Anthony Cavendish on Oldfield – Inside Intelligence

In this post there are many pages about Oldfield from the book.

Cavendish wrote his book solely to counter what he called the slurs about Oldfields homosexuality and says that Oldfield was definitely not a practising homosexual otherwise he would have known.

Some of the reasons given by Cavendish for asserting Oldfield was not homosexual are as follows.

  • Cavendish was 19 when he met Oldfield aged 31. He thinks that this would have been Oldfields peak period for homosexuality and there was no indication that Maurice was “queer” and he in fact took girls out. [p157]
  • Oldfield had not recognised another officer as homosexual, whereas Cavendish had [155], and Cavendish contrasts Oldfield who was scruffy with an immaculate dressed homosexual he knew. [p157]
  • Cavendish once shared a double bed with Oldfield and maintains that if Oldfield had homosexual tendencies then “this episode would certainly have crystallised them ” but there was no flicker of interest on his part. [p158]
  • Both Cavendishes wives thought Oldfield was not homosexual. His first wife Odile, had been a fashion model in Paris, and thought Oldfield was not a pederast and said “The whole world of French fashion is full of pederasts, if I cannot tell one, who can?” [p158]
  • Cavendish’s second wife Elspeth could apparently tell homosexuals by the way they dress and keep their house but did not think Oldfield was homosexual. [p158]
  • When Oldfield was head of MI6 his flat was bugged. Cavendish says that if Oldfield had switched off the bug this would have caused comment, particularly if it happened regularly. [p160]
  • Oldfield had lied in his positive vetting re homosexuality [p155] but he had taken the polygraph test in US (p156) and Cavendish said he passed it. (If in fact he had really failed, it is quite possible that the US was blackmailing him. If he had passed the test, then the test was, of course worthless.)

Cavendish’s reasons are subjective and often naive and certainly not proof of his non homosexuality. Of course this also does not mean Oldfield was a practising homosexual or a child abuser, though as shown in the last post [9] then MI6 officers had a proportion of homosexuals and child abusers.

If Oldfield was a practising homosexual, would Cavendish have definitely known? Cavendish’s given reasons for stating Oldfield was not a homosexual appear trivial and naive. If Cavendish had known Oldfield was a homosexual could Cavendish be trusted to tell the truth?[9]. Cavendish also appears to concentrate on the allegation that Cavendish was a practising homosexual, rather than any child abuse allegations against Oldfield.

Cavendish blames MI5 for briefing against Oldfield as soon as he got the Northern Ireland job, MI5. He says this was reported by RUC special branch to Metropolitan Police which was included in a report to the commissioner Sir David McNee [p157], So this information and report should be made available.

For those who say that Oldfield could not possibly commit acts against young boys because he was always attended by security are proved wrong by this book. Security were not always with him. Cavendish recalls that when Oldfield had the Northern Ireland job, Cavendish and Oldfield went to the pub as soon as they were left alone by security, when the arrangement had been made with Special Branch that he would give them a ring if he was leaving the house. [p153]

If MI5 were indeed briefing falsely against Oldfield, because he was ex MI6, then this is unacceptable and should be investigated.  There are also accusations of slurs by MI5 against Leon Brittan. There are now two cases were individuals were either child abusers or having a slur campaign unfairly carried out against them by MI5.

Also interesting are the passages re Colin Wallace and Holroyd who themselves were subject to smear campaigns. Are MI5 and the secret services out of control? They seem to need more direct accountability.

Interesting also are the accusations of the French fashion being full of pederasts, which needs more research and investigation.

The following pages are largely about Oldfield.

cav3 001 cav4 001 cav5 001 cav6 001 cav7 001 cav8 001 cav9 001 cav10 001 cav11 001 cav12 001 cav13 001old1 001

old2 001 old3 001 old4 001 old5 001 old6 001 old7 001 old8 001 old9 001 old10 001 old11 001 old12 001 cav14 001Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C]  and Havoca [D]. Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog. Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.


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[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


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[G] Jim Hopper Mindfulness

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This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email

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