Child Rape Cover up by Warwickshire Police

This case appears to be one where corrupt Police are in league with drug smuggling criminals. Due to this the Police do not investigate crime including child rape or witness intimidation.

This gives an insight into how police corruption works;  how the Police shut down complaints;how a complainant has the The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (run by the Met Police) arrest them and hold them without trial and without access to a solicitor for long periods, to shut them up. [3]

If we allow the rape of children and let the Police who should investigate it, but instead the child rape was covered in favour of drug smugglers and pushers, what sort of country do we live in?

The following post is from the Campaign 4 Real Justice [1]  but also check out Justice 4 Caroline [2] and David Sampson website [3] and for further newspaper coverage Google search archive for Christopher Barratt-Jolley  [4]


My teenage daughter was unconscious (She had been given a spiked drink at a party) when two men who had criminal records raped her”

It was a very violent attack and when her friends found her they took her to see a local doctor who treated her and gave her the morning after pill. A neighbour who knew that the doctor had become involved came across the men drinking in a local bar. She scoulded them for what they had done. She tried to persuade them to give themselves up to the police. She said the doctor would have taken their DNA off their victim and that the police would be already looking for them. While the neighbour was present the two men decided to make up a story to explain why their DNA was on their victim. Some time later the Inspector was told about this witness but claimed it was normal for people accused of rape to try and get off by making up false evidence. Warwickshire police have up to the present day refused to interview this key witness. In February this year Sarah Champion MP asked the Deputy Chief Constable Karen Manners that this witness be allowed to give evidence. She was ignored by DCC Manners.

The rape was reported to a police sergeant who lived in our village. He was eventually brought before a IPCC tribunal where he pleaded Guilty to misconduct for failing to follow police proceedure when dealing with rape cases. He admitted that he didn’t tell any other officer about the child rape, He also admitted that he had told the two men that my daughter had accused them of rape, They then started stawking her outside her school and started causing trouble for the rest of my family. After my tyres were slashed I got a local journalist involved. She made the child rape a front page story. During the next week we were contacted by Warwickshire police who asked my daughter to come in to Rugby police station and give statements. She and her mother spent much of that week giving evidence and on the Friday evening she asked police to press charges for child rape (She was under 18 so classed as a child.) About 8 hours later at about 2am the 2 men were outside our house smashing up my car. They left just before the police arrived from Rugby. My car was a complete write off.

Five witnesses who were in the house gave evidence for witness intimidation in order to pervert the course of justice. The two men were not brought to trial for this offence. A year later after BBC news became involved, at a meeting at Rugby police station with Deputy Chief Constable Derek Cake. The Inspector admitted he had changed the charge from Witness Intimidation to Criminal Damage to a car. Thus as our statements were not about criminal damage the CPS would not take the men to court. Civil action was taken against one of these men for Witness Intimidation and the civil court found the man Guilty and awarded damages. That money has never been paid. The other man had convictions for GBH so it was decided to be too dangerous to take civil court action against him.

Because the police sergeant had not told his superiors about the rape it was over 3 months before these men were interviewed under caution. One of these men who is the brother of a Freemason claimed my daughter had sent him texts saying she consented to having sex with both men. The man’s mobile phone service provider was paid a fee to investigate this claim and proved the man was a liar.” They made printouts of all texts sent to the man’s phone over a 6 month period. There were no texts from their victim at all.

Warwickshire police had claimed the mobile phone service provider’s evidence was passed to the CPS.” But what the inspector had done was to get one of his men to deliver a pile of printoffs containing text messages from all in sundry. But nobody told the CPS why this investigation took place.

In 2003 Brethertons solicitors received about £500 from the government to look after my daughter’s interests. We took her along to their Rugby office and told their ladies how the mobile phone company had investigated and had shown one of my daughter’s attackers had lied to police about receiving text messages from her giving both men consent for sex. I pointed out that I had studied law and that such evidence was enough on its own to convict both men of child rape. The ladies kept saying that if the CPS had thought the evidence from the phone company was enough to successfully prosecute the two men then the CPS would have done so. I repeated this information over & over again. each time the lady repeated the same thing. She clearly hadn’t a clue about English law and we eventually left. I believe at the very least Brethertons should give their fee back to the government.

