Peter Hofschroer and his mother

I have been sent this on the grapevine. The powers that be have been determined for some time to keep Peter quiet and steal his and his mothers home. If you think that they would not do this without good reason, this is not true, it is a pattern across the country, often to people they wish to silence. Once in prison it is very hard to get anything done properly.

The extradition hearing went ahead, extradition was granted and I was jailed again, this time in HMP Wandsworth. An application to appeal was entered and I was put on bail. If the appeal does not go ahead, then I will be sent to Austria, put in a funny farm and bumped off, so my house there can be sold. Meanwhile, my poor, old mother continues to be held incommunicado in an unknown location. The worst South American dictatorship would never have treated an 88 year-old invalid in such an appalling fashion! If you know anybody who could help trace Mum – she is said to be in a home in York – that would be good. Meanwhile, do spread the word.

The best links are:  


Much more posted 28 Jan  and a summary of the last few months




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  2. flyingcuttlefish says:

    I put your link on –

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  4. Jean says:

    Please see the following updates for the Peter Hofschroer case. Please do your very best to help and to broadcast this information

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