“Families forever storybooks”

The British children taken into care now includes many children from the EU countries, and in 2014 many of the EU countries held meetings to raise their concerns about the British attitudes to state-sponsored child abuse and forced adoption.

Present day figures state approx 1.000 children are taken into care every month, mostly on false allegations. Once a child is in care, that child is left all alone with strangers, frightened, then only to be bombarded with questions by the court ‘experts’. Many children are used for medical experiments, most children are moved many times from different foster carers; some children are sexually abused.

When foster carers take their yearly paid holidays the children are sent to live with more strangers with a respite carer. There is no stability for these children, they are all alone. So, “In a child’s best interest” thousands of these children are going from pillar to post and lose all contact with their families and grandparents. For those children who are ALLOWED contact they are supervised, mostly in a tiny room in a contact centre. Many contacts are limited to nine hours a year with most grandparents told ‘your grandchildren do not want to see you’. This is not “In a child’s best interest”; this is destroying the families. We have thousands of adults who are discarded from the care system left to live on the streets. Most tell me that when they were in care the social workers told them their families did not want them or any contact, and this was the reason they were in care. For many children this was an outright lie, which they only discovered after leaving the system and on finding their families when they were told the truth. It is time that the care system supported the families and children “In a child’s best interest”.

For 100s of years the British children in care have been screaming to be heard they have no human rights, no family and are still the silent witnesses.
Prisoners have more rights then any child in care and all prisoners are allowed contact with their children. They are allowed to write them a story as can be seen at http://www.storybookdads.co.uk. If prisoners are allowed family contact and are able to write stories for their children then the families of those children in care should have the same rights.

I, on behalf of the children screaming to be heard, who are all alone, frightened, and living with strangers, demand that they have contact by “Families Forever storybooks” from their families to give the children the support and to let them know they are still part of a family wanted, loved and missed.

In this link is Ben, just one of the thousands of adults from the care system who was left to live on the streets. He is one of the hundreds of adults I interviewed and filmed. He was told his family did not want him or to have any contact and for this reason he was in care. It is time for the system to stop the lies and to support the families and to bring change in the 21st Century for the kids in care. Ben will shortly be recording one of his songs he wrote about the care system. This will be in support of the children in care and also to support
“Families Forever Storybooks”.

I ask the British Government, the media, social services, the courts, lawyers, Barristers, celebrities and all who purport to work “In a child’s best interest” to support Families Forever Storybooks so that the children can know they are still loved and wanted, and by Families Forever Storybooks the children will be able to stay in touch with their biological families.

Yours Sincerely
Maggie Tuttle
The silent witness here lies the truth.


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  1. www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com The silent witnesses here lies the truth says:

    I Cathy, Cameron has not replied to the letter handed in June, for the families forever storybooks so I sent another letter by registerd post still nothing, its like kids are in care you the families get lost.


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