In April 2004 I wrote to HM The Queen. A lady from Buckingham Palace replied in June 2004 saying that The Queen had instructed the then Home Secretary David Blunkett to deal with the child rape case. The reason he failed to resolve this matter was because Warwickshire police had withheld the evidence showing that one of the men was a lying about having received texts giving the two men consent for sex

“After a Freedom of Information Act request Warwickshire police gave false information about the mobile phone service provider’s investigation claiming that this evidence had been given to the CPS. Lord Goldsmith & Keir Starmer showed that the CPS had not been given this important piece of evidence by Warwickshire police.Instead of telling the CPS that a man was lying the Rugby based inspector had got one of his men to deliver to the CPS printouts of all the text messages that had been sent to the man’s phone by all in sundry over a six month period. All these pieces of paper were irrelevant the purpose of the investigation was to show that their victim had not sent the man any text messages. Because that evidence was withheld there was no trial. A suspect telling lies about his victim giving her consent for sex would expect a court to give a guilty verdict. Thus, the two men might expect long prison sentences as they had also intimidated a witness & had conspired to pervert the course of justice, There was also an incident when the Freemason’s brother got a 14 year old schoolgirl drunk, The girl told her friends she had given the 23 year old man a blow job when she was drunk. Under English law the man had committed a criminal offence That incident was reported to Rugby police but they did nothing about it. There were reports that the man had been seen in Pubs and Bars around the area buying drinks for other underaged girls. In my daughter’s case there wasn’t a child rape trial because a Rugby based police inspector was being blackmailed into fixing evidence for the gang .”

“Following tip offs from a number of people it turns out that a former local councillor who got a seat on the police authority & a police inspector were involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. They had deliberately made sure the CPS did not know that one of the men was proven to have lied about those text messages.”
Warwickshire police have a dark secret they don’t want the media or the public to know about. It seems to be connected with an aircrash 21 years ago when a veal calf plane operated by convicted drug smuggler crashed near Coventry.. Read on for a full explanation….. The gang originated from the red light district of Coventry, their children went to the local school. By attending school events they became friends of a Rugby local councillor. They were known to Coventry police as having associates who were involved in organised crime. The mother had got a job looking after a senile old person with memory problems. Before they died they changed their will leaving all their money to her. The old person’s next of kin knew nothing about the will being changed until the will was read but by then it was too late for them to do anything about it. As a result of this case and other similar cases the government changed the law to stop domestic servants getting senile employers to change wills without their next of kin knowing about it. Thus this family had the money to move into our village making out they were very wealthy business people. Our local pub was raising money for a charity and these newcomers said they would match pound for pound all the money raised by villagers. One of them was asked to join the Freemasons.

A supporter of this campaign spotted their 15 year old son dealing drugs to 5 different passengers in cars which pulled up alongside him near the village Fish & Chip shop. Our supporter reported the matter to Neighbourhood Watch. The youth was arrested and over a Kilogram of drugs were seized by our village policeman enough to make him a dealer. However, He pleaded Guilty to possession of drugs for his own use. He did a short sentence at a Y-O-I & on returning home carried on dealing just as before. We have found out that police officers were beholden to his family and the CPS were not told about the kilogram of drugs or that a witness had seen the youth dealing to 5 customers in June 1996. This pattern of behaviour by this youth became a way of life in our village near Rugby. Victims of his criminal activities got either ignored or told a pack of lies by police officers who had got mixed up in the gang’s criminal activities which not only included drug dealing but also flying drugs and counterfeit money into the UK on cargo planes belonging to convicted smuggler Christopher Barratt-Jolley.

In 2002 Barratt-Jolley was sent to prison for 20 years for smuggling cocaine into the UK by dropping parcels onto the ground for his associates to pick up. A similar thing had been going on in Warwickshire. Barrett-Jolley had become famous for the veal calf flights from Coventry airport to Amsterdam. Those flights became notorious after animal rights campaigner Jill Phipps was killed by a cattle lorry. Her funeral at Coventry Cathedral was attended by French film star and animal rights campaigner Brigitte Bardot. About once a fortnight one of those cargo planes would fly dangerously low over our village disregarding aviation laws they were also off the normal flight path for Coventry airport. One eyewitness saw items being dropped from one of those planes and men picking them up. She was spotted and a strange man followed her home and put the fear of God in her threatening her with violence if she told the police about what she had seen. He left her house saying “Remember we know where you live”.

