this and where worried in exposing these people at the time in case of reprisals such as riots and the exposure of other people maybe in the police force itself and other persons in the judicial system.
    Its clear the abuse during these times had no boundary and there where many abusers in these positions of authority installing fears and leaving many lives devastated, but for me time was the healer giving me the strength to talk about it, so i ask anyone who has been through and still going through any hurt or feel the need to expose the past or any individual no matter what position they hold be strong because there are people out there who will listen and deal with your crime. Now is the time to expose these people because now its there time to me punished.

  6. Christine Reynolds says:

    It’s time now for people to open up and stand for what is right, no one should have the right to abuse others for their own pleasure it has a profound effect on those who have had to suffer such horrible act.
    Should be brought to justice and exposed letting others know what disgusting people they are.

  7. Jonathan Spence says:

    further to my earlier blog Anthony Sinclair was sentenced to seven years for Manslaughter and not MURDER which I’m led to believe he only served half of this sentence just over three years for raping and killing my brother. This poor punishment for such a horrific crime makes you wonder if Sinclair new more, perhaps other people also involved at the time or within this circle of pedophiles and his lenient punishment given in exchange for his silence.
    Beside this Sinclair has been able to change his name by deed poll allowing him to lead an undetected or monitored life giving him the chance to work in environments with children or to commit offence without the past been questioned, the system has failed us in a massive way whilst our family suffers until eternity.
    Another incident that I remember shortly after my brothers death was the suicide of a Scout Master who lived at the top of our road Cecil Avenue and he was found in possession of naked photos of boy scouts and cubs. This again did not have much publicity was this another case of a wall of silence.
    If any one has any information on past crimes related to this I’m available via my email and any such information will be treated with the strictest of confidence unless instructed otherwise.

  8. tteevee says:

    Tony Sinclair was, or actually had been at the time he committed the crime the secretary/coach of Pudsey Juniors Football Club I believe. As a local referee at the time I was shocked to find out at that I had known him before and after he had committed the crime without any indication. I didn’t know of the Scout Master’s suicide though, but it does have a tenuous connection with something I read that a pathologist had said during the trial.

  9. Christine Reynolds says:

    I would like to ask if anyone has any further information please contact the bradford police. We feel the net is closing and some of the answer will be fill the gaps which were left open but soon be filled. If anyone who knew our brother and was with him at the scouts please could you please

  10. Christine Reynolds says:

    Let us know who the scout leader was at the time of year 1975
    Plus did he have connections with sinclair. Who else was there on that night come forward.

  11. Christine Reynolds says:

    We need help tracing the scoutmaster who committed suicide while watching a cinicamera of young boys in his basement.
    He lived on cecil avenue bradford Bd7 3bw.
    We know he is no longer here but he should be named and shamed still the same. The scout troop was the 31st troop they would meet on a Thursday evening on trinity road.

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  14. As far as I can gather the name which comes to mind of the scoutmaster is rains if anyone has any info please contact the police to help us with this case.

  15. The person whom my brother met called micheal if this person could come forward would be a great help to us in our brother’s case please if you read this blog put a answer.

  16. Please can anyone come forward with info on Rains a scoutmaster of the 31st trinity road scout group bradford in 1976.
    He lived on cecil avenue bradford Bd7 3bw.
    Plus who were his friends or did any one work with him.
    Any former scout who was around at that time

  17. Please can anyone come forward with info on Rains a scoutmaster of the 31st trinity road scout group bradford in 1976.
    He lived on cecil avenue bradford Bd7 3bw.
    Plus who were his friends or did any one work with him.
    Any former scout who was around at that time.

  18. Christine Rey says:

    We are asking now those people who have been abused please come forward and if you knew our half brother paul and any information we will not expose who you are but we need evidence to relates to our case.
    For those abusers who are still out there we will find you and will be sentenced to a crime which you committed to those who were so young and scared.

  19. Christine Rey says:

    Our fight still goes on and we will never stop until we find the truth and make sure you are named and shamed.

  20. Christine Rey says:

    Anyone who knew those involved in the sexual abuse of our brother and the sexual abuse of others in the local area please come forward we were abused ourselves by the Asian sector and there isn’t enough done to speak about it but we are victims and are willing to speak and tell our story to catch those who are still trying to run.

  21. Christine Rey says:

    Please don’t be scared to come forward to talk it too us 40years to speak but feel stronger exchange day that passes if anyone feels how small any info they have could give us a big lead.

  22. Christine Reynolds says:

    Any scouts out there who were abused by a scout leader who used to live up Cecil avenue please get in touch because we need to know about this person please if you can help place a message on here.

  23. David Rayner says:

    How could Sinclair have been convicted of manslaughter and not murder? How can you accidentally strangle someone? Either you want to strangle them or you don’t. There’s something very odd about that sentence.

    • Christine Reynolds says:

      Hi David, as you know from reading this I am Paul’s sister we say the same about this it would be great to find more about this and were is Sinclair now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi,could you contact me on this email address please [redacted] l lived in the area at that time and have some really strong memories.

  24. David Rayner says:

    Hi, Christine. My sincere condolences to you on the terrible way in which you lost your dear brother. It’s incredible to realise that 1976 is now 42 years ago and that, had he lived, Paul would have been 53 now. I’ve no idea where Sinclair is now, but if he’s still around, he’d be 77 years old.

    • Christine Reynolds says:

      Hi David, what made you read this about Paul did you know him at all or gave you any connections to the case.

  25. Christine Reynolds says:

    Hi David, what made you read this about Paul did you know him at all or gave you any connections to the case.

  26. David Rayner says:

    No, I never knew him nor had any connection to the case, but I remember reading about it in the paper at the time and remember thinking it odd at the time that Sinclair was convicted of manslaughter.

  27. David Rayner says:

    It’s quite a while ago now when I was on Google images looking for something and found an image of a newspaper front page with Paul’s case on it. I click on it to enlarge it and somehow it brought me to this blog.

    • Christine Reynolds says:

      This case will never but we would hope convict those still out there running thinking they are free get ‘KARMA’ for the evilness they have done to others who are still suffering today like us as a family.

  28. Christine says:

    Anyone with info please help this could help those who are scared to speak out in public give those their justice back of those who have done wrong.

  29. Christine says:

    Anyone with info please help this could help those who are scared to speak out in public give those their justice back of those who have done wrong.

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