Pindown: Initial Response and Draft Action Plan 14 Jun 1991 by Staffordshire Council to Pindown Report

Recently these documents on the Response of Staffordshire Council to the “Pindown” Report by Levy and Kahan were brought to my attention. There are several and they are on two different FOI requests about Pindown one from 2013 [2] and one from 2015 [4] .   Initially just documents from the first FOI will be posted in two posts,  as I have not had time to look at the second FOI yet.

These documents are the The Report of the Director of Staffordshire Social Services and Draft Action Plan re Levy & Kahan Pindown Report discussed at the Staffordshire Child care sub committee in June 1991 and then The Progress Report of the Director of Staffordshire Social Services discussed at the Social Services Committee in January 1992.

There is a brief timeline below, which will be added to when I research the second FOI request if required.

Some people who suffered Pindown have contacted me, and I will help to get a survivors group off the ground. Please contact me in confidence on, if you have any information or wish to be in contact with others from Staffordshire or Pindown. Two areas that formed survivors groups, Nottingham and Shirley Oaks, Lambeth managed to have enough support to persuade the Goddard IICSA Inquiry to investigate their area.

I believe that Staffordshire victims and Pindown victims have a good case  to be considered in future by the Inquiry, considering that the Levy Kahan “Pindown” Report  failed to find sexual abuse that a few years later was shown to be going on by good police work on Operation Thor. I expose this in my post Pindown, Operation Thor and the cover up of Child Sexual Abuse in Staffordshire’s Childrens Home [3] . However victims and survivors will need to join together to get action. Contact me on


1991 May The Pindown Report by Levy and Kahan was originally published . Copy now online  [1]

1991 June 14 The Report of the Director of Staffordshire Social Services and Draft Action Plan re Levy & Kahan Pindown Report goes to Staffordshire Child care sub committee [see below, click to enlarge] or pdf download [2a]

1992 Jan 14 The Progress Report since Levy & Kahan Pindown Report of the Director of Staffordshire Social Services goes to the Social Services Committee See future post or pdf download [2b]

Report to the Child Care sub-Committee 14 June 1991
Report of the Director of Social Services “The Pindown Experience and the Potection of Children” Initial Response

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Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • Other useful sites are One in Four [C]
  • and Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F]blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma*  [J]


[1] CathyFox Blog Nov 16

[2] 2013 WhatDoTheyKnow FOI Request Council Response to Pindown Inquiry #Pindown

[see below, click to enlarge] or pdf download [2a]

See future post or pdf download [2b]

[2a] 2013 WhatDoTheyKnow pdf download re 1991 June 14 The Report of the Director of Staffordshire Social Services and Draft Action Plan re Levy & Kahan Pindown Report goes to Staffordshire Child care sub committee

[2b] 2013 WhatDoTheyKnow pdf download 1992 Jan 14 The Progress Report since Levy & Kahan Pindown Report of the Director of Staffordshire Social Services goes to the Social Services Committee

[3] CathyF0x Blog Pindown, Operation Thor and the cover up of Child Sexual Abuse in Staffordshire’s Childrens Homes

[4] 2015 Oct 15 WhatDoTheyKnow









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  1. joekano76 says:

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  2. artmanjosephgrech says:

    This is an important posting one of two recently where I have been tempted to set down the task to hand to comment in some depth and detail

    One of the potential problems of the Goddard announced investigations leading to hearings is that they are of establishing the big picture and the big questions of cover up by whom why, and once the quantity of what happened is established the more general why and can anything be done to reduce the number. of new horrors in the future.

    I have also believed that from the outset the impact of the roles Barbara Kahan and Brian Roycroft merit close attention in a rounded and objective way especially given the recent focus on Lord Janner and Beck and his use of regression behaviour modification therapy

    In relation to Barbara Khan for well motivated reasons she led and pioneered the placement of children beyond control or who did not respond to probation after court appearances to be brought into the care system provided by Children’s Departments rather than sent to approved schools but this was always based on the assessment that it would be possible to find a placement a child or young person could be help to stop offending or self destructive behaviour.