Then in December 1994 just 4 days before Christmas a plane carrying drugs and millions of pounds in counterfeit £20 notes crashed between our village and Coventry airport. A BBC broadcast journalist was one of the first people on the scene. He said that a lot of police officers were already there. Apparently the plane was flying low and hit a power line which the pilot didn’t see as it was very foggy. The BBC reporter said that the plane was not on fire but there were fires surrounding the plane. The campaign was told by the father of a convicted murderer that the drug dealer and his family had power over local police officers forcing them to ignore the drug dealing and other crimes including child sexual assaults and child rape. One senior member of the drug dealing family was heard boasting how the former councillor (who he knew from the Coventry school near where he used to live and who had became Chairman of Warwickshire Police Authority) and someone describe as “The Chief of Police” had fixed evidence in a Child Rape case.

It would appear police arrived at the scene of the plane crash they found drugs and millions of pounds in twenty pound notes. They presumed that the money was the proceeds of illegal drug dealing so decided to burn the drugs and divi up the money between them. So Christmas 1994 was the best Christmas ever for these police officers who surfelt that no one would be able to say anything about why and where that money had gone. But, after the Christmas holidays when the banks began to notice huge quantities of counterfeit money being banked by the big stores both the police and local criminals began to realise that the money the coppers spent was high quality counterfeit notes which had been printed in the former USSR by the same people who used to print the Russian Rouble.

On Tuesday 28th November 1995 a government investigator was in one of our village pubs talking to us locals about the hunt for a criminal gang who were flooding the UK with counterfeit £20 notes. He mentioned that the then Prime minister John Major was very concerned about these forgeries because they were of a very high standard and there was a danger they could undermine the GBP (Great British Pound) because of the quantity in circulation. He showed us a real £20 note and one of the forgeries he asked us to spot which one was a fake. None of us could figure out which was the fake.

He then point to a square printed at the bottom left hand corner about an inch from the edge. He told us to put a finger on each note & feel the difference. On the real Bank of England note that square was indented similar to braille. The forgery didn’t have this raised area.

The investigator who I believe was probably working for MI5 mentioned a £20,000 reward. At that moment in time nobody in that pub that night had any idea our village was being used by Christopher Barrett-Jolley for smuggling things into the UK by cargo plane.

We had seen his cargo planes flying dangerously low but someone had said one of his pilots lived in our village. (That turned out to be true.) It was said he was flying low in order to alert his wife to get his evening meal on. This was before the days of the mobile phone so this explanation did sound plausible. Local people were however unhappy about these low flying planes. Our local newsagent who had been a RAF pilot reported the planes to Coventry airport as he said they were breaching civil aviation laws by flying below radar and off the normal flight path.

Shortly after that the Bank of England withdrew that design of £20 note replacing it with a new version which was much harder to forge. This cost the government a lot of money.

This criminal gang were able to blackmail police officers and as they had their man on the police authority they even managed to rig an Independent Police Review ordered by Warwickshire County Councillors into a child rape case involving the gang. Even worse once their former local councillor became chairman of Warwickshire Police Authority he was able to put his man in charge of the force’s Professional Standards Department and thus suppress all complaints about the gangs relationship with local police officers. Before this arrangement came about a police sergeant who lived in our village pleaded Guilty to misconduct in connection with the child rape case. There was also a lot of media coverage by BBC news, Local radio news, local and national newspapers. But once the new man became head of the force’s Professional Standards Department he gave orders that all journalists wanting information about our village were to be referred to him. Needless to say he told them there was no story and persuaded them to go away.

One of the new people on the police authority was a Conservative County Councillor who listed being a member of the Freemason Charity on his list of member’s interests. He was introduced to this campaign’s organiser by County Councillor Phillip Morris Jones when he realised who he was talking to he nearly had a heart attack.

