George Webb Videos “Follow the Children”

Apologies for this rough article but I just wish to bring attention of more people to the videos of George Webb.

The information George Webb is revealing is worth following. I have not had time to watch many of his videos, nor time nor the knowledge to give a proper introduction to him or Eric Braverman.

I am unsure of who George Webb actually is, without further research, but he is privy to some information about how corruption in high places works and his videos give pointers to this. He does say he worked on the Franklin investigation.

In these videos, George mentions child sex trafficking and gives clues as to where to look for more inforamtion.

He titles his videos numbering the days since Eric Braverman went missing. Braverman was CEO of Clinton Foundation who resigned in Jan 2015. He is suspected of leaking some information about the Foundation.  Since October 12 he is suspected of being missing.

Monica Peterson features, she was found dead in Haiti after researching child trafficking in Haiti linked to the Clinton Foundation. [6]

If anyone knows more videos where George mentions child trafficking, or anything more please email me or write in comments



[1] George Web Videos Day 70 Who killed Monica Peterson? Where is Eric Braverman part 2 kids

[2] 2017 Jan 1 Freethought Project Clinton Foundation CEO Declared ‘Missing’ By the Internet After Going Public Saying ‘Follow the Money’

[3] George Webb videos Day 67 Where is Eric Braverman part 2

[4] George Webb videos Day 65 Where is Eric Braverman Part 3 research

[6] 2016 Nov 11 Angelic Visions Monica Peterson, Human Trafficking in Haiti and Pizza Gate archive

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

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    Another insight into the dark world of abuse. We have not verified this but it does seem genuine.


  2. Day 79 – Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1 Who Killed Monica Petersen?


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