Australian Communist Party, Child Abuse and UK Paedophile Information Exchange

Fiona Barnett has just blogged this letter that was sent to her – Elliott Johnson & Australia’s Pedo Communist Party [3]

I reblog it from Fiona so that researchers can check into various aspects including

  • UK PIE origins partly in Australia
  • Links to “the Family”
  • Australia allegations of killings and child rape and abuse and murder

Fiona is probably the survivor who has spoken out most in the media of child sexual abuse by high profile figures, including Australian Prime Ministers and a US President. Her drawings when going through therapy as an adult of her child impact powerfully. My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride” [1]

Further links on The Family are here  The Family Children of God List of media [4] and Meet the Family [5]  [ iamamichabod has pointed out in comments below that the “family” is the Bevan van Einem one not this one, and the origin of PIE is wrong]

Also a link to more Adelaide child abuse Sia Furer MK Ultra Fear is an Infection that can be cured [6a]

Dear Fiona

Thank you for standing up to these criminals. I have information for you which you might find interesting. I have to remain anonymous because going public would severely compromise my capacity to investigate this crime-ring.

In 1971 an Adelaide barrister from the Communist Party of Australia created the precursor to what later became the Pedophile Information Exchange. This lawyer was the late ELLIOT JOHNSON. The Pedophile Information Exchange was formed from earlier pedophile groups such as the Lewis Carroll Collectors Guild and the (homosexual) Peter Pan Club. Another founder of this organization (from the Peter Pan Club) was FRANK HOUSTON who also founded the pseudo-church The Assembly of God. Houston was pastor of the Surrey Hills Christian Center which later morphed into Hillsong Church. Houston was an organizer for the Peter Pan Club when he was contacted by Elliot Johnson and asked to assist in forming a “united front” for organized pedophilia. This resulted in the formation of the Pedophile Information Exchange in February 1973. This organization was then exported to the United Kingdom.

I knew Johnson personally and I have always detested the man. I have heard Johnson boast of having killed Japanese prisoners of war in Papua New Guinea during WW2. Here are some quotes from Johnson;
” I shot half a dozen in one afternoon “;
” I shot dozens and dozens of them “;
” The others would bayonet them or cut their throats but I was more humane about it – I shot them in the back of the head “.

Johnson had a law degree at the time and knew perfectly well that his actions were a breach of the Geneva Convention. Johnson was a war criminal. Upon return to Australia Johnson became an operator for the Communist Party of Australia. This included bullying and indeed killing any Party dissidents.

The Communist Party loaned Johnson 50,000 pounds which Johnson used to found the Adelaide law firm Johnson and Withers. Johnson also bought a house and a flash motorcar. The loan was forgiven for services rendered.

In 1947 a man was found dead on Somerton Beach in Adelaide. This murder remains unsolved. The victim was a GRU man working for the USSR. He was collecting information on the development of British weapons in Australia. The Communist Party of Australia supported him and other Soviet agents (such as HV Evatt) with sexual services. The GRU man had been paired up with a local woman communist who he got pregnant. The naive chap then thought that he could marry the woman and live a family life in Australia. He contacted the Dept of External Affairs (called DFAT now) and asked for advice. However that Dept had been so penetrated by communists that the GRU man was betrayed. He was told to attend the woman’s house and await the arrival of Commonwealth security officers. Instead he was attended by Elliot Johnson (with fake ID) and two Communist Party thugs dressed up in suits and ties.

Johnson then poisoned the man with OLEANDER extract. This provides a deadly (cardiac) poison that kills within hours. As the man sickened he was stripped and left to die. His corpse was then washed and redressed (by the woman – a nurse) and then transported to Somerton Beach by Elliot Johnson in his motorcar. This was one of the rare private cars in Adelaide at that time. The police had a couple of dozen model T Fords and Morris Minors.

Another Johnson killing was that of the Sydney physicist Dr Gilbert Bogle in 1961. Dr Bogle was a microwave physicist who had been working on microwave modulation for guided missile systems for the British. He was recruited into the Communist Party by his boss Dr Geoffrey Chandler using sex as the bait.

