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THE REPORT of the Macur Review — an examination of the work of the 1996-99 North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal — is a whitewash.

Lady Justice Macur’s report was finally published on March 17 this year — nearly three and a half years after it was commissioned.

She concludes:

“I have found no reason to undermine the conclusions of the Tribunal in respect of the nature and scale of the abuse.”

She brushes aside evidence submitted by Rebecca — one of the Tribunal’s major critics.

She also rules out the existence of a national paedophile ring:

“Neither is there evidence of the involvement of nationally prominent individuals in the abuse of children in care in North Wales, between 1974 and 1996.”

“Consequently, I do not recommend the establishment of a further public or private inquiry.”

But Lady Justice Macur is also highly critical of the Tribunal.

Her team has done…

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  1. artmanjosephgrech says:

    David Cameron was a member of the Home Affairs Committee chaired by Chris Mullin Sunderland South MP which in 2002recommended halt to historical investigations and to civil damage claims where there been no successful prosecution. Tom Watson was also a member of this Committee and both signed up to the recommendations.

    When the Macur review was set up by the Coalition government in 2012 when there was no intention to hold any form of a general inquiry into historical abuse which had been the purpose of the Mullin Committee. It is right that the Statutory Inquiry now looks at all the previous inquiries into what happened in North Wales and this will include Macur, its terms of reference and limitation.

    The key to understanding what happened is to appreciate that children in significant numbers were sent from a number of local authorities in England notably Newcastle where 69 were sent to the Homes of John Allen and where the then Newcastle Director recommended other Directors of Social Services to do so mentioning the hospitality provided by John Allen. I was present on the occasion when the Director did so in the North East, an individual who became the most powerful influential person in social services in the UK because of his roles and contacts.

    There was no looking at the sending of children from outside Wales to Wales by Waterhouse and Macur and although the previous inquires had wanted to look at Allen’s world they were not able to do so. Yet in fairness to North Wales Police they were concerned about why North East children were being sent and visited the North East at one point.

    Although the process of a comprehensive and thorough statutory Inquiry with its three main aspects. The Truth project, the up to 25 hearings with their individual findings reports and recommendations and the overall what happened and why covering a wide range of institutions and bodies will take years, there is a need for the kind of determined and collective patience being shown by the Hillsborough groups, families and the Liverpool community. While they are united in doing what it takes for justice they were by no means united along the way about the process required and only the intervention of ne national politician with clout has led to where we are now. I disagree with Tom Watson over many issued and with have little in Common with David Cameron and his political party. But these two men with that PMQ and answer in 2012, lit the touch paper for developments which I believe will change British society and its governance in positive, long term and far reaching ways and for which they should be given.

    Nor am I suggesting we should all sit back and let the Inquiry get it on wait without continuous monitoring and provision off information and information being made public which does not cut cross continuing police investigations. There continues to remain some very dark organised forces who want this all to go away again.

    However, I regard as more important the need to ensure that surviving victims receive the level of ongoing help and support as well as action to stop more crimes and their cover up when it suits the state to do so. Colin Smart


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