Canon Moerman, Michael Ingram, NCCL and Scottish Law Commission

I have not time to do justice to @Snowfakeds research but this is an outline that he has provided of Canon Moerman, Michael Ingram, NCCL and Scottish Law Commission

Some background on Ingram’s boss at International Catholic Child Bureau in
Geneva, Canon Joseph Moermann
Remembering Canon Joseph Moerman & CRC by Kathleen Cravero

Joseph Moerman
(born in Kortrijk on March 2, 1920, died in Geneva on 28 February 2012) is
a Belgian priest who scored the activities for children at the
international level.

At the end of high school, Joseph Moerman between the Minor Seminary in
Roeselare (Roeselare), it follows two years of study, from 1938 to 1940. At
that time, he is very involved in the KSA (Katholieke Actie Studenten),
movement of the Flemish Catholic youth. After three years of training at the
Grand Seminary of Bruges, he was ordained priest in December 1943.

From 1943 to 1947 he studied theology at the Theological Faculty of the
Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), where he is preparing a doctoral thesis
with subject De Grondslagen der Christelijke Ethica bij Emil Brunner
(Foundations of Christian ethics, with Emil Brunner). In August 1946 he
participated with the Belgian Federation of Catholic students in a meeting
organized by Pax Romana in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland. He met students and
intellectuals from different countries, with whom J. Moerman always keep

From 1947 to 1955, Joseph Moerman was named Professor of Rhetoric, first
at the College of Tielt in Dutch regime, then at the College of Mouscron in
French regime.

It is sent in late March 1955 in Leopoldville (Kinshasa) to organize the
Office of Catholic Education (BEC) for all territories – this Belgian time –
Africa, Congo and Rwanda-Urundi. He is Chairman of BEC until 1960. He was
then appointed Director in Brazzaville, the Regional Secretariat for
Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar (SRAM) of the International Office of Catholic
Education (OIEC). In August 1965 stands at Leopoldville-Kinshasa First
Pan-African Conference of Catholic Education (COPEC), organized by the OIEC to
know the situation of Catholic education throughout society in Africa.
Returning to Europe in 1965, Joseph Moerman is responsible for the drafting of
the conference report.

Appointed Secretary General of the Bureau International Catholic Child
Bureau (BICE) , he started in this function the April 1, 1967. Temporarily
installed in Rome, he transfers the General Secretariat in Geneva.

Having witnessed in Africa distress of the families of prisoners, he
launched an international study of children of prisoners. As part of the Year
and the World Population Conference (1974), J. Moerman part in reflection
and study group set up by the Conference of International Catholic
Organizations. On World Population Conference in Bucharest, he was invited to make a
statement on behalf of all religions at the Closing Session of the
Population Tribune, August 30, 1974.

The International Year of the Child (IEA) in 1979
This initiative comes at BICE and its Secretary General. The President of
BICE, Prof. Michel Falise, 3 January 1973, Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General
of the United Nations to propose the celebration of an International Year
of the Child. Kurt Waldheim responds favorably on January 29 of that year.
The project is passed by the UN General Assembly on 21 December 1976. An
intense collaboration established between BICE and UNICEF. From 1977 to
1980, Canon Moerman chaired the committee which includes the NGOs involved in
the preparation. The activity unfolded earned him the title of Father of the
International Year of the Child. In the IEA promotion effort, the Canon
Moerman has the support of the Queen Marie José of Italy, which makes
available its network of relationships.

Two new organizations are emerging in the wake of the IEA with support
from J. Moerman. From 1982 to 1985 he chaired an inter-NGO Children and
Street Youth Program, followed by the launch in 1986 of Childhope – An
International Movement on behalf facility of Street Children and Street Youth, of
which he is Chairman and founder. He is also the Founding President of
Defence for Children International (DCI), especially sensitive to non-compliance
with children’s rights.

The Convention of Children’s Rights
The studies and findings of the Year of the Child have advanced the idea
of ​​the need for a legal instrument guaranteeing respect for children’s
rights. In 1983 has established an Ad Hoc Group of NGOs for the Drafting of
the International Convention on Children’s Rights, including Joseph Moerman
assumed the presidency. The representatives of governments and NGOs work
together to develop the 54 articles of the Convention. The text was adopted
unanimously by the UN General Assembly on 20 November 1989.

Latest activity
Canon Moerman retires BICE end of March 1985. From 1985 to 1987 he chaired
the Committee on NGOs consultative status with UNICEF and 1988-1995 UNICEF
appointed him as Special Advisor staff from the organization. It
contributes to the creation of the NGO Committee for the Family at the United
Nations Centre for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs (CSDHA) in Vienna,
and the launch of the International Year of the Family (1994).

The last years, free from responsibilities, he devotes his time to his
philosophical and theological notes.

J. Moerman was named honorary canon of the diocese of Bruges in 1956. In
2011 he passed all its archives KADOC documentation center in Leuven


[Please note his time connected to UNICEF and have a look at the child sex
scandal with UNICEF in 1987/88]

Reading Eagle – 24 December 1978
Goal Is a Better World for Our Children
Canon Joseph Moerman
[see michaelingrammoerman01.jpg]


Encore American & Worldwide News, Volume 6 1977 Page 10
[see michaelingrammoerman02.jpg]

The Philanthropy Monthly, Volume 18 1985 Page 35
[see Martiningrammoerman03.jpg]

Defence for Children Group 1979


PATHFINER FUND with whom Michael Ingram assisted on the “Ethics of Triage”
Pathfinder Fund and Planned Parenthood


1980 Scottish Law Commission
Memorandum No: 44
The Law of Incest in Scotland
April 1980

[Page 29]
3.15. It has been suggested that wider availability of efficient
contraception, sterilisation and abortion which greatly reduces the risk of
genetically defective children, weakens the argument for incest laws based on
genetics. 2

2 National Council for Civil Liberties, Report No. 13 at p. 15.
[see michaelingramscottishlaw29.jpg]michaelingramscottishlaw29

[Page 40]
Effects of the Criminal Process
4.15. It has been argued that the added ordeal of a criminal process which
involves medical examination and the repeated telling of the story of the
relationship to the police at inquiry stage, the Procurator-Fiscal at the
stage of precognition and to the court at any trial re-enacts in the child’s
mind the sexual offence itself and that this interrogation thereby
reinforces any harm the act might have done. 1

1 This submission was made by Father Michael Ingram, a Roman Catholic
Priest and trained psychologist with experience as a child counsellor at St
Thomas’s Hospital in London and the Family Service Unit in Leicestershire.
[see michaelingramscottishlaw40.jpg]


[Page 54]
Current proposals by others

6.2. The National Council for Civil Liberties and the Sexual Law Reform
Society on similar grounds have urged the abolition of the crime of incest
and simultaneously called for a reduction in the “age of consent to 14”, a
figure which for them is a compromise since both, for similar reasons, would
like to see the age of consent abolished altogether. 3

3 National Council for Civil Liberties, Report No. 13 at p. 15; Sexual Law
Reform Society, Report of Working Party on the Law in Relation to Sexual
Behaviour, 5 September 1974.
[see michaelingramscottishlaw54NCCL.jpg]


[Page 74]
Current proposals by others

6.38. It would therefore be necessary for an outside agency to become
involved and we do not accept the view that help and treatment for the victim
and other members of the family cannot be secured within the criminal
process. 1

1. See National Council for Civil Liberties, Report No. 13 at p. 15.
[see michaelingramscottishlaw74NCCL.jpg]

michaelingramscottishlaw74NCCLmichaelingramscottishlaw01 michaelingrammoerman03 michaelingrammoerman02 michaelingrammoerman01

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