More recently Lord Goldsmith and the then DPP Keir Starmer looked into one of these cases and showed that evidence which would most likely have sent 2 members of that gang to prison never reached the CPS. Keir Starmer was somewhat snooty about the missing evidence. He told Lord Goldsmith it wasn’t the CPS’s job to investigate missing evidence, it was up to Warwickshire police to formally hand the CPS any missing evidence. Over 4 years have passed since proof of police and officials being involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by withholding evidence for our village drug gang but still the CPS have not been given that vital missing evidence showing a man lied about the two gang members having consent for sex with a schoolgirl. Two former Warwickshire Chief Constables were told about this sorry situation Mr Andy Parker & Mr Keith Bristow who later became boss of The National Crime Agency. According to Trevor Pearce who was boss of the Serious Organised Crime Agency in a letter to this campaign he says he wrote to Chief Constable Keith Bristow in November 2012 as he regarded the criminal activity in our village to be very serious.

MP Mark Pawsey also wrote to Mr Bristow. The MP wrote to this campaign to say after six weeks had gone by he had not received a reply and would write again. Once Mr Bristow became Director General of The National Crime Agency the organiser of this campaign wrote to him at The Home Office and actually got a signed reply from Mr Bristow. In November 2015 this campaign sent Mr Bristow’s letter and other documents to the home address of the current Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders pointing out that Mr Bristow had failed to deal with organised crime when he was in charge of Warwickshire police and was therefore hardly the right person to be in charge of the NCA.

More recently the new boss of the NCA Ms Owens was given all the details about the crimes in our village and has messaged to say these crimes were “historical” and would not be investigated by the NCA The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is now looking at the gang activities in Warwickshire as regards to Child Rape & Child Sexual Abuse but say they have not got the resources to investigate police & political corruption. In a recent letter to this campaign the Inquiry into CSA use the phrase “Institutional Failure by police” but it is far more serious than that. Police officers & some local politicians allowed an organised crime gang to get away with a large number of serious crimes including child rape because they didn’t want the public to know that police officers had helped themselves to the gang counterfeit money and spent it.

Of a more serious concern has to be the fate of the three agricultural workers who were killed when that plane crashed in December 1994.

They were seated in the cargo area of the plane where there was no windows. These were people who were of good character would not have known that the veal calf flights were a smokescreen for smuggling.

The likely scenario is that the plane that crashed was deliberately flying low as the pilots were about to drop contraband to people waiting on the ground. Having just touched a house and then hitting a power line it is possible that some of the five people on board the crashed plane survived the crash.

Did someone deliberately set fire to the plane after finding millions of pounds in counterfeit bank notes? Is the reason so many police officers have told lies & withheld evidence from the CPS about this drug trafficking gang been because survivors of that plane crash were unlawfully killed. Who knows???

But as there are witnesses who saw Barrett-Jolley’s planes flying dangerously low over our village over a two & a half year period that is enough reason to reopen the inquest into the deaths of those three agricultural workers and there also needs to be a review of the air accident investigation into that air crash.

In March 2016 the Independent Police Complaints Commission upheld a complaint from the parent of a CSA victim against Warwickshire Police for failing to hand over important evidence about their child’s rape to the CPS. This missing evidence would have caused the CPS to prosecute two members of the gang for child rape. A court would most likely have sent both men to prison for a long period. The IPCC appeal achieved nothing as Warwickshire Police Professional Standards Department still refuse to hand over the missing evidence. In his letter dated 17th October 2016 Rugby MP Mark Pawsey said he had sent a copy of the letter this campaign sent to Theresa May MP in August 2014 to the new Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP asking her to respond. Mr Pawsey said he would get back to the campaign’s organiser once he had a reply from Amber Rudd MP. A month has now passed & he has yet to give an update. It is likely that the Home Secretary got someone in the Home Office to write to Warwickshire police and as is the norm for them they ignored the Home Office letter knowing that busy civil servants would not think it nessessary to chase them up for a reply.

Christopher Barrett-Jolley died before he completed his 20 year prison sentence. Shortly after his death BBC Radio 4 did a whole programme about his long criminal career as a smuggler. He lived a life of a billionaire but they said he funded his extravagant lifestyle purely on the proceeds of crime. Mad Cow disease put an end to the Coventry airport live veal calf trade but according to the BBC programme he continued to fly drugs into the UK by plane. He was only caught after someone grassed him up to the authorities. And yet Warwickshire police still claim there is no proof the veal calf trade was anything other than livestock exports. How can anybody take them seriously in view of what is known about the man who lived in Frankton. It is a criminal offence for police officers to withhold evidence from the CPS in order to pervert the course of justice, It has been proven that important evidence was withheld but 4 years on after Lord Goldsmith showed this to be the case they are still refusing to hand the CPS the missing evidence.

