Call Out For Lambeth Care Home Survivors And Witnesses

I am pleased to pass on the call out for Lambeth Care Home Survivors from South Vale, Angell Road, Highland Road, Nottingham Road, The Den and Chevington particularly but I am sure any child abused in that area.

Lambeth was the subject of my first in depth article Lambeth Part 2 Loose Ends in Lambeth [2], trying to make sense of the Operation Middleton Report released under FOI  Lambeth Part 1- Release of Final Lambeth Report [3], and all the newspaper articles put online on Lambeth by  Spotlight on Abuse [4]

There is much else I have blogged on Lambeth, see cathy fox blog Category Lambeth [1] and also Spotlights Lambeth Category [4] is obviously worth researching. On both make sure you click on older articles at bottom of first page, as there are more that are not immediately obvious.

Also essential reading is Operation Greenlight, Lambeth on the interactive map Brain [5]  and Needleblog Lambeth [6]


[1] Cathy Fox Blog Category Lambeth [Also seee the link at bottom of this to older articles]

[2] 2013 Nov 21 Cathy Fox Blog Lambeth Part 2 Loose Ends in Lambeth

[3] 2103 Nov 22 Cathy Fox Blog Lambeth Part 1- Release of Final Lambeth Report of Operation Middleton

[4] Spotlight On Abuse Lambeth Category

[5] Project Greenlight Lambeth on the Brain

[6] Needleblog Lambeth


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3 Responses to Call Out For Lambeth Care Home Survivors And Witnesses

  1. Barbs Ohare says:

    Aston Hall Hospital, Derby- APPEAL FOR SURVIVORS TO COME FORWARD by Strider in Uncategorized Comments Off on Aston Hall Hospital, Derby- APPEAL FOR SURVIVORS TO COME FORWARD

    Aston Hall Hospital, in Derby – owned by Nottingham City Council is another case about to come to the fore. *I would appeal to any survivors of Aston Hall to re-report abuses, and failings in previous investigations, to police and push now for answers.* *The Nottingham CSA Action Group are in agreement to raise this case with Paddy Tipping next week.*

    Aston Hall Hospital in Derby, was bought by Nottingham City Council in 1925 and opened a year later for the treatment of “mental defectives” It operated under Nottingham No.3 Hospital Management Committee (1970)

    Dr Milner, born in Leeds in 1910, and graduating from Leeds University with honours in 1933, had a stint at Broadmoor and Rampton before moving to Aston Hall in 1954. (pg 3 ) Earliest survivor we currently know of was approx 1964, with victims all the way through to Milner leaving in 1975. He died in 1976 at which point his family burned all his personal papers. Over the years, various experiments were conducted on children and high dosages of anti psychotics and anaesthetics were prescribed. This was swiftly followed by sexual abuse Milner trawled the secure units searching for subjects for his research into the adolescent criminal psyche offering a “nicer” time in a secure unit than the standard borstal regime offered. [image: facebook] [image: twitter]

    On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 10:34 AM, cathy fox blog wrote:

    > cathy fox blog posted: ” ” >

  2. Barbs O’Hare The link you gave does not work, have you got another one where survivors can contact

  3. hollie greig justice says:


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