    She and her husband were realistic that sometimes it was better to lock up a young woman in a safe environment rather than for her to be exploited by men and have unwanted pregnancy after unwanted pregnancy given that their physical development masked that they were still very much a child within. Similarly her psychiatrist husband on one joint visit concluded that the only way to help one young person appearing before the Crown court was to ask the local council to build an extensions so I or another child care worker could move in and provide 24/7 control and support. Nevertheless I was still asked to recommend continuation of the care order which led to a verbal lashing from the judge and the young went to custodial care. The reason was that they rightly saw custodial care as academies of crime and they were aware that approved schools operated the behaviour modification regime of which unfortunately is known as Pindown the negative aspect of what in the right hands is a programme designed by behaviour psychologists to prevent reoffending and self destructive behaviour. It was on a similar basis Barbara asked her staff to find suitable places for children committed to care anywhere in the UK and this includes those who used forms of regression therapy and in some establishment the forming of sexual relationships between the young people while not encouraged was known and accepted. Barbara and her husband also promoted the use of abreactive drug treatment, a form of bad trip LSD used by the director of County Psychiatric Hospital in Staffordshire a fundamentalist Freudian ( everything rooted to sex and death) , something which also governed the approach of those who ran the highly regarded child care training courses at the LSE and Tavistock Clinic in London the Birmingham and Bristol. child care courses. The problem as with everything is the training understanding and abilities of the staff who worked or maanged these regimes, and what happened when approved schools were integrated into the new Community Home Care Planning and provision system bring with them their behaviour modification programmes and then when Social Services Departments were created the majority of the new Directors had no experience, some no knowledge and some even no interest in the child care services a recipe for the disaster which unfolded as some authorities moved quickly to generic social work and general management, The approved schools the specialist units ran by agencies and some social service authorities had one thing in common education was provided on the premises .. they were closed institutions even when located in a local community in terms of contact with these not committed to the approach. Remember in all these establishments there were official visitors councillors inspectors who often not only approved but helped to establish the regimes and appoint the staff subsequently under scrutiny…

    There was also a huge growth in the number of social workers overall and in the number of training courses where the quality immediately suffered. And practitioners who showed ability was quickly swept into management and away from practice and its supervision.
    It has always appeared to be significant that that the public inquiry into behaviour modification was centred in Staffordshire also the location of abreactive drug therapy and that Barbara did the inquiry and was largely responsible for its report.

    While you have identified a couple of authorities it should be appreciated that the regime was general to approved schools and adopted by by many local authorities who recruited approved school staff into their special community homes . In 1991 the then Secretary of State wrote to the chief executive of every social services authority and required them with their Directors of Social Services to report if the authority had/was operating the regime in any establishments and stop it if so . In some local authorities councillors ignored the advice and carried as they had

    It is important appreciate that Councils were/are still autonomous legal entities and the Government can only control through money and monitoring of the implemntationn of National laws and in the case of child care the removal of the functions to government which the |Coalition and now the Cameron government are increasingly using until they find that even if they remove all the functions to another or other bodies the same problems will continue.. as has recently been shown in the recent panorama programme.

    It was not that the Coalition government was unaware of any of this when they set up the Goddard inquiry in its present form and indeed the link between the behaviour modification regimeand sexual exploitation is the main reason why the Inquiry has set on Medomsley as its priority investigation in the North East where overall there are 1000 plus former residents who may need to be interviewed to establish the relationship between those sexually harmed and the relationship with the violent misuse of short sharp shock behaviour modification regime and where significant prosecutions have been made..

    The first three investigations where core participant status was called for earlier this month are those where there is hard evidence, good witnesses and hopefully some senior management people able to explain who knew and accepted what was going on, who covered and why It also important that the Inquiry is has established an office in the region at Darlington so that victims can be interviewed locally and as I hope also that hearings will be held in regions where the witnesses will be able to be supported locally during and after what will be another challenging and potentially harming experience. I also believe that the Inquiry will by concentrating on those investigations where it hoped some resolution, some sense of justice can be achieved.

    PS I shocked one of your campaigning social media colleagues when they provided a data base of all the inquiries and establishments by saying great now the rest.. It has to be appreciated that here were situations in every childcare establishment in the UK and elsewhere in varying degrees of seriousness and along the spectrum of unacceptable behaviour to criminality.. What the Goddard led Inquiry has to deal with it are those situations were people complained and this was not dealt with properly at the time and they are they are still affected by what happened to them and in need of support help and a meaningful sense of justice. The number of these individual and situations as a proportion of the total is hopeful also something that the inquiry while make judgement and report.