The people involved in withholding evidence and obstructing justice must now face trial for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and their victims should receive compensation for the distress that has been caused.
We can prove that people involved with The Freemasons were involved in obstructing justice so that these two men were never brought to trial. The United Nations has rules that child rape by adults who are members of a sect or certain group of people is classed as “A crime against humanity” or in some circumstances A war crime. As the head of state Queen Elizabeth ll was told about this in my letter in April 2004. Our Queen could end up having to explain why her government has allowed the brother of a Freemason to get away with child rape because police officers were not stopped from withholding evidence from the prosecutors.


Media Enquiries email

This is how the Mail covered it, with local thugs and drugs sellers – the Hoskins

2003 Oct 19 Mail on Sunday Rape of a Family and Police do Nothing [5] 


This website [3] tells how the British government has allows a situation to exist whereby police officers with a grievances against members of the public who have successfully brought disciplinary procedures against them can use The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre to get revenge by having people such as myself arrested and held without trial and without access to a solicitor for long periods. In my case I was held for 4 months and as a result lost my full time job. The British government are not only breaching the UN convention on human rights but also the Magna Carta.

My story begins in 2002. I had been happily married for over 20 years and we had three teenage children and I was enjoying life, I had a permanent job with a leading computer company as an engineer. I was also the Entertainments Secretary at Brinklow Royal British Legion Club. I was well known in the area for running and hosting one of the Midlands best known music clubs, The Wurzel Bush Folk Club which I founded in 1972 and had been held at the RBL club since 1993 and was an important part of the RBL club’s economic survival as these events added about £300 a time to the profits.

I had never had any real contact with the police and had never been arrested. But all of that was to change after I made a complaint to the Police Complaints Authority about a Rugby based police sergeant who lived in our village. He was subsequently found Guilty of misconduct at an IPCC tribunal. The Birmingham Post made the tribunal their front page headline story, It was reported in all the local papers and in The Mail on Sunday. We had a visit from a Warwickshire county councillor he said my family were up against the Freemasons. He was a member of Warwickshire police authority and he sometimes came to the folk club that’s how we knew him. After his visit I wanted to know more so I went to see him at his house. He invited me in and showed me a video of a Dispatches programme about Freemasons. He said the people involved in these crimes would use social & financial pressure in order to get away with their criminal activities, He said, The trouble is you will be unlikely to prove anything. From what I had learnt it appears we were talking about bribery & corruption.

Coming as I do from Dorset I was brought up to believe that it was very wrong for men to interfere with children so I was determined that our local criminals wouldn’t get away with bribery & corruption in order to cover up child sexual abuses. My problems with the police began when I spotted a 23 year old man buying alcoholic drinks (Sambuca) at our bar and giving them to a 14 year old girl who was extremely drunk by the time I had come into the bar. A member of my family and a neighbour had witnessed what the man was doing. They subsequently heard the girl say she had sex with the man while she was drunk.

At our club’s next committee meeting I kicked up a fuss as it turns out that the man wasn’t a member of the club and therefore shouldn’t have been served alcohol at our bar even for his own consumption. Our committee had received a letter of complaint from the girl’s mother. As was our club’s custom that letter was sellotaped into the minutes book next to the minutes. I reported the incident to the police as I had heard from other club members that they had seen this man in local pubs and bars buying drinks for under aged girls. There was also an allegation that this man and his mate were involved in an alleged rape of another schoolgirl after they gave her a spiked drink. I had come across this man back in 1996 when he was about 15 years old.

Over a period of 3 days I had seen him dealing drugs to passengers in 5 different cars. Me and other villagers reported him to Neighbourhood Watch. He was arrested and a large amount of illegal drugs were seized at his home. According to the CPS he pleaded Guilty to possession of drugs for his own use. He spent a short time at a young offenders institute. On returning home for the next 5 years or so he continued to quite openly deal drugs close to the village Fish & Chip shop. The owner of the shop told me he had frequently complained to Rugby police about the youth dealing, threatening customers & himself but Rugby police ignored his complaints.