The pay in Australia was poor and Bogle applied for a job in the USA. Bogle had a PhD in microwave physics and the American pay was literally 20 times that of his Australian pay. The problem was that Bell was a high security laboratory and the job required a complete FBI background check. The Communist Party fearing for their spy ring then decided to murder Bogle and then delegated that task to Elliot Johnson and Geoffrey Chandler. Johnson gave the termination order and acted as field director for the kill. Geoffrey Chandler then administered OLEANDER poison to Gilbert Bogle in a rum drink at a cocktail party.

However Bogle noticed the taste and commented upon it. Margaret Chandler then took a sip of the drink and was poisoned as well. Geoffrey Chandler then telephoned Elliot Johnson for instructions and was then ordered by Johnson to dump both bodies down by the river to die.

Johnson was the most professional and protected criminal in Australia. In 1983 the corrupt premier of South Australia JOHN BANNON then appointed the perverted murderer to the Supreme Court of South Australia. This is how Johnson became a Supreme Court judge. This should indicate to you just how much power the pedophiles have in South Australia.

I have very good reason for believing that Johnson was one of the principal members of what has been called ‘The Family’. This is the name given to the gang that killed children in Adelaide from the 1960’s to the 1980’s. It has been claimed that they are homosexuals. No! They raped and killed little girls too. I have personally heard one of Johnson’s comrades admit to raping [redacted]. This informant claims that the little girl and her younger siblings [redacted] were strangled by Elliot Johnson. I believe it as I have heard Johnson admit to killing Japanese POWs. Johnson admitted to me that he enjoyed killing ( he said that it was cathartic) and that sometimes he would give them a head start and then hunt them down.

Part of Johnson’s motivations were terrorist. You might know about Red Terror. This was used by the Bolsheviks in 1918 to beat the Russian people into submission. The Muslim fanatics from Islamic State use it for this reason as well. This is why the Beaumont children were taken. This tactic really shocked Adelaide. It was not a safe town after all and the government could not protect you. These criminals proved that they could defeat the police and thus reduce public confidence in them.

I hope that this information is of some use to you. I am sorry that I cannot go public but I have leaked a lot of information and even that has been risky.

So far four whistle-blowers have been killed in Adelaide for knowing too much and needless to say I do not want to be the fifth to die.

God bless you. Take good care of yourself. Remember me.

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. These links are generally UK based.

  • The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.
  • National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups.
  • Other useful sites are One in Four [C]
  • and Havoca [D].
  • Useful post on Triggers [E]  from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
  • Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G]  and Meditation [H] may be useful.
  • Hwaairfan blog An Indigenous Australian Approach to Healing Trauma  [J]
  • Survivors UK for victims and survivors of male rape or the sexual abuse of men [K]
  • Voicing CSA group [L] helps arrange survivors meetings in your area
  • A Prescription for me blog Various emotional support links [M]
  • ShatterBoys -“Male Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Abuse Inspiring change, Through Shared Experience Whilst Building Connections…Together We Can Heal” [N]


[1] 2015 Nov 30 cathy fox blog My Story Fiona Barnett – “Hang on for the Ride”

[2] Pedophiles Down Under – website of Fiona Barnett Elliot Johnson Australias Pedo Communist Party

[3] Pedophiles Down Under Elliott Johnson & Australia’s Pedo Communist Party

[4] Spidercat Blog The Family Children of God List of media

[5] 2016 Aug 7 Spidercat blog Meet the Family

[6] 2015 Aug Spidercat blog Sia Furer MK Ultra Fear is an Infection that can be cured

[6a]Links like that you just remove the date from the middle of it & it will work instead of its

[A] Sanctuary for the Abused

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10 Responses to Australian Communist Party, Child Abuse and UK Paedophile Information Exchange

  1. hollie greig justice says:


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  3. D. M. Hutchins says:

    Reblogged this on D. M. Hutchins.

