The Detectives

The Detectives is a BBC series Documentary series which follows the detectives trained to deal with sex offences. Police investigate historic abuse claims about Ray Teret, a DJ and friend of Jimmy Savile.

These are only available on I-player until mid June and it is a good programme so watch it soon, but of course a trigger warning.

Check on various video channels eg You Tube  if the time runs out, or in links at end

The Detectives 1.Manhunt


A gripping and dramatic three-part series that gets inside the mind of a new breed of detective, specially trained to investigate sex offences. The programmes show what it is like to tackle the crimes that carry the toughest sentences, yet the lowest conviction rates.

The Detectives 2.Interrogation

This second episode in the series continues to follow the police investigation into Ray Teret, a Manchester DJ and friend of Jimmy Savile, accused of historic abuse against schoolgirls. It is centred on a dramatic three-day interrogation of Teret, at the end of which it is down to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide if he will be charged or walk free.

It is the culmination of more than a year’s work for detectives Rod and Carol – and the moment when they finally reveal to Teret how many victims they have found and how much evidence they have against him.

Alongside the interrogation of Ray Teret, the film also follows an online-grooming investigation into Mark Cox, a 17-year-old accused of raping a 12-year-old girl.

The last episode in the series features the final part of the investigation into Ray Teret, a Manchester DJ and friend of Jimmy Savile, charged with a string of historic sexual offences against 17 women. During Teret’s eight-week trial, it follows detectives Rod and Carol through the last chapter of their investigation. After almost two years of painstaking work to build a case against Teret, it is now down to a jury to decide if he is guilty.

The film also follows trainee detective Ruth as she investigates a report of the rape of a female student. Another detective, Mark, has been trying to crack a case for almost a year. It is an emotional day for him when he finally gets a breakthrough.


[1] Manhunt


[2] Interrogation


[3] Judgement Day


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2 Responses to The Detectives

  1. ian clowrey says:

    Did Judith Dawson jones work with Strong enough to care hotts chief exec workin party 1994

  2. Magan says:

    Hello my name is Magan from the united states. I just saw the Detectives episode. I wanted to leave a message with Cathy. I wanted to say thank you from being so brave and inspirational. The laws in the USA are different. I wish that I could seek the justice you fought so hard for. You made me want to speak up. You made me want to seek justice. You are brave and strong. I wish that I could be as brave as you. Even years later It feels like yesterday. I hope that in this process you have found some sort of peace. I hope you get this message. God bless you.

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