Just 8 hours after members of my family had given evidence at Rugby police station the same man & his mate came to our home at about 2 am in the morning and smashed up the family car. Someone had told them that we had given police evidence that would most likely result in them standing trial for sexual offences.

We have a sound recording of the men making death threats and you can clearly hear one of them saying, “Because of what you told the police were going to end up in the fucking court” But they never appeared in court for anything because a number of senior people involved with Warwickshire police and police authority were involved in changing charges and withholding evidence from the CPS. About a year after those two men had terrorise us by threatening to kill us at our home that night a Rugby based police inspector admitted to us and the deputy chief constable that he had switched charges.

5 of us had given statements for Intimidating witnesses who were helping police with their inquiries in order to pervert the course of justice. The inspector admitted telling the CPS our statements were about criminal damage to a car. I can now prove that the inspector never told the CPS our statements were not about criminal damage to a car. I had seen the man who got the 14 year old girl drunk at our club putting a concrete block through my car’s rear screen but my statement wasn’t about damage to the car. I got so fed up with police officers trying to make me out to be a liar that I successfully brought a civil action against the man for Intimidating witnesses who were helping police with their inquiries in order to pervert the course of justice and using the wrecking of my car as a weapon of intimidation. The court found the man Guilty and awarded me £860 damages. I have never been paid.

For well over a year this gang terrorised members of my family we were scared to go out in the dark. One of my children was stalked by the gang at their school. One of the gang walked out in front of my car causing me to brake hard. He then opened my car door and forced it all the way to the front damaging the doors fittings. I managed to get away but I am sure he intended to beat me up.

After that happened I wrote to retired newspaper editor Stewart Steven asking for his help. he got the national media involved. After I appeared on BBC news a member of the RBL club told me he was present at a function where the drug dealer’s father had boasted that a local councilor (who subsequently became chairman of the police authority) and the chief of police had pulled strings in order to stop his son standing trial. Since being told this I was able to gather evidence to show that there was a long standing conspiracy to pervert the course of justice stemming back to 1996 when the man’s son was arrested for drug dealing and evidence was withheld from the CPS so he could plead Guilty to possession. A number of national newspapers had reported on our problems. On one occasion one of them did an article with a particularly menacing picture of the man who had got the schoolgirl drunk. The Landlord of The Merchant Inn was very concerned about reports that this man had been seen buying drinks for underaged girls in Rugby. He asked me for a copy of that article and he arranged for every pub and club in the area to have a copy so that their staff could be alerted. As a result all pubs decided on block that they didn’t want the man in their pubs. I was arrested by Rugby police as they claimed me arranging for pubs to have a copy of a Mail on Sunday article was harassing the man. His mother had also made a complaint about me claiming she had seen me standing outside her house looking up at her bedroom window looking “mental” She had told Rugby police she was a doctor and that in her professional opinion I was mentally ill. As a result of her claims I was held in a police cell for over 12 hours because I could not be questioned by police until a psychiatrist said I was fit enough to be questioned under caution. I have found out that the man’s mother has no medical qualifications in fact someone told me she had at one time worked as a prostitute. Years earlier I had seen her wearing the uniform of an unqualified auxiliary nurse. I was on police bail for over 3 months before the case was dropped. My wife who was a teacher was so worried by what happened that she had many months off school as a result. It is a criminal offence for someone to falsely claim they are a doctor. I complained about my arrest to the IPCC. The complaint passed to Warwickshire police who made out all was in order.

Coventry solicitor Robert Murray arranged for us to sue Warwickshire Police Authority for human rights abuses. We had a lot of witnesses who would give evidence so Mr Murray reckoned on obtaining legal aid.

I thought we were going to put a stop to the harassment we suffered not only from the drug gang but from the police but Mr Murray became seriously ill and had to retire. By this time the rules on legal aid had changed. I attended a conference in London held by Women against Rape. They explained how one could bring a civil court action against someone using methods such as money claims online.

I had proof that the chairman of the police authority who my witness had named as being involved in pulling strings was a friend of the family of one of the men who intimidated my family so having taken advice I brought a civil court action out against the chairman of the police authority for human rights abuse. The case was due to be heard on July 3rd at Rugby court.

