Trauma and Christmas

Some sound advice for what for many is a difficult time of year

Heathers Helpers

I posted this last year but I have about 1,000 new readers since then and I’ve been getting a lot of mail regarding the stress people are feeling regarding Christmas. I decided to post this again and I just rewrote a few things. Merry Christmas is almost here to you all.BallsWhile Christmas and other holidays can be hard for many people, I believe that those with trauma have some extra challenges. That said, I’ve always believed that when you understand something, that issue gets easier to deal with. It rarely takes it away but for me, knowing that something I am experiencing is common amongst trauma survivors helps take much of the pressure off of myself. I feel as though I am one sufferer amongst many and that we all coped the same way rather than it is just a “Heather thing”.

Here are a few things that you…

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2 Responses to Trauma and Christmas

  1. artmanjosephgrech says:

    Thanks. In the era of Margaret Thatcher cutback on local government expenditure I dreaded Christmas and New year because I had to prepare lists of potential reductions for the politicians to chose which had to be secret until the New Year. In those days I would sit at the Christmas dinner Table with my mother and aunts in their seventies and eighties with my partner and our children worrying about the services which might be lost, and the implications for staff although with early retirement packages no one was made redundant but posts delayed in filling or left unfilled. Given what has befallen local authorities since the austerity coalition my concern then must now seem trivial to those having to do what they have to do and have had to do with worse to come until at least 20 20 Once upon a time someone is reported to have said Father forgive them for they know not what they did. My Christmas prayer these days is Damn them for they know precisely what they do. Best wishes to you. Colin

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