Macur Review – Welsh Questions House of Commons 24 February 2016

Macur Review – Welsh Questions House of Commons 24.02.2016

Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley) (Lab):
When he expects the report of the Macur review to be published.[903628]

The Secretary of State for Wales (Stephen Crabb):
Lady Justice Macur’s report is being considered as a matter of urgency with a view
to publication as soon as possible.

Ann Clwyd:
Eight young boys in my constituency were abused in the 1980s. They have waited all this
time forsome conclusions. It is ridiculous that in the past two months
Government Departments have been sitting on Lady Macur’s report. What is going on?
I understand that redactions are taking place. What confidence can we have that when the
report is eventually published it is a true report without interference from Government?

Stephen Crabb:
I thank the right hon. Lady for her question. We are discussing something incredibly serious and sensitive. Let me put on record my thanks to her for the tireless work that she has put in over the years to fight for justice for those who have suffered horrendous abuse. We are talking about some of the most shameful episodes in the history of the nation of Wales.
We have the report, and it is being looked at by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the police. Lady Justice Macur recommended to the Government that certain redactions might need to be made. The commitment that I give to the right hon. Lady and the House today is that we will make redactions only where they are absolutely necessary, and we will provide a full explanation of why we are making those redactions. We owe that to the victims.

Hywel Williams (Arfon) (PC):
Does the Secretary of State agree that there is concern about attention in the report to the
language issue? The only attention that was given to the language issue in the Waterhouse
report was to say that the children swore a great deal, as well they might have.

Stephen Crabb:
The Hon. Gentleman is getting into a level of detail about the matter that we can perhaps
discuss outside this place on another occasion. Perhaps he and I could meet to talk about

Thanks to C Smart

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2 Responses to Macur Review – Welsh Questions House of Commons 24 February 2016

  1. It is the very apparent sluggishness and seeming reluctance of Government appointed bodies to actually do something meaningful and truyly progressive with the information they have been presented with.
    The delay problems might well be avoided if a suitably qualified NGO group, completely free from and with no implied government interference were to be appointed to and have that information independently so as independently and arbitrarily analyse it. Then to be asked to share their recommendations as to remedying the issue in a joint think tank with a group of Police who have been randomly selected so as to avoid any notion of inside “conspiracy set-ups”.
    The final outcome to be discussed at Government level.
    The problem with all of the issue of Pedophilia is that it is now public knowledge that people at all levels, and in many positions of authority and power are part of the Pedophile networks that have been widely reported by victims. That is why ONLY AN ENQUIRY CARRIED OUT BY randomly selected persons who are unknown to each other and who are qualified and have no Police or criminal record are the ones who should make up the NGO group to which I suggested for the task of analysing and making decisions about allegations of child abuse.
    Everyone needs to take a long hard look at the plethora of information about child abuse and Pedophile on the Internet. In particular that put forward by the likes of Fiona Barnett in Australia and others who claim to be victims of ritual satanic worship and childhood sexual abuse at the hands of the rich and powerful who include anyone and everyone in society, from one’s own parents to Presidents and Prime Ministers, Church Leaders and Evangelists.
    This is an enemy hell bent on rampant kidnapping, child trafficking and child sexual abuse.

    Start at thence to a search on on “Pedophilia and ritual Satanic worship”, Bohemian Grove, Freemasonry, Child sex trafficking, …..then follow your nose as you are led into a minefield of deceit, lies and corruption, the likes of which in your wildest dreams could never have imagined ACTUALLY DOES EXIST in this world of ours !

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