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    • Thanks artman, your experience is invaluable. Especially interesting is th einformation about County Psychiatric Hospital in Staffordshire which I had not heard of before. I will have to read your comment several times to absorb it all. I hope you get to give evidence to Goddard soon


      • artmanjosephgrech says:

        Sometime between 1964 and 1965 Dr Milner made a presentation of his work to Councillors, Magistrates and staff invited from the Oxfordshire and Oxford City Children’s Departments arranged by the Children’s Officer Barbara Kahan and her husband who was a child psychiatrist .
        Dr Milner brought with him a former patient who was in further education who previously lost everything, children to care, marriage, work , had been on drugs and alcohol, position and prison.

        As he and she agreed she was now able to live with herself, the past could not be undone but she look forward to the rest of life. Participation in the treatment had to be voluntary although in reality given the alternative of committal to custody further incarceration this was later questioned.

        Each patient would in effect be send on a form of LSA bad trip during which they were taken back to their childhood to look for experiences which had been buried in the consciousness but which affected their subsequent anti social and self destructive behaviour.

        Everything they said was recorded and played back and Dr Milner was able to convince mots patients that what had happened to them as children for which they were not responsible and should be without guilt.

        In the one case of a young person which I was asked to supervise when a juvenile court gave the option to the family I was amazed and impressed by the transformation where the delinquency not only stooped but the boy changed not just in confidence but if many respects and relationship within the family were also transformed. However I have retained an open mind how find this happened because of the treatment and what was unearthed and which in fairness when talked over with the parents they confirmed that the circumstances of the alleged incident had taken place or because of the relationship which was established between the patient and the psychiatrist convinced that it was not his fault and should govern the rest of his life, He argued as did Freud that it was based on sex or death issues, either an actual event or guilty desire

        The use of the LSD treatment became discredited and there were successful compensation cases by those who said it had dome more harm than good.

        I am aware that the same approach and outcome has been achieved through hypnosis with claims of taking people back to past times.

        The while issue of sexual identity and sexual development is a minefield.. There is a vivid exposition of this in the current Oscar nominated film on transgender The Danish Girl where an attempt is made to lock up the man who was to under go the first gender change operation from which he died and give him a lobotomy / shock therapy treatment, and the film Carol about what happened to married women with children who found they could not pretend and wanted to come out….and the story of persecution of gay men is well known. I was once invited to give a talk on my prison experience to a large room full of members of Albany Trust experience and people there cried as we shared the reality of what that experience was like for those whose crime was have been different.

        It is ludicrous and dangerous to believe that young people will not explore their sexuality before the state rules they can….. but equally especially those who are uncertain about their gender are potential victims to those with power and in position to abuse power. Pitting vulnerable children together is always a potentially explosive mix where every possible care required in recruiting and training the right staff.

        From my experience I met several psychiatrists who impressed me greatly with their understanding and approach especially one who controlled a large institution in large grounds. He said jokingly that if he met a patient at the gate and said he needed an elephant one would be waiting for him when he reached his office. He added that at least the patients usually knew something was wrong with them where as the staff, that was the problem. There was also one psychiatrist at a child guidance clinic who struck me a very insecure and where I worked out the reason I was being pressed for my social history report was that she was using this to base her assessment and recommendations. I always go back to my first ever social work visit as a student with the Family Services Unit Manchester and Salford I had sat for over two hours to a woman who had been on the books of agencies for 30 years as were some of her old married children and the children of the women the husband had fathered when not in prison. She spent the time going through all the workers whop visited statutory and voluntary, those who appeared interested, those who just talked about themselves and those who seemed to have no idea about the realities of life,,,, the lesson was well learned when you look into the abyss the abyss looks into you that’s is why the police the politician and Justice Goddard are her inquiry are genuine in wanting to listen to victims and believe what they y are saying….. the will sometimes get wrong ….. but this is now the exception and tiny compared how it was got wrong before

        One of my more fanciful theories is that through our genetic make up ( how new humans are made Charles E Booklage) our gender spectrum is created and also the memories of our ancestors are also transmitted and contained the portion of the brain about which we are yet to understand or use. It was not until I attended one of the leading general management business course in the mid 1980’s that I learned that some of us, myself included, are wired differently so tend to connect the dots, see patterns differently from the majority of other people. whether this good or bad depends on each individual and their circumstances over time

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