VIP paedos, the Chicken Rack and Met cover-up – The Sun 2014 July 8

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The Sun 2014 July 8 VIP Paedos, the Chicken Rack and Met cover-up Scotland Yard dragged into perv scandal

SUN INVESTIGATION lifts the lid on an abandoned police probe into a VIP paedo ring including MPs and judges and takes a look at the shattered lives of the forgotten rent boys.

by Mike Sullivan Crime Editor

the sun_2016143a

SCOTLAND Yard pulled the plug on a secret surveillance operation into a VIP

paedophile ring allegedly involving MPs and top judges.

The year-long probe started in 1983 but was abruptly halted — with officers

told: “Forget about it.”

The specialist Met team had traced a group of men using rent boys from the

notorious “Chicken Rack” at London’s Piccadilly Circus.

They had built up a bundle of intelligence from their HQ near King’s Cross

station in central London, tailing suspects to hotels, public loos, private

homes and even boats on the Essex coast.

A member of the team said they knew they had “unearthed a minefield”

leading to the heart of the establishment.

He said: “We were specifically told we had stumbled across senior judiciary

members and MPs who were linked to suspects under surveillance.

“But we must have touched a raw nerve and the plug was pulled on us out of

the blue.

“It was a very intense operation. Officers were on it day and night and

also worked weekends tailing suspects.

“There was a magistrates court in South West London where men accused of

sex offences were dealt with and they were targeted from there.

“We ended up looking at a ring of paedophiles in the Forest Gate area of

East London.

“Kids were being dropped off at houses in flash cars and there was a boat

which would sail off from the Clacton area with youngsters on board.

“A main target was identified in Forest Gate. This was done by running

checks on car index numbers and people at various addresses. There were

three other teams like ours across London at the time.

“We were told the order to stop had come from high levels at the Met. We

were livid because so much work had been put into it.

*“That ring still kept operating for years afterwards.”*

Former Tory Cabinet Minister Lord Tebbit said last weekend there “may well”

have been a political cover-up of child abuse at the time in order to

protect “the system”.

The missing dossier handed to then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan in 1983 by

Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens is said to be linked to the alleged abuse of kids

at the Elm Guest House, in Barnes, South West London.

That abuse is currently being investigated by a team of seven detectives

from the Met’s Operation Fairbank, set up in 2012.

It is claimed that youngsters were sent from a children’s home run by

Richmond Council to the guest house for “Kings and Queens” parties where

they were abused.

The source added: “The Met should have its own records. A mass of

intelligence was produced by our investigation and there must be others

like it.”

A Met spokesman last night said he was unable to comment.


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