I worked at MEL Secure systems and on Monday 12th May myself and two of my colleagues were given the job of building a radio controlled video surveillance system for Thanet council. The system was to be used for catching fly-tippers. My part in the project was to put a hidden video camera and radio transmitter inside what looked like a waste piece of concrete. By Thursday evening the equipment was ready.We did a final test outside to make sure the equipment transmitted over a distance. The three of us agreed that the final test was OK. So we planned that on the Friday morning we would parcel up the equipment and get TNT to pick it up for delivery to the customer. That day was the last day I ever worked for any company and received a wage for my work.

On the Friday morning just as I was about to leave for work I was arrested at my home by order of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. (The FTAC is run by the Metropolitan police and the National Health Service and is supposed to be about protecting leading politicians and celebrities from people who might try to kill them because of a serious psychiatric disorder.} The police claimed it was illegal to sue a member of their police authority as he was a VIP. I phoned Rugby solicitor Richard Best who said he would meet me at Rugby police station, He assured me that it was not illegal to take civil court action against anyone. He never saw me, I found out months later he had been told he was no longer needed. I eventually found out that someone had told the FTAC I was going to murder the chairman of the police authority. I was held by the FTAC in a secure unit in Coventry so on the day of the court case I was not present and as a result the chairman won the case and was awarded costs of over £2000 against me because I had not been present in the court. I eventually received a statement showing that the judge had been given false information about the civil court case.

It is a criminal offence to prevent a plaintiff in a civil court case from attending a court of law. It is also a breach of Magna Carta to claim someone is going to murder someone and to arrest them, deny them access to a solicitor and to imprison them without trial in order to pervert the course of justice. (I was held prisoner for 4 months and as a result lost my job)

A few days after my release on September 8th 2008 the Chief Executive of Warwickshire police authority and a police Superintendent came to our home representing the chairman of the police authority, He told my wife I owed over £2,000 court costs and that I was very lucky that the chairman had asked that I wasn’t charged with harassment for taking him to court and provided I wrote him a letter to apologise for my campaign and legal action against him he would not ask for the costs. I had also made a documentary video telling how people involved in the RBL club had staged a fake breakin in order to get rid of the letter of complaint written by the mother of the drunk 14 year old schoolgirl. That video was perfectly legal it did not mention any names it just told how evidence (the letter) had been removed so as to stop the CPS seeing it. My wife was in tears as the police Superintendent told her I would be likely to get a prison term for such a serious crime. I never expected to be blackmailed by the police but this is what happened. I knew any deal made in such circumstances would not be legal. I believe if my family had a police force we could complain to about these two men then the CPS would prosecute them for blackmail. I did complain to the IPCC about being held prisoner for 4 months and losing my job as a result .but they referred my complaint to Warwickshire police to deal with. I had found out that the chairman had put his people in charge of the forces Professional Standards Department and all my complaints were ignored. they had also directed all media enquiries about my family to the new person in charge of their PSD and he managed to persuade journalists that there was no news story. In 2002 I was a fairly normal member of the public who had no dealings with the police. I didn’t have a criminal record and had never been arrested.

Warwickshire Police & Warwickshire Police Authority set out to destroy my good name and reputation whilst disregarding my human rights and the Magna Carta.

Thanks to help from Lord Goldsmith who got the DPP Keir Starmer to open CPS files about the 23 year old man (as was in 2002) I have proof Rugby police officers had been withholding evidence from the CPS in order to pervert the course of justice about Witness Intimidation,Drug Dealing & Child Sexual Abuse in our village.

In December 2014 Woman against Rape asked me to speak in committee room 10 at the Houses of Parliament. The meeting was hosted by the present shadow chancellor John Mc Donald MP. WAR have a video of my speech which is about police corruption and covering up of evidence in child sexual abuse cases in Warwickshire.

Very detailed evidence has been passed to the Goddard Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. In a recent letter to me they use the phrase “Institutional Failure by police” I guess that phrase is a start towards bringing police officers to justice for perverting the course of justice. This website has only given a basic outline of the trouble my family has had to endure over the past 14 years.

As a direct result of the problems caused by the police and the drug dealing gang our village Royal British Legion Club went from being one of the most successful social clubs in the Midlands (According to Coors Brewery) to insolvency. My music club The Wurzel Bush Folk Club lost its home and is much missed by music fans.