  4. iamichabod says:

    With much respect to you, Cathy…
    This “letter” contains many blatant falsehoods. The PIE origin it describes is just nonsense, totally false. Tom O’Carroll, who was chairman of Pedophile Information Exchange in the 1970’s, is still alive and even has a blog – why don’t you ask him about PIE’s origin? I do think it is important for the history of such organisations to be understood and documented, but I don’t think rumors or misinformation contribute to that goal.
    Also, the alleged Australian criminal network referred to as “the Family” in this letter is NOT Dave Berg’s “Children of God” aka “The Family International”, and that is what you provided links to, above. An easy mistake to make. The hypothothized criminal network “the Family” is the group Bevan von Einem is supposed to have been a member of.

  5. Thank you iamamichabod for your comments.
    None of the things covered are in my area of research, hence why I republished for others. The family link I put in may largely cover the wrong family, but I think that blog tried to mention all the different “familys” , but i am very glad you have pointed out it should be the Bevan van Einem one, and will add that. I may take you up on the suggestion to contact Tom sometime, but again PIE is not my research area.

  6. Michael Mathews says:

    My name is Michael Mathews @Michael13584052
    I have worked voluntarily helping many CSA and SRA victims and survivors.
    I have been full time Carer for Renée at: for over 12 years.
    Most victims i have spoken with say their “families” are part of extended networks, especially when Ritual abuse is involved.
    I believe the global Satanic Occult Religious networks have manipulated us all into believing that only certain families or in Australia, the group historically known as “the family” re Hamilton Byrne are the only groups we should be concerned about.

    Over many years of hands on research with current victims and only a few true survivors i have found that there are at least hundreds of multi-generational SRA families in Australia alone and they are all at least loosely connected.
    These many interconnected networks are also very much connected to multi-generational family networks worldwide.
    The common purpose of global SRA networks is their Satanic religion which they fiercely keep hidden in underground Covens.
    Yes, they worship Satan the one known as the devil and their desire is to turn the world into an Anti Christ planet. This is their utmost goal.
    They are known for their organised activity as far back as King Nimrod, but of course some accurate historians say Cain, the first murderer was the instigator of the first Satanic religion and Politics.

    Activists are doing wonderful work worldwide but it is easy to unknowingly allow Occult infiltrators to cause confusion amongst us all if we don’t know the history and spiritual nature of the evil groups and individuals creating confusion on the internet and of course the trickery of mainstream media, we can get lost in various ways. The elusive use of the term of “the family” is one such way that causes us to focus on small targets and not the bigger picture. The Occult networks are so vast that it is beyond our imagination and they have powerfully infiltrated most of our so called Christian and Muslim religions, our Governments via Political Parties.
    Academia and Public Services are also highly infiltrated by Occultists and Satanic ideology.
    We all need to be humbly aware that the Global Satanists have incrementally destroyed our Churches and have incrementally convinced many people that their God; Satan who they worship does not exist.

    Atheism has effectively been promoting the Satanic ideologies due to the Spiritual ignorance of Atheism. Yet at the same time many Atheists practice yoga where they are taught about S.M.E.P.
    Being the the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical make up of human beings. When we as humans deny our Spiritual needs, we loose a major part of our humanity and this is vastly showing itself in the ugly filth of the world today.

    Some people will of course appreciate what Jesus said; “Happy of those conscious of their Spiritual needs”.

    The Global Satanists derive their cunning and their hatred of mankind directly from their God; Satan and he guides them in their vast methods of deception which is designed to create confusion, fear and anxiety.
    We all know that large numbers of Global Elite (the richest people on earth) finance and control fake news, child trafficking, drugs and gun running, create false wars, control the worlds’ crooked banking systems and manipulate Political Systems worldwide.

    When i was a kid in the 1950’s and 60’s almost everyone i knew had basic knowledge about the fact that we were all created by God, but incrementally this basic simple knowledge is disappearing from the earth. I can remember older people, news readers, Political commentators etc often referred to the ‘Wisdom of Solomon”. Chapters one and two of Proverbs gives us what we need to find understanding, wisdom and knowledge.

    The Occult networks are so vast, even though they are all around us, but we can’t see them without gaining knowledge and wisdom. We all know about the intensive brain washing, mind control that is pumped into our minds via the media, advertising, television etc and without wisdom we are unable to discern what is true and what is false.

    The Roman Empire created the first vast deception when they claimed to be a Christian Empire, but in fact the Empire was in big strife and Lawlessness was the common agenda. They realised the new followers of the one know as; Jesus of Nazareth were known to be quiet living, law abiding people, so that the Romans cunningly created a new Political system which imposed Law and Order as an absolute priority, hence they falsely used a pretence of Christianity and Love which was the main teaching of Jesus to subdue the people away from rebellious Lawlessness. Later on the remnant of the Roman Empire basically became the Church in Rome and the Satanists have manipulated the Church in many ways ever since.

    The Satanists practices of Ritual Abuse; human sacrifice etc went underground when the Roman Elite pretended to become Christian and these Satanic practices have continued underground ever since. The Satanic Occult groups have controlled child trafficking, child experimentation and most major underworld crime all along and most of us including myself did not wake up to this until recently. IN FACT THE VAST MAJORITY OF UNDERWORLD CRIME IS CONTROLLED BY SATANISTS AND THEIR MANY BRANCHES OF SECRET SOCIETIES WHICH IN TURN HAVE VAST INFLUENCE ON OUR GOVERNMENTS, CHURCHES, MEDIA AND ACADEMIA.

    I have not known any SRA victims or survivors whose families are not involved,somehow in the Satanic religious networks.
    It is not possible for a loving mum or dad, with children in their care to not know their children are somehow suffering abuse and i know of some mothers who are claiming to be supporting their abused children, yet they were/are involved in the abuse of their kids, either directly or indirectly.

    Survivors like Renée Emmanuel have suffered extensive persecution and since i helped her escape from the Satanic networks i have also suffered constant persecution. This occurs in many forms such as phone tapping/hacking, PC hacking, both email and land mail theft, including Certified Mail, Criminal Abuse and Obstruction from Police and other Public Services. Obstruction of Health Care, constant Housing problems (we have been forced to relocate numerous times for personal safety reasons). We have both been poisoned, i have been shot at, attacked with knives and machettes and other assaults on multiple occasions. We have been robbed several times and the Police refuse to help, like they refuse to help with anything. Unaccountable numbers of death threats and threatening bizarre phone calls. Cars destroyed by vandalism etc, etc.

    I have had several contacts with Fiona and Renée contacted her on Twitter but she did not respond. I had several contacts with Fiona on Facebook but when i encouraged her to meet with other survivors with a view with being able to substantiate her claims, she immediately cut off all contact with me and blocked me on Facebook and blocked Renée and myself on Twitter.

    Again i would like to thank all Activists, like yourself Cathy for the great work and i hope that people will begin to understand that all roads lead to Rome (Global Satanic Religion, sometimes referred to as the Mystery Religion).

    I have had contact from quite a number of victims who are potentially still trapped in the networks and they are all saying that they would like to speak up publicly, but will only do so if the Media and Governments formally recognise the widespread existence of the Satanic networks.

  7. accwonder says:

    Matthew, I agree with 99.99 percent of what you wrote but it seems strange to me that you want to hold up the character called Jesus, and go all the way back to Nimrod to find who’s behind this monstrosity. Despite the fact that there are nearly 2 billion people who worship jesus, right now–not Nimrod–jesus, and yesterday a march was held in the U.S., against pizzagate, and all those Jesians couldn’t manage to come up with ten people to protest the murder/torture of children and babies.

    The fact is the energy, symbolism of Nimrod–what he respresents–his legend/myth, or story is the only thing that can fight these satanists.
    This world reality is not run on truth, religion, gods, politics, or anything else but symbolism.
    Symbolism is the only reality

    • Michael Mathews says:

      Yes it is a shame #pizzagate march did not attract many people of all varieties and sadly this shows the apathy of our world. Jesus said many are called but few are chosen.
      In my efforts to help others i have not been attacked by symbols or any form of symbolism but i have been attacked by satanists and lawless morons, whom enjoy doing evil.
      We are clearly heading towards Gods final judgement, presided over by Christ Jesus and witnesses are screaming out their testimonies right now on the internet, where truth itself finally has a loud voice.
      The Occult forces can no longer control the worlds news agenda and Satan has lost control of the airwaves. See the writing of Luke re: controller of the airwaves.
      Best wishes and Love to you and all people battling against Child abuse

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