I would like to dedicate this website to my former paper boy who became a heroin addict as a result of being able to buy illegal drugs in our village. Simon Whinnery was found dead in January 2000. aged 24. RIP

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • Other useful sites are One in Four [C]
  • and Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness[G]  and Meditation[H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma[J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]


[1]  Campaign 4 Real Justice

[2] Justice 4 Caroline

[3] David Sampson website

[4] Google search archive for Christopher Barratt-Jolley

[5] 2003 Oct 19 Mail on Sunday Rape of a Family and Police do Nothing

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


















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12 Responses to Child Rape Cover up by Warwickshire Police

  1. D. M. Hutchins says:

    Reblogged this on D. M. Hutchins.

  2. Reblogged this on Buried News and commented:
    More recently Lord Goldsmith and the then DPP Keir Starmer looked into one of these cases and showed that evidence which would most likely have sent 2 members of that gang to prison never reached the CPS. Keir Starmer was somewhat snooty about the missing evidence. He told Lord Goldsmith it wasn’t the CPS’s job to investigate missing evidence, it was up to Warwickshire police to formally hand the CPS any missing evidence. Over 4 years have passed since proof of police and officials being involved in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by withholding evidence.
    Does the above illustrate what the elite think of ordinary people and one man became a Labour MP, a party claiming to act in the interest of working people. What was the saying “By their Deeds ye shall know them”

  3. Neil Jones says:

    Can totally relate to what I hear about police cover ups, but all the information linking Christopher Barrett-Jolley to any of this is absolute nonsense, he himself is a victim of the criminals running this government. Seriously, I’d take any disinformation down relating to Christopher Barrett-Jolley down before you end up getting libelled.

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  5. goody says:

    Warwickshire Police

    Former policeman’s sex assault trial delayed until 2019

    16th November 2017

    Police said the charges relate to offences allegedly carried out against males and females in the 1970s and 1980s in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    A FORMER Warwickshire police officer accused of sexually assaulting a number of children almost 40 years ago will not stand trial until the early part of 2019.

    Timothy Lively appeared at Warwick Crown Court today, Thursday, for what was intended to be a plea and trial preparation hearing on 20 allegations in relation to ten boys and three girls.

    Stephen Vullo QC, defending – he also defended Rolf Harris and David Lee Travis


    Ex-Warwickshire Pc Robert Tedds sentenced for child indecent images offences

    Robert Tedds
    Man who made indecent images was former police officer

    03 July 2013

    Warwickshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball confirmed this morning that Robert William Tedds, 58, of Grange Road, Leamington, served as an officer for the force (for 30 years) before working as a police driver later in his career.

    His wife – Warwickshire Police Superintendent Debbie Tedds joined Warwickshire Police in 1989.
    Debbie Tedds has performed are Patrol, Criminal Investigation, Child Protection and Protecting Vulnerable Persons, Intelligence and Special Investigations. She has also performed roles at both operational and command level within Search, Firearms, VIP Protection, Public Order and Hostage and Crisis Negotiations as well as working at a National level with Her Majesty Inspectorate of Constabulary.

    Moving into the Alliance with West Mercia Debbie was the Policing Area Commander for South Warwickshire and more latterly headed up the Alliance Strategic Service Improvement function being based at Hindlip Park. Latterly she has undertaken temporary roles as ACC covering both Protective Services and Local Policing prior to taking up her new post as Head of Crime in May 2017.—Detective-Chief-Superintendent-Debbie-Tedds

    The investigation was handled by Mercia Police due to Tedds’ background as a former Warwickshire officer who is married to a ranking officer in the force and this is the reason why the courts in Redditch and Worcester are being used as opposed to courts closer to Tedds’ home.

    Robert Tedds was sentenced to a three-year community order with supervision and ordered to sign the sex offenders register after admitting three charges of making an indecent image of a child and five counts of outraging public decency.

    The 58-year-old, previously an officer with Warwickshire Police, had been working in a civilian role with the force’s firearms licensing unit when he carried out the offences over a three-week period between May and June, this year.

    He had also carried out “some driving duties on a part-time basis for senior officers”, according to Warwickshire Police.

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